Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turtle Thursday: Eat

Lord Tyrannus basks on the floating platform that he shaped to, literally, his taste.
(In other words, he ate it.)


Thursday, November 26, 2015

echt (ekht) adjective
  • Authentic; typical.
Origin: From German echt (genuine, typical)

  • Another excuse for Americans to spend an entire day eating
"Damn, it's not a weekend, and i want to eat all day"
"Why Don't we invent a holiday and give it a stupid name?"
"Fo Shizzle, My Pilgrizzle!"

  • Thanksgiving - national holiday in the United States commemorating the Pilgrims' celebration of the harvest reaped by the Plymouth Colony in 1621, after a winter of great starvation and privation. The celebration was probably held in October. The neighboring Wampanoags, who outnumbered the colonists, joined them for three days and contributed food to the celebration. The first proclaimed day of thanksgiving in the colony was not held until 1623 (probably at the end of July), following an improvement in prospects for the still struggling colony, and was a day of prayer, not feasting. Fourth Thursday in November.
  • Kappa Alpha Society: Union College student society became the first college fraternity in the US (1825)
  • Alice in Wonderland: pseudonymous author Lewis Carroll gave an illustrated manuscript of the tale to the eponymous Alice as an early Christmas gift (1864)
  • King Tut: Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon were the first to enter the tomb of the boy king since it was sealed in 1323 B.C.E. (1922)
  • Casablanca: film set in wartime Morocco premiered in New York City (1942)
  • The Price is Right: TV's longest running daily game show debuted (1956)
  • Diamant-A: rocket launched France's space program with the Astérix-1 satellite, which blasted off from Hammaguir, Algeria (1965)
  • Eric Severeid 1912
  • Eugene Ionesco 1912
  • Charles M. Schulz 1922
  • Robert Goulet 1933
  • Marian Mercer 1935
  • Rich Little 1938
  • Tina Turner (Anna Mae Bullock) 1938
  • Jean Terrell 1944
  • John McVie (Fleetwood Mac) 1945
  • Art Shell 1946
  • Scott Jacoby 1955
  • Jamie Rose 1959
  • Linda Davis 1962
  • Steve Grisaffe (Road River) 1965
  • Garcelle Beauvais 1966
  • Lorissa McComas 1970
  • Maia Campbell 1976
  • Peter Facinelli 1973 - Actor ("Twilight")
  • Aurora Snow - 1981 t3h pr0n
  • Natasha Bedingfield - 1981

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hasselhoff Wednesday: 'Tis The Season!

Hoff and Pesci sharing a screen? Winner!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

delitescent (del-i-TES-uhnt) adjective
  • Hidden; latent.
Etymology: From Latin delitescent-, stem of delitescens, present participle of delitescere (to hide away).

  • Sorry For The Mass Email 
SFTME everybody, 
Has anyone seen my red stapler? I left it somewhere in the office last Saturday. 
  • Hollywood Ten: screenwriters were blacklisted by producers for being suspected Communists (1947)
     The Star Wars Ewok Adventure aired on the ABC Sunday Night Movie. (1984)
  • Iran-contra affair: arms-sales scandal blew open; US National Security Council aide Oliver North was fired for planning to ship arms secretly to Iran (1986)
  • Elián González: 6-year-old Cuban émigré was rescued by fishermen off Florida's coast, sparking a political asylum/child custody battle (1999)
  • Department of Homeland Security: was signed into law by George W. Bush; Tom Ridge was named the first department head (2002)
  • imagebam.comAndrew Carnegie 1835
  • Carry Nation 1846
  • Virgil Thomson 1896
  • Joe DiMaggio (MLB) 1914
  • Augusto Pinochet (Chili) 1915
  • Ricardo Montalban 1920
  • Etta Jones 1928
  • Nat Adderley 1931
  • Kathryn Crosby 1933
  • Matt Clark 1936
  • Percy Sledge 1940
  • Tracey Walter 1942
  • Ben Stein 1944
  • Bob Lind (Elusive Butterfly) 1944
  • Bev Bevan (Electric Light Orchestra) 1946
  • Jonathan Kaplan 1947
  • John Larroquette 1947
  • Amy Grant 1960
  • John F. Kennedy, Jr. 1960
  • Bernie Kosar (NFL) 1963
  • Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees) 1964
  • Dougray Scott 1965
  • Stacy Lattisaw 1966
  • Deborah Wells 1968 t3h pr0n
  • Erick Sermon 1968
  • Jill Hennessey 1968
  • Christina Applegate 1971

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Review Tuesday: SPECTRE

After getting a message from beyond the grave, James Bond uncovers a crime organization that has its tentacles into everything. 
I have been a fan of James Bond for a while. The books by Ian Fleming were clever and to the point. The movies have been around longer than I have. But I must admit that my appreciation only occurred  fairly recently. It was a good time as they were starting all over with Daniel Craig as 007. While Daniel is physically closer to what Bond should be like, he starts off older then Bond was  while considering retirement, which was also at the time Fleming died.

So now we're up to the 24th film in the franchise, and the fourth with Daniel Craig as James Bond as he is introduced to his classic nemesis, Blofeld (Christoph Waltz) and his crime syndicate SPECTRE (from the books it was an acronym of Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion but wasn't explained that way in this film). I know a lot of men were looking forward to Monica Bellucci being in this film, but she had maybe 2 minutes of screen time. They were lovely, but brief.

