Friday, July 01, 2016

WTF Friday: I'm away again

TGIF: Friday, July 1, 2016

hunky dory \HUHNG-kee-DOHR-ee\, adjective:
  • About as well as one could wish or expect; satisfactory; fine; OK.
Hunky dory is an American coinage from the late 1800s. The source is posited to be an adaptation of New York City slang or perhaps a reference to a street in Japan named Honcho dori, known as a destination for sailors on shore leave.
Microwave minute
  • When time slows down while waiting for you food to heat in the microwave. Known side effects are increased hunger, slowing of all the clocks in your house and walking around aimlessly trying to kill time. The microwave minute has the ability to slow time turning one minute into what feels lime an hour.
Kus(9:00 pm): dude when are you gunna get here??
Ryan(9:00 pm): I'll be there in a microwave minute.

  • Battle of San Juan Hill: future president Theodore Roosevelt led the Rough Riders in a charge up Kettle Hill during the Spanish-American War (1898)
  • Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty: was signed by the US, UK, USSR and others to halt spread of nuclear arms (1968)
  • Walkman: portable audio player was introduced by Sony (1979)
  • Hong Kong: reverted to Chinese rule after 156 years of British rule (1997)
  • Gottfried Von Leibniz 1649
  • George Sand 1804 - Author Amandine Aurore Lucile Dudevant
  • Cecil Rhodes 1854
  • Louis Bleriot 1872 - Aviator, first to fly an airplane across the English Channel
  • Susan Glapell 1882
  • James M. Cain 1892
  • Thomas Andrew Dorsey 1899 - Musician, "Father of Gospel Music", pianist, composed more than 1,000 gospel songs
  • Charles Laughton 1899 - Actor ("Captain Kidd")
  • Myron Cohen 1902 - Comedian, actor ("When Nature Calls")
  • William Wyler 1902 - Director
  • Estee Lauder 1908 - Cosmetics company founder
  • Willie Dixon 1915 - Musician (Big Three Trio)
  • Olivia DeHavilland 1916 - Actress ("The Heiress", "Gone with the Wind")
  • Farley Granger (Farley Earle II) 1925 - Actor ("The Purple Heart")
  • Bobby Day (Byrd) 1930 - Singer ("Rockin' Robin')
  • Leslie Caron 1931 - Actress ("Lili", "Gigi", "An American in Paris")
  • Jamie Farr 1934 - Actor ("M*A*S*H")
  • Jean Marsh 1934 - Actress ("Frenzy")
  • Claude Berri 1934 - Actor, director
  • Sydney Pollack 1934 - Director
  • David Prowse 1935 - Actor
  • James Cotton 1935 - Blues musician
  • Wally Amos, Jr. 1936 - Entrepreneur, created Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies
  • Delaney Bramlett 1939 - Musician, singer (Delaney & Bonnie)
  • Frank Parker 1939 - Singer (Ciccio)
  • Twyla Tharp 1941 - Dancer, choreographer
  • Rod Gilbert 1941 - Hockey player
  • Karen Black (Ziegler) 1942 - Actress ("The Great Gatsby")
  • Geneviève Bujold 1942 - Actress ("Coma")
  • Deborah Harry 1945 - Singer (Blondie)
  • Harold McLinton 1947 - Football player
  • David Earnest Duke 1950 - Former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan,
  • Trevor Eve 1951 - Actor
  • Daryl Anderson 1951 - Actor ("Lou Grant")
  • Fred Schneider 1951 - Musician (B-52's, Shake Society)
  • Dan Aykroyd 1952 - Comedian, actor ("Driving Miss Daisy", "Saturday Night Live", "Ghostbusters", "The Blues Brothers")
  • Pat Donovan 1953 - Football player
  • Keith Whitley 1954 - Singer
  • Alan Ruck 1956 - Actor
  • Lorna Patterson 1956 - Actress ("Airplane!", "Private Benjamin")
  • Lisa Blount 1957 - Actress
  • Carl (Frederick Carlton) Lewis 1961 - Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Michelle Wright 1961 - Country singer
  • Princess Diana (Spencer) 1961 - Princess of Wales
  • Andre Brougher 1962 - Actor
  • Roddy Bottum 1963 - Musician (Faith No More)
  • Pamela Denise Anderson 1967 - Actress ("Baywatch")
  • Mark Pirro 1970 - Musician (Tripping Daisy)
  • Henry Simmons 1970 - Actor ("NYPD Blue")
  • Claire Forlani 1972 - Actress ("J.F.K.: Reckless Youth", "The Rock")
  • Liv Tyler 1977 - Model , Acress ("Armagedon", "Lord of the Rings")
  • Andrew Cavarno 1992 - Actor ("Party of Five")
  • Stephen Cavarno 1992 - Actor ("Party of Five") 

