Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Review Tuesday: The Thing: A Novel (June 1, 1982) by Alan Dean Foster

A Novel
by Alan Dean Foster
When a sled dog from a nearby base arrives, while being chased by men firing a rifle from a helicopter, strange things start to happen. 
I recently came across the fact that there was a novelization of the 1982 movie, THE THING. But... THE THING was a remake of a 1950s sci-fi movie titled: THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD that was based on the book WHO GOES THERE? by John W. Campbell. So, this is the novelization of a movie, that's a remake of another movie that's based on another novel. So, isn't there ALREADY a novel for this movie???
All those complexities aside, this is a pretty good movie novelization. There are lots of intro-spections and additional details that the movie just wouldn't have time to cover. There are added scenes as well.  On the other hands, there scenes that aren't included, or completely different. In fact, there are many differences including the final battle. 
This is well written and a real page turner. If you like THE THING, reading novelizations, or are just curious, this is a good book to read! 
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