Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jaafar and his hit single “Sixteen”

Jordanian music artist, Jaafar is currently celebrating the international success of his hit single, “Sixteen” a song that tells the story of a 16 year old girl in a war torn area who is dreaming of a better tomorrow with the hope of reaching her 18th birthday. This is the first track off of his highly anticipated debut album, Folktales of Spring, which seamlessly blends traditional Middle Eastern sounds with western pop.

Jaafar has topped music charts with his unique ability to deliver irresistibly catchy melodies while discussing the very real but sobering issues surrounding the refugee crisis around the world. Jaafar has a first hand account of the Syrian refugee crisis as Jordan is a neighboring country and many of the 9 million Syrian refugees have been fleeing into Jordan.

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About Jaafar: 
Jaafar is a singer, songwriter and producer from Jordan. Born and raised in the country’s capital of Amman on November 9th 1990, he began attracting a following in 2013 after releasing his first single there. The song quickly garnered countrywide success and shot to the top of the charts. He followed up with an equally successful single the next year. 

Jaafar has since been working on his much-anticipated album, ‘Folktales of Spring.’ In between recording sessions, he’s been playing shows around the world, including exclusive performances at some of Los Angeles’ most famed venues, The Roxy and The Fonda Theatres. 

‘Sixteen,’ released in June 2015, is the first single off the album, and marks Jaafar’s first brush with international success. With a release date initially set for fall 2015, it has been rescheduled to early 2016 due to the success of ‘Sixteen’ on American mainstream radio. His second single off the album ‘Dalia’ is expected to be released shortly before ‘Folktales of Spring.’