Monday, September 09, 2019

Monday, September 9, 2019

bedraggle \bih-DRAG-uhl\, verb:
  • to make limp and soiled, as with rain or dirt.
Bedraggle comes from the word draggle, which is a diminutive form of drag. It entered English in the 1700s.
Regret Ceiling (noun)
  • The point at which one stops feeling remorseful regarding a thought, comment or action.
I hit the regret ceiling last night regarding my comment toward Jody's weight several weeks ago. Her fat ass just needs to get over it.

  • an event that occurs when someone on the internet releases a large amount of fappable or nude/semi-nude pictures of famous people.
"When those girls hit up the topless beaches in Spain, a great fappening will consume the internet." 
What major U.S. land acquisition won ratification by the U.S. Senate by just one vote?
  • The 1867 purchase of Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million.
  • Mary, Queen of Scots: was crowned at the age of nine months (1543)
  • United States: received its new name from the Second Continental Congress; it had previously been known as the Thirteen Colonies (1776)
  • California: became the 31st state (1850)
  • Elvis Presley: "Elvis the Pelvis" made his first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show; he was shown only from the waist up (1956)
  • Attica Prison riot: erupted in western New York State; it lasted 4 days (1971)
    FRINGE premiered (2008)
  • Frank Chance 1877
  • Colonel Harland Sanders 1890
  • MacKenzie John 1922
  • Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder 1923
  • Jane Greer 1924
  • Cliff Robertson 1925
  • Elvis Jones 1927
  • Sylvia Miles 1932
  • Topol 1935
  • Otis Redding 1941
  • Inez Foxx 1942
  • Luther Simmons (The Main Ingredient) 1942
  • Dee Dee Sharp 1945
  • Billy Preston 1946
  • Doug Ingle (Iron Butterfly) 1946
  • Freddy Weller 1947
  • Joe Thiesman 1949
  • Tom Wopat 1951
  • Michael Keaton 1951
  • Angela Cartwright 1952
  • Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) 1952