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Turtle Thursday: Time to lounge around [from 4/16/09]

My pets sure have the life. Pictured are Lord Tyrannus (left) with his Queen, Snappy, enjoying some leisure time under their basking lamp. Now that April 15th has past I can do some of that, too!

Please help Josi Paula

The gorgeous Playboy Miss Social of the Year winner, JOSI PAULA, is trying to raise a little extra money for her trip to the US for additional shoots. Would you be so kind as to donate a couple dollars so she can make the most of her trip?

Donate HERE

Mohammad Releases Queen Cover WE WILL ROCK YOU

LA-based singer and musician Mohammad announced today his first single, a remake of Queen's iconic "We Will Rock You."The track is available on Mohammad's SoundCloud and will be released on iTunes Tuesday, May 13th.

Inspired by musicians and artists from all different areas - ranging from Queen to pop icons Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston to classical masters such as Mozart and Vivaldi - Mohammad combines these multiple influences to create a sound all his own. His instrumental and vocal talent has led to his own style of music, tailored to his own sensibilities as a musician and an artist.

Mohammad's time in music has led him to additional opportunities, as well, including working with fashion designer Lloyd Klein (Natalie Col, Christina Aguilera, Pink). The partnership has shaped Mohammad's personal understanding of the importance of a detailed approach to not only his music, but also his style and image.

Furthermore, the talented artist was featured in the lead role in Success Driven, a short film directed by Yancey Arias and written by Scott J. Foster. The film received the award for Best Short Film at the Bel Air Film Festival and the soundtrack, which features Mohammad's single "Anyone," received Best Soundtrack at the AOF Film Festival.

For more information on Mohammad, visit

"We Will Rock You" SoundCloud:

"Success Driven" Official Trailer:

Mohammad Official Sites

Dot Hacker Unveils New Single, Will Release RSD 7 Inch

With Record Store day less than a week away, Dot Hacker will release a special 7" on April 19th via ORG Music, limited to 1,000 copies worldwide. The 7" will feature two tracks, including their most recent single "Whatever You Want" which you can preview HERE. The record will also feature one other track entitled "Memory".

Dot Hacker is an LA-based band featuring musicians Josh Klinghoffer, Clint Walsh, Eric Gardner, and Jonathan Hischke. They released their debut album, Inhibition, in 2012, and are expected to release their new album, How's Your Process?, in two parts this July and September, respectively.

Formed out of conversations between Clint and Josh whilst on tour with Gnarls Barkley in 2006, the pair each introduced one another to Eric and Jonathan. Before long, a band was formed, a record was made, and friendships were born. In 2009, amongst other tours and projects, Josh joined the Red Hot Chili Peppers and began work that would make releasing and promoting Inhibition difficult at that time. Though all members are constantly working on different things, sometimes together, sometimes apart, Dot Hacker has found a way to exist.

July 1st will see the release of the first How's Your Process?. The band is still trying to answer that question.

For more information on Dot Hacker, visit

"Whatever You Want" Single:

Official Sites

Thursday, April 17, 2014

ambivert \AM-bi-vurt\ noun 
  • one whose personality type is intermediate between extrovert and introvert. 
Quotes: Origin Ambivert was coined in the 1920s by Kimball Young in his book Source Book for Social Psychology as an extension of the terms introvert and extrovert. 

  • Dead Fuckin Last, as in a sporting event or race or anything else you can get last in.
Frank's Camaro just got a DFL at the race.

  • Daffy Duck: was introduced on Porky's Duck Hunt (1937)
  • Mickey Mantle: MLB hall-of-famer made major league debut with the Yankees (1951)
  • Bay of Pigs: unsuccessful invasion of Cuba was launched by US-supported exiles after JFK double crossed them and didn't send the back-up he promised. (1961)

