Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Review Tuesday: Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls

I think it's been a while since I reviewed some music, so what would be better on the week after my birthday than one of my all-time favorite bands?

Iron Maiden
The Book Of Souls

It's been five years since the release of THE FINAL FRONTIER. Since then drummer Clive Burr has passed away and singer Bruce Dickinson survived tongue cancer. So it almost seems impossible that we got this sixteenth studio album from IRON MAIDEN called THE BOOK OF SOULS. It's a two CD set, no less!

Track List:

Disc 1:

1. If Eternity Should Fail 8:28
2. Speed Of Light 5:01
3. The Great Unknown 6:37
4. The Red And The Black 13:33
5. When The River Runs Deep 5:52
6. The Book Of Souls 10:27
Disc 2:
1. Death Or Glory 5:12
2. Shadows Of The Valley 7:32
3. Tears Of A Clown 4:58
4. The Man Of Sorrows 6:27
5. Empire Of The Clouds 18:01
Current line-up:
  • Bruce Dickinson – lead vocals, piano on "Empire of the Clouds"
  • Dave Murray – guitar
  • Adrian Smith – guitar
  • Janick Gers – guitar
  • Steve Harris – bass, keyboards, co-producer
  • Nicko McBrain – drums
As you saw above this is a two-disc set. There is only one song that is under five minutes. That is an indication that a lot of thought went into this record. As usual you have literary, historical, and even pop culture references on this record. Tears Of a Clown is dedicated to Robin Williams who committed suicide no too long ago. The production is excellent. No instruments suffer while any others are pushed to the forefront. It's slick and nicely polished. This record combines a mixture of styles for this band. You have parts that remind you of the early days, later days, and certainly those parts that are reminiscent of traveling minstrels. 

I found that I liked this album at the first spin. It's not an acquired taste at all. You can just listen and enjoy. However, I think what I liked best was the feeling that this band has plenty of good new music left in it. Enjoy this record now, and look forward to what they may have for the fans going into the future.