Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sunday, December 25, 2016

eleemosynary \el-uh-MOS-uh-ner-ee\, adjective:
1. Of or for charity; charitable; as, "an eleemosynary institution."
2. Given in charity; having the nature of alms; as, "eleemosynary assistance."
3. Supported by or dependent on charity; as, "the eleemosynary poor."
The source of eleemosynary is Medieval Latin eleemosynarius, from Late Latin eleemosyna, "alms," from Greek eleemosyne, from eleemon, "pitiful," from eleos, "pity."
  • A combination of the main holiday terms; Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, and Ramadan. To be used in this age of correctness where people may be offended by wishing one person a seasonal greeting but leaving another person out, thereby offending their race or creed.
"Happy Christmahannukwanzadan everybody... and I think that covers everybody "

christmas tight
  • The period of time after Christmas and New Years where the clothes you wore prior to the holidays that fit well, all of a sudden are a little tighter than they should be.
"I got this new dress shirt for Christmas. I went to wear it with my favorite work pants, but they are a little Christmas tight now."

reindeer gaming
  • the act of putting christmas decoration reindeer into various sexual positions.
We're going to go reindeer gaming tonight. My neighbors just bought two new reindeers and they're just asking for it
Jingle Bowels
  • Gastrointestinal woes following a night of holiday overindulgence
Someone spiked the eggnog and Justin spent copious porcelain time after waking up with a wicked case of the Jingle Bowels.

  • Christmas Day - Literally Christ-Mass, the liturgical commemoration of the birth of Christ. There is evidence of its observance on 25 December at Rome by the early 4th cent. There is no evidence to support the theory that this was the actual birth-date of Christ. The choice was rather dictated by well-established pagan celebrations on that day. Many of the features of modern Christmas, such as Christmas trees, cards, and boxes, are Victorian rather than earlier.
  • William the Conqueror: monarch also known as William the Bastard was crowned king of England (1066)
  • George Washington: crossed the Delaware River to attack British forces in New Jersey (1776)
  • Nicolae Ceauşescu: Romanian leader and his wife were executed (1989)
  • Jesus of Nazareth (c.4 BCE-c.30 CE): teacher and prophet, considered by Christians to be the Messiah; his birth is celebrated today
  • Sir Isaac Newton 1642
  • Clara Barton 1821
  • Mohammed Ali Jinnah 1876
  • Maurice Utrillo 1883
  • Conrad Hilton 1887
  • Dame Rebecca West 1892
  • Robert Ripley 1893
  • Cal Farley 1895
  • Humphrey Bogart 1899
  • Cab (Cabell) Calloway III 1907
  • Tony Martin 1914 - Singer
  • Pete Rugolo 1915
  • Anwar Sadat (Egypt) 1918
  • Robert N. Hall 1919
  • Rod Serling 1924
  • Dick Miller 1928 - Actor
  • Chris Kenner 1929
  • O’Kelly Isley 1937 - Musician (The Isley Brothers)
  • Hanna Schygulla 1943 - Actress
  • Henry Vestine 1944 - Musician (Canned Heat)
  • John Edwards 1944 - Musician (The Spinners)
  • Ken Stabler (NFL) 1945
  • Gary Sandy 1945 - Actor ("WKRP In Cincinnati")
  • Noel Redding 1945 - Musician (The Jimi Hendrix Experience)
  • Larry Csonka 1946 - Football player
  • Jimmy Buffett 1946 - Singer
  • Barbara Mandrell 1948
  • Sissy Spacek 1949 - Actress
  • Desireless 1952
  • Steve Wariner 1954 - Country Singer
  • Robin Campbell (UB40) 1954
  • Annie Lennox 1954 - Singer (Eurythmics)
  • Shane McGowan (Pogues) 1957
  • Klea Scott 1968
  • Noel Hogan 1971 - Musician (Cranberries)
  • Alecia Elliot 1982 - Country singer