    Ford Mustang: made its debut in US showrooms; by the end of the year, it had already starred in Goldfinger(1964)
  • Shea Stadium: Queens, New York, baseball park opened (1964); it served the Mets for 44 years before being demolished to make room for parking for the new Citi Field
  • Apollo 13: splashed down safely, ending the near-disastrous flight (1970)
  • Cambodia: fell to the Khmer Rouge with the capture of Phnom Penh, resulting in genocidal killing fields (1975)
  • Henry Vaughan 1622
  • J.P. (John Pierpoint) Morgan 1837 - Financier
  • Nikita Khrushchev 1894 - U.S.S.R. premier
  • Thornton Wilder 1897 - Novelist, playwright
  • Gregor Piatigorsky 1903 - Cellist
  • Arthur Lake 1905 - Actor ("Blondie" series)
  • Sirimavo Bandaranaike 1916 - Ceylon Prime Minister, the world's first woman prime minister
  • William Holden (Beedle Jr.) 1918 - Actor ("Stalag 17 [1953]", "The Bridge on the River Kwai", "The Towering Inferno")
  • Harry Reasoner 1923 - Newsman ("Sixty Minutes")
  • Lon McCallister 1923
  • Solly (Solomon Joseph) Hemus 1923 - Baseball player
  • Lindsay Anderson 1923 - Director
  • Roy Gallant 1924 - Author
  • Chris Barber 1930 - Musician, bandleader
  • Don Kirshner 1934 - Music publisher, created The Monkees
  • Warren Chiasson 1934 - Jazz musician (Warren Chiasson Duo)
  • Lamar Lundy 1935 - Football player
  • Dennis Hextall 1943 - Hockey player
  • Bobby Curtola 1944 - Singer
  • Jan Hammer 1948 - Composer, musician
  • Pedro (Modesto Delfi) Garcia 1950 - Baseball player
  • Olivia Hussey 1951 - Actress ("Ice Cream Man", "Psycho 4: The Beginning")
  • Pete Shelley (McNeish) 1955 - Musician (The Buzzcocks)
  • Sean Bean 1958 - Actor ("Goldeneye", "The Lord of the Rings" series)
  • Teri Austin 1959
  • Stephen Singleton 1959 - Musician (ABC)
  • Boomer (Norman) Esiason 1961 - Football player, TV commentator
  • Lela Rochon 1964
  • William Mapother 1965 - Actor ("Lost)
  • Henry Cusick 1967 - Actor ("Lost")
  • Marquis Grissom 1967 - Baseball player
  • Liz Phair 1967 - Singer, songwriter
  • Redman 1970 - Rapper, actor
  • Jennifer Anne Garner 1972 - Actress ("Daredevil", "Electra", "Alias")
  • Victoria Beckham (Victoria Caroline Adams) 1974 - Singer (Posh Spice of the Spice Girls)
    Rebekah Parmar-Teasdale 1979 DJ, t3h pron

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hasselhoff Wednesday: Easter

The pontiff blesses you

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

capriccio \ kuh-PREE-chee-oh; It. kah-PREET-chaw \ , noun; 
  1. a caper; prank. 
  2. Music . a composition in a free, irregular style. 
  3. a whim; caprice.
Origin: Capriccio may be a shortening of the Italian word caporiccio which means "head with bristling hair." It is related to the Latin word caper meaning "goat." 

aquaintance zone
  • Aquaintance zone is like friend zone only one step further and much more degrading.
"Thank you for carrying in the couch for me; you're such a great aquaintance!" 
"Ooohhh! You just got aquaintance zoned!"

