Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Review Tuesday: Sausage Party [2016]

We follow the "lives" of food as they are mislead into believing that to be consumed is a great honor.
The team that brought us such comedic highlights as THE DICTATOR and SUPERBAD brought us an animated Rated R comedy last year. The concept was simple enough. With all the films with anthropomorphic characters in them, why not tell the story of food's life in a supermarket?

The animation is great. The voice work is perfect. The story, well, fizzled. The film dragged for quite a bit, ends up in a food orgy and then it's over leaving you saying, wtf did I just see? Mrs. Baxojayz, who happens to love raunchy low-brow humor fell asleep during this one and when she was awake was bored. 

I call this one a disappointment.