Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Review Tuesday: Synthesis by Evanescence



Very quietly Evanescence released their FOURTH studio album late last year. The band line-up is completely new with only singer/songwriter AMY LEE returning for this record.
01 Overture 0:57 
02 Never Go Back 4:50 
03 Hi-Lo 5:07 
04 My Heart Is Broken 4:34 
05 Lacrymosa 3:42 
06 The End Of The Dream 4:54 
07 Bring Me To Life (Synthesis) 4:18 
08 Unraveling (Interlude) 1:40 
09 Imaginary 4:03 
10 Secret Door 3:48 
11 Lithium 4:05 
12 Lost In Paradise 4:43 
13 Your Star 4:38 
14 My Immortal 4:25 
15 The In-Between (Piano Solo) 2:11 
16 Imperfection [Explicit] 4:23 
While this, at first, seems like a very exciting release with 16 tracks, the excitement wains quickly as you realize these are mostly re-recordings and re-imaginings of prior work. Add to that the fact that everything is mellowed down into new-age tones and this is a very sedate record. The production is polished, the sound is good, but there very little to get your blood pumping with a faster beat. 

I bought this record as a gift for Mrs. Bax0jayz since she's a big fan of the band. She calls it disappointing and sleepy. I would call it relaxed. But who would buy an Evanescence record if it's "easy-listening"?

It's a good record to have playing in the background if you don't want the music to be all that noticeable. I suppose this is their most muzac recording yet and Amy seems to like it this way as they are touring with a similar act.