  • Harriet Quimby: became the first female pilot to fly the English Channel (1912)
  • Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: returned to Russia, ending an exile of some 20 years (1917)
  • LSD: Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman accidentally discovered the hallucinogenic effects of the drug (1943)
  • Texas City Disaster: at least 580 were killed in the explosion of a ship loaded with ammonium nitrate, in America's worst industrial disaster (1947)
  • cold war: term was coined by financier Bernard Baruch in a speech in South Carolina (1947)
  • Walter Cronkite: the "most trusted man in America" began his 19-year run as anchor of CBS Evening News (1962)
  • panda diplomacy: China sent the US two giant pandas as a gift after President Richard Nixon's historic visit to China (1972)
  • Virginia Tech: Cho Seung-Hui opened fire, eventually killing 32 students and himself in the US's most deadly shooting rampage (2007)
  • Hans Sloane 1660 - Doctor, naturalist, instrumental in founding of the British Museum
  • Sir John Franklin 1786
  • Flora Batson 1864
  • Jose de Diego 1866 - Patriot and political leader of Puerto Rico, April 16 is a legal holiday in Puerto Rico in his honor
  • Wilbur Wright 1867 - Aviator, one of the Wright Brothers
  • John Millington Synge 1871 - Poet, playwright
  • Charlie Chaplin (Sir Charles (Spencer) ‘Charlie’ Chaplin) 1889 - Actor, comedian, communist
  • Les Tremayne (Henning) 1913 - Actor ("The War of the Worlds", "The Slime People")
  • John Hodiak 1914 - Actor
  • Spike Milligan 1918
  • Merce Cunningham 1919 - Dancer, choreographer
  • Sir Peter Ustinov 1921 - Actor
  • Kingsly Amis 1922 - Novelist
  • Bennie Green 1923 - Musician, lyricist
  • Barry Nelson 1920 - Actor ("Airport", "The Shining"), first actor to portray Ian Flemming's James Bond.
  • Henri Mancini (Enrico Nicola Mancini) 1924 - Composer (themes for "The Pink Panther", "Peter Gunn")
  • Joseph Alois Ratzinger 1927 - Pope Benedict XVI
  • Peter Mark Richman 1927
  • Edie Adams 1929 - Actress
  • Ed Townshend 1929
  • Roy Hamilton 1929 - Singer
  • Herbie Mann (Soloman) 1930 - Jazz musician,
  • Ike Pappas 1933 - Singer
  • Bobby Vinton 1935 - Singer
  • Dusty Springfield (Mary Isabel Catherine Bernadette O’Brien) 1939 - Singer
  • Queen Margrethe II 1940 - Queen of Denmark
  • Jim (James Reynold) Lonborg 1942 - Baseball player
  • Dave Peverett (Lonesome Dave) 1943 - Musician (Foghat)
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Lew Alcindor)1947 - Basketball player
  • Gerry Rafferty 1947 - Singer, songwriter
  • Bill Spooner 1949 - Musician (The Tubes)
  • Peter Garrett 1953 - Singer (Midnight Oil)
  • Jay O. Sanders 1953 - Actor
  • Ellen Barkin 1954 - Actress ("Eddie and the Cruisers")
  • imagebam.comJimmy Osmond 1963 - Singer (The Osmonds), the youngest Osmond
  • David Pirner 1964 - Musician (Soul Asylum)
  • John Cryer 1965 - Actor ("Superman 4: The Quest for Peace", "Pretty in Pink", "Two and a Half Men")
  • Martin Lawrence 1965 - Actor, comedian
  • Dan Rieser 1966 - Musician (Marcy Playground)
  • Selena Quintanilla 1971 - Singer
  • Peter Billingsley 1972 - Actor ("A Christmas Story")
  • Lukas Haas 1976 - Actor
    Gina Carano 1982 - Actress
  • Samantha Char 1995

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

See ya!

I'm outta here!

Review Tuesday: Jonah Hex (2010)

In an age when comic book movies are turning into valuable franchises, the western-style bounty hunter with one foot in both realms from DC Comics, JONAH HEX was tapped for the big screen. 
A Confederate  General wants to destroy the Union even after the the end of the Civil War. Jonah Hex is called in to thwart the plan.
Jonah Hex (Josh Brolin) was a  Confederate officer until General Quentin Turnbull (John Malkevich) are former Confederates who have a death wish for each other. But when normal channels weren't coming up with information on Turnbull's evil plan, Hex was the best tool to use against his arch-nemesis. He's found right off the bounty hunting trail in the arms of a harlot named Lilah (Megan Fox). They fill him in and he's hot on the trail. 

The movie then turns into a trail of twists and turns as Hex closes the net on Turnbull, while facing his own demons.