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thurtle Thursday: Hmm

Thursday, June 30, 2016

macabre \muh-KAH-bruh\, adjective:
1. Gruesome and horrifying.
2. Pertaining to or representing death, esp. its grimmer or uglier aspect.
Macabre relates to the Danse Macabre, a medieval allegory, but the etymology of the word itself is subject to speculation.
Shut up and keep talking
  • An expression that's used when you want information from someone, but that someone keeps telling boring details you don't need to know. Can be emphasized by using 'Shut the fuck up and keep talking'.
Guy 1: So we went to her bedroom, and there were a lot of dolls there. She also had a poster of-
Guy 2: Dude, shut up and keep talking. Did anything happen?

  • The Great Blondin: French acrobat crossed Niagara Falls on a tightrope; walking from the US to Canada took him eight minutes (1859)
  • Tunguska event: 2,000 sq. km of central Siberia were flattened in an explosion likely caused by a meteor disintegrating above the Earth's surface (1908)
  • Gone With the Wind: classic Civil War-era novel was published (1936)
  • 26th Amendment: was ratified, lowering the US voting age to 18 (1971)
  • David Wayne 1916
  • Lena Horne 1917
  • Susan Hayward 1919
  • Shirley Fry 1927
  • June Valli 1930
  • Harry Blackstone, Jr. 1934
  • Tony Musante 1936
  • Nancy Dussault 1936
  • Florence Ballard (The Supremes) 1943
  • Glenn Shorrock (The Little River Band) 1944
  • William Atherton 1947
  • Stanley Clarke 1951
  • Andy Scott (Sweet) 1951
  • Hal Lindes (Dire Straits) 1953
  • David Alan Grier 1955
  • Adrian Wright (Human League) 1956
  • Doug Sampson 1957 - Musician (Iron Maiden, Smiler)
  • Vincent D'Onofrio 1959
  • Rupert Graves 1963
  • Mike Tyson 1966
  • Phil Anselmo (Pantera) 1968
  • Tom Drummond (Better Than Ezra) 1969
  • Brian Bloom 1970
  • Brian Vincent 1970
  • Monica Potter 1971
    Elizabeth Anne "Lizzy" Caplan 1982

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hasselhoff Wednesday: Better than Chairman Obamao


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

yaw \YAW\, verb:
1. To move unsteadily; weave.
2. To deviate temporarily from a straight course, as a ship.
3. (Of a vehicle) to have a motion about the vertical axis.
Yaw migrates to English from the Old Norse jaga, "to drive, chase.".
drive-by friending
  • The sending of a friend request on Facebook or other social networking site without including any information on who you are or how you know the recipient.
There were twenty mutual friends listed, but I never heard the name before and they didn't include a note identifying themselves. So I rejected it as a drive-by friending.

  • Globe Theatre: London theatre that showcased Shakespeare's plays burned down; it was reconstructed in 1997 (1613)
  • Townshend Acts: were passed by the British Parliament, imposing import duties on paper, tea and other items shipped to America; they led to the Boston Massacre (1767)
  • Furman v. Georgia: the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that capital punishment could constitute "cruel and unusual punishment" (1972)
  • Atlantis: space shuttle docked with Russian space station Mir; together they formed the largest man-made satellite to orbit Earth (1995)
  • iPhone: went on sale in the US amid enormous buzz (2007)
  • George W. Goethals 1858
  • William Mayo 1861
  • George Ellery Hale (1868-1938): astronomer who invented the Hale telescope
  • James Van Der Zee 1886
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupery 1900
  • Nelson Eddy 1901
  • Frank Loesser 1910
  • John Toland 1912
  • Rafael Jeronym Kubelik 1914
  • Ruth Warrick 1915
  • Slim Pickens 1919
  • Ralph Burns 1922
  • Mousey Alexander 1922
  • Cara Williams 1925
  • Ian Bannen 1928
  • Robert Evans 1930
  • Stokeley Carmichael 1941
  • Roger Ruskin Spear 1943
  • Gary Busey 1944
  • Little Eva Boyd 1945
  • Richard Lewis 1947
  • Fred Grandy 1948
  • Ian Paice 1948 - Musician (Whitesnake)
  • Dan Dierdorf 1949
  • Colin Hay 1953 - Musician (Men at Work)
  • Don Dokken 1953 - Heavy Metal
  • Maria Conchita Alonso 1957
  • Evelyn "Champagne" King 1960
  • Sharon Lawrence 1961
  • Amanda Donohoe 1962
  • Steadman Pearson 1964 - Musician (Five Star)
  • DJ Shadow (Josh Paul Davis) 1972 - Music producer, DJ, songwriter
  • Zuleikha Robinson 1977 - Actress ("Lost")
  • Nicole Scherzinger 1978 - lead singer of Pussycat Dolls, exotic beauty

