Monday, October 20, 2014

KiWi TIME release video for "Killin' Me Baby"




KiWi TIME have partnered up with entertainment / lifestyle site Crave Online for the premiere of their new music video, “Killin’ Me Baby.” Inspired by real life events within the band, the stop-motion clip features the band working through an inner conflict, and coming to a resolution by the end of the video. KiWi TIME commented on the meaning of the video: “The video is an accurate portrayal of what happens behind the scenes with the band. Not every rehearsal goes smoothly. There are occasional fights, but that’s all normal when you know a group of people for twenty years. This song was written after one such disagreement among band members. However, we are learning and growing together, and the music helps us get there.” The video can be seen here.

The infectiously catchy, bass-throbbing track is featured on the band’s debut EP, “It’s...KiWi TIME” which was released earlier this year. The EP features five standout tracks of pure indie dance pop and is available on iTunes here. The band also recently wrapped up a collaboration with legendary hip-hop producer and artist Sir Mix-A-Lot. The track, “If I Can,” was produced by super-star producer Dan Shea (Mariah Carey, Rob Thomas, Janet Jackson) and is the first of six new tracks fans can expect to hear in the coming months.

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“Killin Me Baby” URL:

“It’s...KiWi TIME” EP iTunes:

Official site:

Weekend Box Office: 10/20/2014

Box Office
1. Fury $23.5M
2. Gone Girl $17.8M
3. The Book of Life $17M
4. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day $12M
5. The Best of Me $10.2M
FURY, Brad Pitt's new movie with an all star cast about a Sherman tank crew as they move across Europe during the final push of WW2, rolled over Batfleck's GONE GIRL. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

scaramouch \ SKAR-uh-mouch, -moosh \ , noun; 
  1. ( lowercase ) a rascal or scamp. 
  2. a stock character in commedia dell'arte and farce who is a cowardly braggart, easily beaten and frightened. 
Origin: Scaramouch entered English in the 1600s from the Italian scaramuccia literally meaning "skirmish." It is ultimately of Germanic orign.

designated texter

  • a passenger who reads and replies to any and all text messages recieved on the drivers phone, thus alowing the driver to focus on the road and not hit anything or get pulled over for reckless driving.
Guy 1: "Whoa, i almost hit that telephone pole back there, Dude you should be my designated texter " 
Guy 2: "Yeah no problem bro"

  • Louisiana Purchase: acquisition that doubled the territory of the United States was ratified by the Senate (1803)
  • "I shall return": General Douglas MacArthur fulfilled his 1942 promise when he led an Allied army in freeing the Philippines from Japanese control in WWII (1944)
  • HUAC: opened hearings into alleged Communist influence in the movie industry (1947)
  • Saturday Night Massacre: during Watergate, President Richard Nixon got rid of his special prosecutor, Archibald Cox, as well as his AG Elliot Richardson, and deputy AG William Ruckelshaus (1973)
  • Sydney Opera House: distinctive building on Sydney Harbour was opened by Queen Elizabeth II (1973)
  • Sir Christopher Wren 1632
  • Arthur Rimbaud 1854
  • James Mann 1856
  • John Dewey 1859
  • Charles Ives 1874
  • Bela Lugosi (Blasko) 1882
  • Ellery Queen (Frederic Dannay) 1905
  • Arlene Francis 1908
  • Will Rogers, Jr. 1912
  • Granpa Jones (Louis Marshall) 1913
  • Fayard Nicholas 1914
  • Herschel Bernardi 1922
  • Art Buchwald 1925
  • Mickey Mantle (MLB) 1931
  • William Christopher 1932
  • Roosevelt Brown (NFL) 1932
  • Michael Dunn 1934
  • Jerry Orbach 1935
  • Bobby Seale 1936
  • Wanda Jackson 1937
  • Juan "Manito" Marichal (MLB) 1937
  • Jay Siegal (The Tokens) 1939
  • Earl Hindman 1942
  • Ric Lee (Ten Years After) 1945
  • Isaac Curtis (NFL) 1950
  • Al Greenwood (Foreigner) 1951
  • Melanie Mayron 1952
  • Dave Collins (MLB) 1952
  • Tom Petty 1953 
  • Keith Hernandez (MLB) 1953
  • Eric Scott 1958
  • Viggo Mortensen 1958
  • Mark King (Level 42) 1958
  • David Ryan (The Lemonheads) 1964
  • James G. Sonefeld (Hootie & the Blowfish) 1964
  • Fred Coury 1966 - Musician (Cinderella)
  • Dannii Minogue 1971
  • Snoop Doggy Dogg (Calvin Broadus) 1971

