Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Review Tuesday: Evanescence & Lindsey Stirling @ Jones Beach Theater

Evanescence & Lindsey Stirling
Jones Beach Theater

Ever hear of Groupon? There's a thing called LIVING SOCIAL which is almost the same thing. When they came up with tickets for this show Mrs Baxojayz really wanted to go, as we have seen Evanescence every time they have come to town. This tour includes a symphony orchestra. 

Lindsey Stirling
I never heard of this person before. All I knew was that she is a violinist.

  1. The Arena
  2. Moon Trance
  3. Shadows
  4. Shatter Me (with Amy Lee)
  5. Bring Me To Life (Evanescence song) (Homemade music video from Lindsey as teenager)
  6. Lost Girls
  7. Take Flight
  8. Crystallize
  9. Roundtable Rival
  10. Hold My Heart
  11. First Light
  12. Mirage
  13. Don't Let This Feeling Fade
  14. Beyond the Veil with Phantom of the Opera Medley
She hit the stage and I was in shock. My classically trained violin sensibilities couldn't believe what this woman was doing. What sort of posture is that? She's playing a violin like a lead guitar while dancing around all over the stage in intricately choreographed sequences. Once I was able to make peace with what I was watching, I was actually able to enjoy the show. The visuals were stunning, the music was balanced perfectly, choreography was seamless. This woman even managed costume changes between almost all of the songs. The set was really fun and pretty exciting, and exceeded expectations by far. Color me impressed.

Evanescence is touring to support the latest record SYNTHESIS. It's very new-age-y, electronic, and mellow. And the band is pretty much just Amy Lee. I don't think she even introduced the other members of the band.

  1. Overture
  2. Never Go Back
  3. Lacrymosa
  4. End of the Dream
  5. My Heart Is Broken
  6. Lithium
  7. Bring Me to Life
  8. Unraveling
  9. Imaginary
  10. Secret Door
  11. Across the Universe (The Beatles cover)
  12. Hi-Lo (with Lindsey Stirling)
  13. Lost in Paradise
  14. Your Star
  15. My Immortal
  16. The In-Between
  17. Imperfection
  1. No More Tears / Alive (with Lindsey Stirling) (Ozzy Ozbourne/Sia mashup)
I am conflicted with this set. The music was good, and Amy's singing was excellent, but all their songs are almost easy listening now so it almost caused me to tall asleep at least two times during the show. The two most exceptional song performed were Across the Universe and No More Tears which are both covers. Everything else just seemed so muted down. It was all performed well and sounded good, but was getting close to boring. In fact, I was shocked with the numbers of people bailing on the show after Lindsey left the stage. What happened here? If I were to venture a theory, this last record is such a departure for Amy Lee that I think she's working on some larger future project, possibly something theatrical like a show in Las Vegas or on Broadway. But that's just my theory.