I would call this a movie that may have been a victim of bad timing. Audiences have been inundated comic book movies over the last decade. Add to that the Megan Fox flap after being ejected from the Transformers franchise for calling Michael Bay a Nazi. People just weren't willing to give this a chance. In doing so they gave up the chance to see a pretty impressive western / sci-fi fusion. The cast if spectacular, Josh Brolin, Josh Malkevich, Michael Fassbender, Will Arnett, and the delicious Megan Fox to name a few.

Very entertaining and worth watching if you catch it on TV or feel like renting it.


BIG REENO Releases New EP for Free Download

North Dakota's hip-hop/r&b artist BIG REENO released his new 7 track EP Watch My Indie Throne today on Hustle Proof Records, which is also available for free download for a limited time. He recently released his new single titled "Home" ft King Los which followed the release of "The Rain" ft Dizzy Wright & Steve Stone. The EP also features the likes of Sean Kingston and Kolten Lee. You can listen to the album in it's entirety here.

"Damn. It's rare something as raw as this hits our inbox." -

"Big Reeno is a young MC on the rise whose magnetic flow and infectious wordplay has earned him a deep love in the underground, accumulating fans across the country." -

In addition to the EP release, BIG REENO is kicking off his tour with T-Pain today and will follow that with a stretch of dates with TECH N9NE, having just wrapped up a tour with Yelawolf. For more information on Big Reeno, be sure to follow him onFacebook and Twitter.

Tour Dates
  • 4/02 - Bemidji, MN @ Sanford Center w/ Yelawolf
  • 4/03 - Mankato, MN @ Verizon Wireless Center w/ Yelawolf
  • 4/04 - Duluth, MN @ Clyde Iron Works w/ Yelawolf
  • 4/13 - Sioux Falls, SD @ Ramkota Exhibit Hall w/ Yelawolf
  • 4/14 - Rapid City, SD @ Rushmore Plaza Civic Center w/ Yelawolf
  • 4/15 - Casper, WY @ Casper Events Center w/ T-PAIN
  • 4/17 - Magna, UT @ The Great Saltair w/ T-PAIN
  • 4/19 - Great Falls, MT @ Mansfield Convention Center w/ T-PAIN
  • 4/22 - Missoula, MT @ The Wilma Theatre w/ T-PAIN
  • 4/23 - Billings, MT @ Babcock Theater w/ T-PAIN
  • 4/25 - West Des Moines, IA @ Val Air Ballroom w/ T-PAIN
  • 4/30 - Wichita, KS @ The Cotillion w/ Yelawolf
  • 5/01 - Salina, KS @ The Muse Ballroom w/ Yelawolf
  • 5/12 - Duluth, MN @ Clyde Iron Works w/ TECH N9NE
  • 5/13 - Beidji, MN @ Sanford Center w/ TECH N9NE
  • 5/14 - Bismarck, ND @ Bismarck Civic Center w/ TECH N9NE

Watch My Indie Throne full album stream:

Official Sites

Quote of the day: 4/15/2014

"The income tax has made liars out of more Americans than golf."

Vincent Poag Releases New Album FOR THE GIRLS

Singer/songwriter VINCENT POAG has released his sophomore album For the Girls, officially available on iTunes now. The album reflects Poag's untethered artistic soul, traversing pop, jazz, country, balladry, world-music, and poetry. He creates a diverse tapestry of moods and styles on For the Girls, from love songs like "45 Mile An Hour Girl" and "Scarlett and Me," to the sad lullaby of "Waiting for Me." The album - fully produced and written by Vincent Poag - is the follow-up album to 2011'sCircling Back.

In a recent interview with, Poag discusses the significance of the track "Scarlett and Me," the first single released from the album. "I wrote this song in a lighthearted complimentary spirit with the hope of cracking a smile," explains Poag. "Hope you do."

Fans can stream "Scarlett and Me" HERE, and can order the rest of the album on iTunes now. For more information on Vincent Poag, visit

Purchase For the Girls on iTunes:


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

plash \plash\ noun
1. a gentle splash.
2. a pool or puddle. 
Origin: Plash has been around in English since before 1000. Though the origins are unknown, it might be linked to the Middle Dutch plas meaning "pool."