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Farm Girl Birth Control

From my email:

Farm Girl Birth Control

There were three gals who were getting married and all met at the marriage counselor's office to discuss the options of having or not having a baby right away. There were two city gals and one farm gal.

The counselor asked them if they planned on having a baby right away or were going to wait awhile. They all agreed that they had discussed this with their potential husbands and all agreed to wait awhile.

Well, the counselor asked the first gal what type of birth control she planned to use. Her answer was, "The rhythm method.." "That will work," said the counselor, "if you keep a good record.."

He asked the second gal what system she planned on using. "I plan on using birth control pills," she said. Again he said, "Yes that will work as long as you don't forget to take them."

He then asked the farm girl what system she was planning on using. Her answer was, "The pail and saucer method" After a short delay, he told her that should also work.

He asked them all to come back in one year on a specific date for a follow up on how things were going.

They all met again one year later and the two city gals were pregnant. Only the farm gal was slim and trim yet.

Well, the counselor asked the first gal what method she used and what went wrong.. She replied, "I used the rhythm method but somehow got my notes mixed up and, well here I am, going to have a baby."

He asked the second city gal what method d she used and she replied, "The birth control pill. But we were camping one weekend and I didn't have my pills with me and as you can see, I too am going to have a baby."

He turns to the farm gal. "I vaguely remember you were going to use the pail and saucer method.. Now I must admit that I don't have a clue what the pail and saucer method is.. Will you explain it to me as I see it has worked well for you?"

She replied, "Well we make love standing up, and since I am quite a bit taller than my husband, he stands on a pail turned upside down. Now as we are making love, I watch his eyes, and when his eyes get as big as saucers, I kick the pail out from under him.."

Sunday, October 19, 2014

pratfall \ PRAT-fawl \ , noun; 
  1. a fall in which one lands on the buttocks, often regarded as comical or humiliating. 
  2. a humiliating blunder or defeat. 
Origin: Pratfall entered English in the 1930s. It combines prat and fall . The origin of prat is unknown. Fall comes from the Old English feallan.

  • A bunch of bullshit; unsupported bullshit; a notion stated a fact.
Aww, thats haberdash if he says he can jump across that huge river in one bound.

  • Yorktown campaign: British General Charles Cornwallis surrendered, effectively ending the land war of the American Revolution (1781)
  • Black Monday: the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 508 points — over 22% — setting a record for percentage decline that still stands (1987)
  • Guildford Four: men wrongly convicted for a deadly IRA bombing were cleared after 15 years in jail (1989)
  • Thomas Browne 1605
  • Annie Peck 1850
  • Charles Merrill 1885
  • Robert Beatty 1909
  • George Cates 1911
  • Lawanda Page 1920
  • Bern Bennett 1921
  • George Nader 1921
  • Jack Anderson 1922
  • John le Carre 1931
  • Robert Reed 1932
  • Peter Max 1937
  • Michael Gambon 1940
  • Simon Ward 1941
  • Peter Tosh 1944
  • Divine 1945
  • John Lithgow 1945
  • Patricia Ireland 1945
  • Jeannie C. Riley 1945
  • Patrick Simmons (Doobie Brothers) 1948
  • Lynn Dickey (NFL) 1949
  • Charlie Chase 1952
  • Nino DeFranco (The DeFranco Family) 1956
  • Karl Wallinger (Waterboys, World Party) 1957
  • Jennifer Holliday 1960
  • Evander Holyfield 1962
  • Todd Park Mohr (Big Head Todd and the Monsters) 1965
  • Jon Favreau 1966
  • Trey Parker 1969
  • Chris Kattan 1970
  • Pras Michel (The Fugees) 1972
  • Omar Gooding 1976
  • Cyndi Thompson 1976
  • Benjamin Salisbury 1980

