Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Review Tuesday: ON CD - TO THE PAIN

A neighborhood guy told me his album was out, so I picked up a copy to review.

Do you remember when metal was heavy? Do you remember bands having long hair? It's been a while! TO THE PAIN has provided an excellent refresher course. All that was great about 80s heavy metal is on their eponymous album. 

Band Bio: Formed in January 2012, To The Pain is an original metal band that hails from Long Island, New York. The bands sound consists of heavy melodic guitar riffs provided by Steve Shaver and Mark Trojanoski along with driving rythmn section consisting of Jeremy Lustig on bass and Jimmy Klimatas on drums. Lead Vocalist John Intagliata's powerful and high pitched vocal range round out this 5 piece.

The track list:
  1. For the People, Buy the People 4:35
  2. Silent Horror 4:03
  3. City of Flames 5:13
  4. The Smell of Sulfur, Rise of the Demons 5:33
  5. Burn With Me 3:59
  6. Fuel Injected Nightmare 3:21 
  7. A Good Revolution 4:04
The songs are nicely polished and well produced. The bass is clear. The drums are crisp. The guitars cut through it all, and John's voice shines. These are fully conceived songs, with not a trace of filler on the disc. I think the album opens up with a surprisingly political note with FOR THE PEOPLE, BUY THE PEOPLE. While all the sings are really good, I'd have to say that FUEL INJECTED NIGHTMARE is my favorite because of how infectious and fun the tune is.  

It's not a long record, but a good record. Worth your time to investigate it if you enjoy some crunchy guitars and some double bass in your day.