  • Income Removal System
The IRS folks tried to jack 5 grand off my bank account

Holiday (?!?!)
  • Tax Day - USA: If you haven't prepared your taxes yet, you're fuct 'cuz today is the deadline to get taxes in. You can get an extension but money DUE better be post marked by today or you're in PENALTY-VILLE: population YOU!
  • Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet: opened the first free American school for the deaf in Hartford, Connecticut (1817)
  • Titanic: the "unsinkable" luxury liner sank after hitting an iceberg; over 1,500 died (1912)
  • Bergen-Belsen: Nazi concentration camp was liberated by British and Canadian forces (1945)
  • Jackie Robinson: made his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers, scoring the game-winning run (1947)
  • McDonald's: Ray Kroc opened the store that launched the empire (1955)
  • Botox: botulinum toxin was approved by the FDA for treatment of moderate-to-severe frown lines (2002)
  • Boston Marathon Bombing: terrorists set off explosives near the finish line just before 3 PM (2013) 
  • Leonardo da Vinci 1452 - Artist ("Mona Lisa", "The Last Supper")
  • Charles Peale 1741 - Artist, portrait painter, primarily created works of colonial and American Revolutionary War figures
  • Henry James 1843 - Author ("The Turn of the Screw", "The Portrait of a Lady")
  • Thomas Benton 1889 - Artist
  • Bessie Smith 1894 - Blues singer
  • Hans Conried 1917 - Actor ("Bus Stop", "Oh! God: Book 2")
  • Jim Timmens 1920 - Composer, jazz musician, musical director
  • Michael Ansara 1922
  • Herb Pomeroy 1930 - Musician, bandleader
    Elizabeth Montgomery 1933 - Actress
  • Roy Clark 1933 - Country musician, singer
  • Bob Luman 1937 - Singer
  • Claudia Cardinale 1939 - Actress ("The Pink Panther")
  • Reginald Smith (Marty Wilde) 1939 - Singer, father of singer Kim Wilde
  • Willie (William Henry) Davis 1940 - Baseball player
  • Clarence Satchell 1940 - Musician (The Ohio Plyers)
  • Woody (Woodrow Thompson) Fryman 1940 - Baseball player
  • Walt Hazzard 1942 - Basketball player
  • Julie Sommars 1942 - Actress ("Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo")
  • Allan Clarke 1942 - Musician (Hollies)
  • Dave Edmunds 1944 - Musician (Rockpile)
  • Ted Sizemore 1945 - Baseball player
  • Amy Wright 1950 - Actress ("The Deer Hunter", "The Scarlet Letter")
  • Dick (Richard Louis) Sharon 1950 - Baseball player
  • Michael Tucci 1950 
  • Heloise (Ponce Kiah Marchelle Heloise Cruse Evans) 1951 - Newspaper columnist, daughter of original Heloise
  • Pete Shelley 1955 - Musician (Buzzcocks)
  • Evelyn Ashford 1957 - Track athlete, 4-time Olympic gold medalist
  • Emma Thompson 1959 - Actress
  • Samantha Fox 1966 - Singer, Page 3 Girl, monster jugs
  • Graeme Clark 1966 - Musician (Wet Wet Wet)
  • Ed O'Brien 1968 - Musician (Radiohead)
  • Seth Rogan 1982 - Actor, writer ("Knocked Up", "Superbad")
  • Emma Watson 1990 - Actress ("Harry Potter" movie series)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Look forward to MONDAY! 04/14/2014

Olivia Wilde

Vanity Fair - 12/2010

Hotty of the day

Weekend Box Office: 04/14/2014

Box Office
1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier $41.4M
2. Rio 2 $39M
3. Oculus $12M
4. Draft Day $9.75M
5. Divergent $7.5M

Captain America continues to lead in ticket sales, but barely. Rio 2 was a very close second.