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Meme Summary / Update

Saturday, October 18, 2014

calvous \ KAL-vuhs \ , adjective; 
  • lacking all or most of the hair on the head; bald. 
Origin: Calvous is derived from the New Latin word calvus meaning “bald.”

cuddle call
  • a phone call (or a text) to arrange an immediate cuddle date. Not a booty call but similar in the call for satisfaction nature of the behavior.
"Hey Baby. What's going on?"
"Hi. Cuddle Call?"
"See you in ten minutes"


  • Great Basel Earthquake: Swiss city was destroyed, along with parts of France and Germany (1356)
  • Edict of Nantes: law that had granted religious liberties to Protestants was revoked by Louis XIV and replaced with the Edict of Fontainebleau; many Protestants left France as a result (1685)
  • Moby-Dick: Herman Melville's novel about Captain Ahab's quest was published; it was originally entitled The Whale (1851)
  • Alaska: territory known as "Seward's Folly" was purchased by the US from Russia for approximately $7 million in gold bullion (1867)
  • Persons Case: a Judicial Committee of the Privy Council ruling in Edwards v. Canada determined that in Canada women could be defined as persons for political purposes (1929)
  • Giovanni Canaletto 1697
  • Salomon Andree 1854
  • Henri Bergson 1859
  • Lotte Lenya 1898
  • Miriam Hopkins 1902
  • James Brooks 1906
  • Bobby Troup 1918
  • Anita O'Day 1919
  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau (Canada) 1919
  • Melina Mercouri 1923
  • Chuck Berry 1926
  • George C. Scott 1927
  • Keith Jackson 1928
  • Violeta Barrios de Chamorro 1929
  • Forrest Gregg (NFL) 1933
  • Inger Stevens 1934
  • Peter Boyle 1935
  • Mike Ditka (NFL) 1939
  • Lee Harvey Oswald 1939
  • Willie Horton (MLB) 1942
  • Russ Giguere (The Association) 1943
  • Joe Morton 1947
  • Laura Nyro 1947
  • Paulette Williams 1948
  • Gary Richrath (REO Speedwagon) 1949
  • Wendy Wasserstein 1950
  • Pam Dawber 1951
  • Terry McMillan 1951
  • Jerry Royster (MLB) 1952
  • Keith Knudsen (The Doobie Brothers) 1952
  • Martina Navratilova 1956
  • Thomas Hearns 1958
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme 1960
  • Erin Moran 1961
  • Wynton Marsalis 1961
  • Vincent Spano 1962
  • Tim Cross (Sponge) 1966
  • Michael Stich 1968
  • Nonchalant 1973
  • Peter Svenson (The Cardigans) 1974
  • Ne-Yo (Shaffer Chimere Smith, Jr.) - Singer, rapper
  • Jesse Littleton (Marshall Dyllon) 1981
  • Frieda Selena Pinto 1984
  • Tyler Posey 1991 - Actor

Friday, October 17, 2014

Rock out in Cydonia!

Rock out with some MUSE:

Knights Of Cydonia

Come ride with me,
Through the veins of history,
I'll show you how god,
Falls asleep on the job.

And how can we win,
When fools can be kings,
Don't waste your time,
Or time will waste you,

No one's gonna take me alive,
The time has come to make things right,
You and I must fight for our rights,
You and I must fight to survive.

WTF Friday: Goodbye Kitty@

The first time I saw this I couldn't understand why anyone would make a Hello Kitty custom AR, but now I understand why - IT'S GIRL FRIENDLY! Women should NOT be afraid to hold a firearm.

TGIF! Friday, October 17, 2014

troth \ trawth, trohth \ , noun;
  1. one's word or promise, especially in engaging oneself to marry. 
  2. faithfulness, fidelity, or loyalty: by my troth.
  3. truth or verity: in troth.
Origin: Troth entered English in the 1100s from the Middle English trowthe, trouthe meaning "truth." It ultimately comes from the Old English trēowth.

