Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Review Tuesday: Chappaquiddick [2017]

The story of how Ted Kennedy got away with murder.
I don't think anyone has any doubt that Ted Kennedy was responsible for Mary-Jo dying in that car that night. What this movie does is present the facts as they are known surrounding that night and the events that occurred directly afterward. 

The cast for this movie, to me, is very curious. Actors you wouldn't expect to be in such a serious film in lead roles. And doing a great job at it, no less.

If you weren't previously appalled by the reaction to the situation by the Kennedy family, this movie should do it. Ted being controlled by his own selfish ambitions. Joe's obsession with the family producing a president. The family working to control the media. Everything being done with no care for the girl who died or for her family. 

It's vile. Disgusting. Horrendous. Repellent. Yet strangely compelling. The cast is perfect. The story is great. Everything is perfect. This is a train-wreck of epic proportions, and the worst part is that it's all real and happened. So I highly recommend that everyone should watch this dark spot of political history in the United States.

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