Monday, April 14, 2014

xylography \ zahy-LOG-ruh-fee \ , noun; 
  • the art of engraving on wood, or of printing from such engravings.
Origin: Xylography came to English in the early 1800s from French. Its origin ultimately lies in the Greek roots meaning "wood" and "writing." 
Police Chase
  • Occurs when motorists are afraid to pass a police car while driving on a highway due to a fear of being caught for speeding. Similar to a parade maker, the result is a traffic jam.
Joe: Why is traffic moving soooo slowly? 
Bob: Can't you see? We're in the middle of a police chase.

  • Noah Webster: published his American Dictionary of the English Language, insisting on American spelling (1828)
  • Abraham Lincoln: was shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theatre in Washington, DC; the president died of his wounds the following day (1865)
  • J.C. Penney: opened his first store, in Kemmerer, Wyoming, earning a first-year profit of $8,514.36 on sales of $28,898.11 (1902)
  • first pitch: President William H. Taft threw the ceremonial first baseball, on the Washington Senators' opening day; every president since has thrown out at least one (1910)
  • Titanic: the supposedly unsinkable luxury liner hit an iceberg; it sank a few hours later (1912)
  • Christian Huygens 1629
  • Antole France 1844
  • Anne Mansfield Sullivan 1866 - "The Miracle Worker", famous for teaching Helen Keller to read, write and speak
  • Arnold (Joseph) Toynbee 1889 - Historian, author
  • Harold Stephen Black 1898
  • John Gielgud 1904 - Actor (Movies: "Arthur")
  • Mary Healy 1918
  • Robert DeVicenzo 1923 - Golfer
  • Shorty Rogers (Milton Rajonsky) 1924 - Musician, bandleader, songwriter, composer, arranger
  • Rod Steiger (Rodney Stephen Steiger) 1925 - Actor ("Dr. Zhivago", "The Longest Day")
  • Gloria Jean (Schoonover) 1926 - Actress ("Copacabana", "The Ladies Man")
  • Jay Robinson 1930 - Actor
  • Bradford Dillman 1930 - Actor ("Compulsion", "Falcon Crest")
  • Buddy Knox 1933
  • Frank Serpico 1934
  • Loretta Lynn 1935 - Country singer, first woman to earn the CMA's Entertainer of the Year award
  • Joan Darling 1935 - Actress
  • Marty Keough 1935 - Baseball player
  • Bobby Nichols 1936 - Golfer
  • Julie Christie 1941 - Actress ("Dr. Zhivago", "Shampoo")
  • Pete Rose (Peter Edward Rose) 1941 - Baseball player
  • Dick Brooks 1942 - Auto racer
  • Ritchie Blackmore 1945 - Musician (Deep Purple)
  • Larry Ferguson 1948 - Musician (Hot Chocolate)
  • John Shea 1949 - Actor ("Lois & Clark", "Honey, I Blew Up the Kid")
  • Dennis Bryon 1949 - Musician (Amen Corner)
  • Matimaa Kinuani Mpiosso 1951
  • Brad Garrett 1960 - Actor ("Everybody Loves Raymond")
  • Robert Carlyle 1961 - Actor
  • John Bell 1962 - Musician (Widespread Panic)
  • Greg Maddux 1966 - Baseball player
  • Barrett Martin 1967 - Musician (Screaming Trees)
  • Anthony Michael Hall 1968 - Actor (Movies:"Sixteen Candles", "The Breakfast Club", TV:"The Dead Zone")
  • Brad Ausmus 1969 - Baseball player
  • DaBrat 1974 - Rapper
  • Adrien Brody 1973 - Actor (Predators)
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar 1977 - Actress ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")
  • Vivien Cardone 1993 - Actress ("Everwood")
  • Abigail Breslin 1996 - Actress ("Abigail Breslin")

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Ever have one of those days when you wake up and you ask yourself,

"What day is it?"

"The DAY?"

"The DATE??"


I do that almost every morning now. I feel like Kyle Reese from the original Terminator, trying to orient himself in this strange place.

He was a soldier on a mission to save humanity. My private war? TAX SEASON! It won't give up. EVER! (Or until the filing deadline!)