Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Review Tuesday: Captain America - Civil War

After the events of THE AGE OF ULTRON, there is a push to reign in and keep track of persons with enhanced abilities.
To balance out the sub-par DC comic book movies, marvel put out their above par comic book movies in 2016. I know I'm a little late to this show, but I figured I'd share my thoughts before the new blockbuster season started again. 

This movie was most definitely another AVENGERS movie. It had the entire cast except for Thor and the Hulk. While it did focus primarily on Captain America, it also was entirely about the relationships amongst the members of the entire team.

I have to admit, I was never much of a Cap fan. He was the Boy Scout of the Marvel universe, however, the writers have developed such an interesting story-line that I feel compelled to keep up with most of these movies. (With the exceptions of Thor and The Hulk. Nothing can make me see those.) Couple that with the huge ensemble cast, great special effects and a clever plot and Marvel had another success on its hands. 

You have team IRON MAN who are statists wanting to allow the government to keep them under its thumb. Then there's team Captain America fighting for their own privacy. The funny part is that Iron Man / Tony Stark is trying to impress upon the rest of the team that after the Ultron situation that they NEEDED to be controlled, yet he caused that whole debacle was his fault entirely. We? What do you mean we? YOU created the problem! Maybe YOU need a leash! 

I very much enjoyed this movie, largely because the arrogant Tony Stark got his ass handed to him a couple occasions. Serves him right!