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Review Tuesday: Onda V820w Windows 10 + Android 4.4 8 inch Tablet

ONDA V820w
8" Windows 10 &
Android 4.4 Tablet PC

This past tax season I wanted to find other options in terms of computing for (side)work purposes. My aging fleet of machines run mostly on Windows XP which is a relic these days. After playing with my Windows phone and Surface Pro for a year I looked into the tablets. 

Windows 10 tablets have the computing capability of a regular PC or laptop while being compressed into a convenient mobile size. I previously reviewed an inexpensive Windows tablet HERE. So why go on and test another? While you have the computing power of a Win 10 machine you're limited by the amount of applications available. Sure, you can work on docs and spreadsheets, but most of the cool Android or Apple apps are not available. To add convenience, why not have dual operating systems?

I had been looking for a dual OS tablet with certain minimum requirements for my needs when this showed up:

ONDA V820w 
  • Android 4.4 + Windows 10 Tablet PC 
  • 8 inch 1280 x 800 IPS Screen
  • Intel Z3735F Quad Core 1.3GHz 
  • 2GB RAM 
  • 32GB ROM
  • HDMI output
  • WiFi 
  • Bluetooth 4.0
 ...and it was under $80! I also opted for the slim-line case (which makes it look like I'm using a small iPad) and a case with built-in Bluetooth keyboard. I have a Bluetooth mouse already (which I will review next week) so I was set. 

It arrived from China in about a week. I was surprised when it arrived in a very padded envelope. I suppose I was expecting a box for more protection, but there was no need for concern. It was in perfect operating order. 

Time to test this thing out! Windows 10 devices find and use Bluetooth devices exceedingly well and it was no exception with this tablet. Otherwise, this is just like any other Win10 machine. You click on one icon on the desktop and you switch to Android 4.4. It's a few moments to boot between operating systems. Android starts up fast and runs well. Apps work perfectly and smoothly. I was even able to play Dredd vs Zombies and Mortal Kombat X on this machine. And they play perfectly!

A couple drawbacks. The Bluetooth keyboard you can get for this set up is pretty small and I find myself misspelling things A LOT. If you are interested in this tablet you better like white because they only offer that color. I suppose that's so that you can pretend you're using an iPad, but that's not something I care about. Check your requirements, 2 gigs of RAM and 32 gigs of ROM were all I required at this time. If you need more, you'll go through this machine in no time. You can, however, add up to 128 GB in storage via micro SD slot. You can fit a bunch of docs and comic books with that much space! The built in speakers are on top of each other, on the bottom of the tablet. If you have it sitting on a desk or table it could be muffled or can buzz and there won't be stereo sound effects. If you use headphones, use regular ones because cellular headphones seem to lose some sound, especially during the games.

I call my little experiment a success. Since I have only used 7 inch tablets in the past, this 8" screen (1280 x 800) seems luxuriously big to me. It's crisp, clear, colorful and bright. The dual OS set up is relatively easy to get used to and use. I find myself using the Android side more, and switching to Win10 for docs and blogging. For the price I am really thrilled with this tablet.
This is where I got mine from:

From the Onda website:

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

yen \YEN\, noun:
1. A desire or craving.
2. An aluminum coin and monetary unit of Japan, equal to 100 sen or 1000 rin.
1. To have a craving; yearn.
The use of yen to signify a desire, as opposed to Japanese currency, is an Americanism that probably derives from Chinese dialect, yáhn or yin, "craving."
get at me
  • Short for "Get back to me" or "Get back at me", meaning "respond", or "reply".
"Mike, I hope you get this email in time. We are changing the plans from Friday to Saturday. Get at me and let me know if you can still make it."