The big evil plot was SPECTRE trying to take over databases around the world. He who controls the information controls the world. It just seemed rather too easy for James with the assistance of Madeline Swan (played by Léa Seydoux) to destroy the headquarters and escape. 

The biggest complaints about this movie have been that the evil plot wasn't so impressive, and there were no knock-your-socks-off action scenes. 

I found the movie to be fine. It was straight-forward and entertaining. It came out at a perfect time when there was nothing else to see and capitalized on action deprived audiences.


Predictions / Spoilers
  • It was previously said that Daniel Craig would not return for "Bond 25" but he has since taken that back. SPECTRE ended with Blofeld being arrested and Bond quitting. He does go back for his Aston Martin and drives off with the lovely Madeline Swan. If the writers wanted to be clever, they could take a page from the books and have Blofeld (who will no doubt escape) kill Madeline in an attempt at revenge against Bond, forcing the agent back into service.  

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

martinet \mar-t'n-ET\, noun:
  1. A strict disciplinarian.
  2. One who lays stress on a rigid adherence to the details of forms and methods.
Origin: A martinet is so called after an officer of that name in the French army under Louis XIV.
  • A more discrete, faster way of saying "Straight For the Cock" 
Paige: Sarah, Did you go SFTC? 
Sarah: You know it!

  • Tasmania: southeast Australian island was first seen by Dutchman Abel Tasman, for whom it was later named (1642)
  • The Origin of Species: naturalist Charles Darwin published his book explaining evolution (1859)
  • Lee Harvey Oswald: JFK assassin was shot to death by Jack Ruby (1963)
  • Lucy: Australopithecus skeleton was found in Ethiopia; she was about 3 foot 7 (109 cm.) and 3 million years old (1974)
    Freddie Mercury passed away from HIV (1991)
  • Zachary Taylor (U.S.) 1784
  • Bat Masterson 1853
  • Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 1864
  • Scott Joplin 1868
  • Dale Carnegie 1888
  • Garson Kanin 1912
  • William F. Buckley, Jr. 1925
  • Johnny Carver 1940
  • Paul Tagliabue 1940
  • Pete Best 1941 - Musician (Beatles), early member of the Beatles
  • Donald "Duck" Dunn (Booker T. & the MG's) 1941
  • Billy Connolly 1942
  • Lee Michaels 1945
  • Dwight Schultz 1947
  • Stanley Livingston 1950
  • Clem Burke (Blondie) 1955
  • Terry Lewis (The Time) 1956
  • Denise Crosby 1957
  • John Squire (The Stone Roses) 1962
  • Gary Stonadge (Big Audio) 1962
  • Chad Taylor (Live) 1970
  • Collin Hanks 1977
  • Katherine Heigl 1978

Monday, November 23, 2015

Look forward to MIA!

Mia Maestro


The best part of THE STRAIN


Hottie of teh day
cred to ou

Weekend Box Office: 11/23/2015

Now Playing (Box Office) 
  1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 $101.0M 
  2. Spectre $14.6M 
  3. The Peanuts Movie $12.8M 
  4. The Night Before $10.1M 
  5. Secret in Their Eyes $6.6M
Leave it to the movie studios to say that a movie that came in #1 and sold more than $100 mill in tixx didn't meet expectations. Mockingjay Pt 2 easily took the #1 spot by a large margin. My review for the #2 movie SPECTRE will be up tomorrow.

The star of Mockingjay and The Fappening, 
Jennifer Lawrence

Monday, November 23, 2015

slugabed, \SLUHG-uh-bed\, n. 
  • a lazy person who stays in bed long after the usual time for arising. 
Origin: Slugabed is formed from the word slug meaning "to be slow" and the rare adverb abed meaning "in bed." 

gods bra 
  • Going bra less, "She said she was wearing Gods Bra and then I saw her nipples" 
1st guy: " Those girls are having a Gods Bra party" 
2nd guy: "Let's crash it!"


  • Battle of Chattanooga: huge battle at a railway junction began during the US Civil War, ending with a Union victory (1863)
  • jukebox: the first coin-operated phonograph was installed at the Palais Royal Saloon in San Francisco (1889)
  • Doctor Who: British sci-fi TV program about a doctor who time-travels in a TARDIS debuted; it is still running (1963)
  • China: the People's Republic took over Taiwan's seat in the UN Security Council (1971)
  • Franklin Pierce (U.S.) 1804
  • William H. Bonney (Billy the Kid) 1859
  • Boris Karloff 1887
  • Harpo Marx 1888
  • Maurice Zolotow 1913
  • Ellen Drew 1915
  • Michael Gough 1917
  • Jerry Bock 1928
  • Betty Everett 1939
  • Susan Anspach 1945
  • Steve Landesberg 1945
  • David Rappaport 1951
  • Boris Gebenchikov 1953
  • Bruce Hornsby 1954
  • John Henton 1960
  • Maxwell Caulfield 1961
  • Charlie Grover (Sponge) 1966
  • Ken Block (Sister Hazel) 1966
  • Kurupt (The Dogg Pound) 1972
  • Kelly Brook 1980
  • Destiny Hope "Miley Ray" Cyrus 1992

Sunday, November 22, 2015

On tonight!

It'll be awesome.

Mo ScarJo

Scarlett Johansson
Happy Berfday, Yo!


. . . .