Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Review Tuesday: The Ruins (2008)

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When a group of people go to an uncharted Mayan Temple, things got terribly wrong.
This was another date-night horror film selection by Mrs Bax0jayz. A group of friends on vacation go off with someone they meet at the resort to where an anthropologist is working on the ruins of an ancient Mayan Temple. 

Little do they know that the temple contains a violent secret. AND the locals enforce that violent secret. 

Of course, their fun vacation in Mexico turns into horror and violence from the moment they reach the temple. Everything goes wrong and it doesn't seem likely that they will be able to escape. 

Part of the fun of watching horror is watching the mistakes the characters make and wonder why they would make those decisions. However, in this film, you just feel like, well that would've been me too. Short of skipping the excursion, these people were headed into trouble.
For a horror film, this movie was pretty polished. Good cast. Good script (based on a best selling novel). Great pace. Suspense. HORROR. Yeah, this was pretty fun to watch! 
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