  • Ned Kelly: Australian bushranger was captured at Glenrowan; he was later hanged for murder (1880)
  • Franz Ferdinand: archduke and heir to the Austrian throne was assassinated, along with his wife, in Sarajevo by a Serbian; the event precipitated WWI (1914)
  • Treaty of Versailles: was signed, ending WWI (1919)
  • Stonewall riots: patrons of a Greenwich Village bar resisted a police raid, sparking the gay pride movement (1969)
  • Mike Tyson: boxer bit Evander Holyfield's ear during a heavyweight title fight; he lost the match and gained a 16-month suspension (1997)
  • Elian González: was returned to his father in Cuba (2000)
  • Slobodan Milosevic: former Yugoslavian leader was turned over to the UN war crimes tribunal (2001)
  • Iraqi Interim Government: took power after US handover (2004)
  • Henry VIII 1491 - King of England from April 21, 1509 until his death, known for his six marriages and his role in the separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church
  • Peter Rubens 1577
  • John Wesley 1703
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1712
  • Alexis Carrel 1873
  • Clara Maass 1876
  • John Dillinger 1902
  • Richard Rodgers 1902
  • Ashley Montague 1905
  • Maria Goeppert Mayer 1906
  • Eric Ambler 1909
  • Peter Candoli 1923
  • George Morgan 1925
  • Mel Brooks 1926 - Writer, director, actor
  • Pat Morita 1932
  • Cathy Carr 1936
  • George Knudson 1937
  • John Byner 1937 - Comedian, impressionist
  • David Knights 1945 - Musician (Procol Harum)
  • Gilda Radner 1946
  • Bruce Davison 1946
  • Kathy Bates 1948 - Actress
  • Alice Krige 1955
  • John Elway 1960 - Football player
  • Tony Mercedes 1962
  • Jessica Hecht 1965 - Actress
  • John Cusack 1966 - Actor
  • Mary Stuart Masterson 1966 - Actress
  • Gil Bellows 1967 - Actor ("Ally McBeal")
  • Jimmy Sommers 1969
  • Danielle Brisebois 1969
  • Ray Slijngaard 1971 - Musician (2 unlimited)
  • Kellie Pickler 1986 - Country singer ("American Idol")

Monday, June 27, 2016

Look forward to CHARLOTTE!

Charlotte McKinney

Hottie of the day!
cred to ou

Weekend Box Office: 06/27/2016

Now Playing (Box Office) 
  1. Finding Dory: $73.2M 
  2. Independence Day: Resurgence: $41.6M 
  3. Central Intelligence: $18.4M 
  4. The Shallows: $16.7M 
  5. Free State of Jones: $7.8M
Finding Dory had no trouble holding off the Independence Day sequel that no one was looking for, therefore no one went to see. I think it's already been declared an official flop.

A bunch of new movies ope up for the big Fourth of July weekend. I winder what numbers we'll see? 

Monday, June 27, 2016

zephyr \ZEF-er\, noun:
1. A gentle, mild breeze.
2. Literary. The west wind.
3. Any of various things of fine, light quality.
Zephyr, in ancient Greek zephyros, was the godly personification of the west wind. English usage of the term to designate a pleasant breeze is from the 1600s.
I'm out of practice
  • An expression used to explain why you can't do something that requires being in shape. Pretty much just saying that you're out of shape, just not wanting to seem fat.
"I'll race you!"
"Nah, I'm out of practice!"
"fat ass"

  • Joseph Smith: the founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was killed by an anti-Mormon mob in Illinois (1844)
  • Joshua Slocum: Canadian adventurer landed at Newport, Rhode Island, becoming the first to circumnavigate the world on his own (1898)
  • Newbery Medal: was first awarded, to Hendrik Willem van Loon for The Story of Mankind (1922)
  • paintball: the first game was played, in New Hampshire (1981)
  • US National Do Not Call Registry: opened for business; almost ¾ of a million phone numbers were signed up on its first day in a stand against unwanted telemarketing (2003)
  • Louis XII (France) 1462
  • Charles XII (Sweden) 1682
  • Charles Stewart Parnell 1846
  • Mildred J. Hill 1859
  • Paul Laurence Dunbar 1872
  • Helen Keller 1880
  • John McIntire (actor) 1907
  • Audrey Christie 1911
  • Willie Mosconi 1913
  • Ben Homer 1917
  • I.A.L. Diamond 1920
  • Elmo Hope 1923
  • Rosalie Allen 1924
  • Jerome ‘Doc’ Pomus 1925
  • Bob "Captain Kangaroo" Keeshan 1927
  • H. Ross Perot 1930
  • Charles Bronfman 1931
  • Anna Moffo 1934
  • Shirley Anne Field 1938
  • Sandra Smith 1940
  • Frank Mills 1942
  • Bruce Johnston (The Beach Boys) 1944
  • Norma Kamili 1945
  • Julia Duffy 1951
  • Isabelle Adjani 1955
  • Lorrie Morgan 1959
  • Brian Dillinger 1960
    J. J. Abrams 1966
  • Tobey Maguire 1975
  • Leigh Nash (Sixpence None the Richer) 1976
  • Madylin Sweeten 1991
    Chandler Riggs (TWD) 1999