Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Review Tuesday: Honey-Can-Do TBL-02977 Folding Step Stool


Honey-Can-Do TBL-02977 Folding Step Stool with Anti-Slip Surface

This is an odd review of sorts. It was the final review I had written for AMAZON before they banned me from reviews because my review was "suspicious." Just so you all know, I review everything on everywhere. I like to be informed on my purchases and if I can help anyone with their own decision making process, I am more than happy to do so. I am on many email lists to learn about great deals and sales as well as groups that allow you to test items for a discount provided AN HONEST REVIEW is posted afterwards. I take these things very seriously. I would never say something is good just so I can enjoy free stuff. 

But this time, however, I selected this stool for no other reason than it was the best bargain for what it was. My wife and I have been discussing getting something to help those top shelves in the kitchen that's a pain in the neck in every household. I wanted to get a small step-ladder because it would be useful for a variety of tasks. The wife wanted something that would take up as little space as possible in storage. So I checked on Amazon for these little step stools. I selected this one becaise it was pretty cheap and looked like it would do the job. 
First, this thing arrives nearly flat as a pancake, which caused us immediate concern. The packaging said it can withstand 300 lbs, but could it be possible? Once liberated from the cellophane wrapping it EASILY goes together with absolutely NO EFFORT. It kinda falls in place, and you're ready to go. I cautiously stepped one foot on it to test. Seemed strong enough. Got on with both feet. It felt perfectly solid and stable. The soft rubber feet ensure that it won't slide around while you are atop. At 12.8 inches tall, this convenient stool should be the perfect solution to reaching those top shelves in teh kitchen!
Since I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with this item so I posted the bulk of what you are reading here on AMAZON as a review. After a day I got a notice from Amazon station that they took down my review and, essentially, I had better watch myself. I replied asking what was the problem. They responded by banning me from reviewing items ever again. I tried their chat customer service and even got someone one  the phone to remedy this situation. Hey, I like to be helpful, alright? The finality of the situation was an email saying they banned me and to not even bother trying to contact them about it because they couldn't be bothered with listening to what I had to say. Real nice. Classy.    

You can get it from those scumbags at AMAZON