Sunday, September 09, 2018

Sunday, September 9, 2018

antic \an-tik\, adjective:
1. Ludicrous; funny.
2. Fantastic; odd; grotesque: an antic disposition.
1. Usually, antics. A. A playful trick or prank; caper. B. A grotesque, fantastic, or ludicrous gesture, act, or posture.
2. Archaic. A. An actor in a grotesque or ridiculous presentation. B. A buffoon; clown.
3. Obsolete. A. A grotesque theatrical presentation; ridiculous interlude. B. A grotesque or fantastic sculptured figure, as a gargoyle.
Antic comes from the Italian word antico which meant "ancient." Apparently, it was associated with the fantastic figures of the Roman ruins and came to mean "grotesque."
point of no return
  • when someone is so close to orgasm that he or she cannot stop having sex/masturbating, regardless of the circumstances
"I heard my roommate coming up the stairs, but I was already at the point of no return so he opened the door just in time to see me blow my load all over my desk."


  • an event that occurs when someone on the internet releases a large amount of fappable or nude/semi-nude pictures of famous people.
"When those girls hit up the topless beaches in Spain, a great fappening will consume the internet." 

  • National Grandparents Day
  • Mary, Queen of Scots: was crowned at the age of nine months (1543)
  • United States: received its new name from the Second Continental Congress; it had previously been known as the Thirteen Colonies (1776)
  • California: became the 31st state (1850)
  • Elvis Presley: "Elvis the Pelvis" made his first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show; he was shown only from the waist up (1956)
  • Attica Prison riot: erupted in western New York State; it lasted 4 days (1971)
    FRINGE premiered (2008)
  • Frank Chance 1877
  • Colonel Harland Sanders 1890
  • MacKenzie John 1922
  • Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder 1923
  • Jane Greer 1924
  • Cliff Robertson 1925
  • Elvis Jones 1927
  • Sylvia Miles 1932
  • Topol 1935
  • Otis Redding 1941
  • Inez Foxx 1942
  • Luther Simmons (The Main Ingredient) 1942
  • Dee Dee Sharp 1945
  • Billy Preston 1946
  • Doug Ingle (Iron Butterfly) 1946
  • Freddy Weller 1947
  • Joe Thiesman 1949
  • Tom Wopat 1951
  • Michael Keaton 1951
  • Angela Cartwright 1952
  • Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) 1952
  • Hugh Grant 1960
  • Kristy McNichol 1962
  • Adam Sandler 1966
  • David Bennent 1966
  • Paul Durham (Black Lab) 1968
  • Scott DeFreitas 1969
  • Dray (Das EFX) 1970
  • Henry Thomas 1971
  • Michelle Williams 1980