Friday, May 19, 2017

Small Talks release new music video for "Cop Car" (RYL: Julien Baker, Now Now)

May 18, 2017 – Myrtle Beach indie pop band Small Talks released their music video for “Cop Car” via Substream.

The band’s unique blend of indie pop and alternative rock has earned the band comparisons to up-and-coming bands such as A Will Away, and Free Throw but Small Talks’ sound isn’t afraid to shift tone and direction at any moment, twisting ideas and video with prevailed ability. From just announcing playing Fest 17, today the band are sharing their video for “Cop Car” via Substream, off their much-anticipated EP Until It Turns To Petals.

Cayley Spivey, vocalist, shared:
"The song is about being in love with someone who's bad for you, but you're blind to it because you're in love, hence all the illicit activities in the video, even though I really don't smoke cigarettes. Another funny thing is that there was an AA meeting right after us in the same room we shot the performance parts of the video."

About Small Talks:
Small Talks was started by Myrtle Beach native, Cayley Spivey, with a few acoustic songs she wrote in her bedroom and an idea. One of these songs became the band’s first single, "New Dork Pity," written by Spivey at age 16. Those songs and ideas eventually grew into a full-fledged band with the addition of Justin Charette on drums and Kenny Kelly on bass. Justin became a friend of Cayley's in middle school after they met at a concert and reconnected years later when Justin first heard a recording of Cayley's songs. They started jamming together, blossoming the beginning of what would become Small Talks. Kenny and Cayley met while attending the same music school and eventually ended up finding each other again through social media when Cayley suggested Kenny join the band too. As things took off, Small Talks started booking their shows at local venues while taking any opportunity to play out of town. To them, it’s more than just music, and it’s about the experience, which drives them to bring as much energy and emotion as possible to every show they play. Making many friends and memories while growing as musicians eventually led them to the Carolina Music Awards as a nominee for Best Youth in 2016. A few months later, Small Talks performed on a Columbia Alternative radio station and began touring the east coast with the intention of going further. In 2017, with their signing to Common Ground Records, the band released their debut EP 'Until It Turns To Petals,' taking the next big step in their career as they continue turning their dreams into a reality Small Talks is all about the emotional undertone hiding inside catchy rhythms, melodies, and lyrics. Their goal is to bring people together and connect with them through sound while creating a long-lasting impression.

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