Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Review Tuesday: Society Hill Hotel, Philadelphia, PA

Society Hill Hotel 
301 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106 

We had planned a weekend getaway with family to Philadelphia for nights of May 27 and 28. We originally booked the Society Hill Hotel for those dates. Within days before our trip we did more research on the area and found the  hotel to have a variety of repellent and loathsome issues with grime, filth and infestations of vermin and insects.  Upon much introspection and deliberation we decided our collected health would be of paramount importance and chose to cancel the reservation.  Despite our efforts to be reasonable the manager on duty refused to accommodate our request. You may peruse additional reviews on Trip Advisor for further edification:

Wanting to maintain our good health and sanity we booked another hotel on May 26 as a substitute. Based on the reviews we did not want to contend with rodents, grime, or bed bugs. 

Between the vileness of the establishment and the surly behavior of the manager whom we tried to deal with, I would NOT recommend a stay at SOCIETY HILL HOTEL for any reason.