The Spousal We
The Spousal We: "We should clean the bathroon today", or "we should get Johnny to practice his viola more".
  • Battle of Saratoga: key battle of the American Revolutionary Warended with a major British surrender (1777)
  • Al Capone: mobster called Scarface who ruled much of Chicago was finally convicted — of income tax evasion; he served eight years of an 11-year sentence (1931)
  • 1973 Oil Crisis: was sparked when OPEC cut oil supplies to nations that supported Israel in the Yom Kippur War
  • Jupiter Hammon 1711
  • Charles Kraft 1880 - Founder of Kraft
  • Spring Byington 1893
  • Jean Arthur 1900
  • Irene Ryan 1902
  • Cozy (William) Cole 1909
  • John Mosley 1914
  • Jerry Siegel 1914
  • Arthur Miller 1915
  • Marsha Hunt 1917
  • Rita Hayworth 1918
  • Elie Abel 1920
  • Montgomery Clift 1920
  • Julie Adams 1926
  • Beverly Garland 1926
  • Tom Poston 1927
  • Johnny Klippstein (MLB) 1927
  • Jimmy Breslin 1930
  • Evel Knievel (Robert Craig) 1938
  • James Seals (Seals and Crofts) 1940
  • Earl Thomas Conley 1941
  • Gary Puckett (The Union Gap) 1942
  • Bob Seagren 1946
  • Jim Tucker (The Turtles) 1946
  • Michael McKean 1947
  • George Wendt 1948
  • Margot Kidder 1948
  • Bill Hudson (The Hudson Brothers) 1949
  • Howard Rollins 1950
  • Sam Bottoms 1955
  • Mae Jemison 1956
  • Vincent Van Patten 1957
  • Alan Jackson 1958
  • Mike Judge 1962
  • Norm MacDonald 1963
  • Ziggy Marley 1968
  • Chris Kirkpatrick ('N Sync) 1971
  • Eminem 1972
  • Felicity Jones 1983

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Turtle Thursday: NEVER

Thursday, October 16, 2014

curlicue \ KUR-li-kyoo \ , noun; 
  • an ornamental, fancy curl or twist, as in a signature. 
Origin: Curlicue came to English in the mid-1800s. The cue component comes from the French queue meaning "tail," and ultimately is derived from the Latin word cōda.

  • Using masturbation to otherwise occupy yourself while pressing matters await.
I had a paper due today, but I spent all night procrasturbating, so fuck that noise.

  • Marie Antoinette: extravagant queen was beheaded during the French Revolution (1793)
  • John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry: the abolitionist John Brown attempted to seize a US arsenal in West Virginia; his group was defeated and he was executed for treason (1859)
  • birth control: nurse Margaret Sanger founded the first clinic in the US, in Brooklyn, New York, for which she was arrested (1916)
  • Cuban missile crisis: cold war confrontation between the US and the Soviet Union began when Khrushchev installed ballistic missiles in Cuba (1962)
  • Million Man March: African-American men rallied in Washington, DC, led by Louis Farrakhan, in an effort to increase voting and community involvement (1995)
  • Noah Webster 1758
  • Oscar Wilde 1854
  • David Ben-Gurion 1886
  • Eugene O'Neill 1888
  • Linda Darnell 1921
  • Bert Kaempfert 1923
  • Angela Lansbury 1925
  • Gunter Grass 1927
  • Charles Colson 1931
  • Tony Anthony 1937
  • Nico (Velvet Underground) 1938
  • Barry Corbin 1940
  • Fred Turner (Bachman Turner Overdrive) 1943
  • Dwight Douglas Lewis 1945
  • Suzanne Somers (Mahoney) 1946
  • Bob Weir (Grateful Dead) 1947
  • Bob Collyard 1949
  • Tim Robbins 1958
  • Gary Kemp (Spandau Ballet) 1959
  • Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) 1962
  • Wendy Wilson (Wilson Phillips) 1969
  • B-Rock (B-Rock and the Bizz) 1971
  • Kellie Martin 1975
  • Jeremy Jackson 1980