Thursday, January 23, 2020

Thursday, January 23, 2020

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terminus \TUR-muh-nuhs\, noun: 
1. the end or extremity of anything.
2. either end of a railroad line.
3. British. the station or the town at the end of a railway or bus route.
4. the point toward which anything tends; goal or end.
Terminus comes from the Latin word of the same spelling which meant "boundary, limit, end."

Do I smell popcorn?
  • Phrase uttered when you have passed a particularly pungent bubble of gas that you are so proud of you want everyone to take a deep whiff.
We all knew we were in trouble when Amber asked, "Do I smell popcorn?" we just didn't know that it was lethal.
  • Shaanxi Earthquake: deadliest earthquake in recorded history shook central and eastern China, killing more than 800,000 (1556)
  • Election Day: date for national elections was set by US Congress as the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November (1845)
  • Elizabeth Blackwell: became the first female physician in the US, graduating first in her class from Geneva Medical College (1849)
  • Roots: the mini-series based on Alex Haley's epic novel began on ABC (1977)
  • Daniel Pearl: reporter for The Wall Street Journal was kidnapped in Karachi, Pakistan; he was killed less than a month later (2002)
  • John Hancock 1737
  • Edouard Manet 1832
  • Joseph Nathan Kane 1899
  • Randolph Scott 1903
  • Dan Duryea 1907
  • David Duncan 1916
  • Ernie Kovacs 1919
  • Ray Abrams 1920
  • Marty Paich 1925
  • Jeanne Moreau 1928
  • Ken Errair (The Four Freshmen) 1928
  • Chita Rivera 1933
  • Lou Antonio 1934
  • Eugene Church 1938
  • Johnny Russel 1940
  • Gil Gerard 1943
  • Rutger Hauer 1944
  • Jerry Lawson (The Persuasions) 1944
  • Anita Pointer (The Pointer Sisters) 1948
  • Richard Dean Anderson (MacGuyver) 1950
  • Bill Cunningham (The Box Tops) 1950
  • Danny Federici (E Street Band) 1950
  • Robin Zander (Cheap Trick) 1953
  • Princess Caroline of Monaco 1957
  • Anita Baker 1958
  • Earl Falconer (UB40) 1959
  • Gail O'Grady 1963
  • Mariska Hargitay 1964
  • Marc Nelson 1971
  • Tiffany-Amber Thiessen 1974
    Tito Ortiz (MMA) 1975


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Hasselhoff Wednesday: Give Thanks

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

cede \seed\, verb:
  • to yield or formally surrender to another: to cede territory.
Cede is derived from the Latin word cēdere meaning "to go, yield." It entered English in the 1620s.

Coin Slot
  • Term describing the top of the ass crack when it can be seen protuding from low worn pants. Usually associated with skanky old fat men and slutty girls trying to get some.
I totally scoped her coin slot as she sat down.

  • 1771 - The Falkland Islands were ceded to Britain by Spain.
  • 1824 - The Asante army crushed British troops in the Gold Coast.
  • 1879 - James Shields began a term as a U.S. Senator from Missouri. He had previously served Illinois and Minnesota. He was the first Senator to serve three states.
  • 1879 - British troops were massacred by the Zulus at Isandhlwana.
  • 1889 - The Columbia Phonograph Company was formed in Washington, DC.
  • 1905 - Insurgent workers were fired on in St Petersburg, Russia, resulting in "Bloody Sunday." 500 people were killed.
  • 1917 - U.S. President Wilson pleaded for an end to war in Europe, calling for "peace without victory." America entered the war the following April.
  • 1951 - Fidel Castro was ejected from a Winter League baseball game after hitting a batter. He later gave up baseball for politics.
  • 1953 - The Arthur Miller drama "The Crucible" opened on Broadway.
  • 1957 - Suspected "Mad Bomber" was arrested in Waterbury, CT. George P. Metesky was accused of planting more than 30 explosive devices in the New York City area.
  • 1959 - Buddy Holly made his last recordings alone with an acoustic guitar and tape recorder. The songs were released posthumously.
  • 1968 - "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In", debuted on NBC TV.
  • 1970 - The first regularly scheduled commercial flight of the Boeing 747 began in New York City and ended in London about 6 1/2 hours later.
  • 1973 - Joe Frazier lost the first fight of his professional career to George Foreman. He been the undefeated heavyweight world champion since February 16, 1970 when he knocked out Jimmy Ellis.
  • 1998 - Theodore Kaczynski pled guilty to federal charges for his role as the Unabomber. He agreed to life in prison without parole.
  • 2000 - Elian Gonzalez's grandmothers met privately with U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno as they appealed for help in removing the boy from his Florida relatives and reuniting him with his father in Cuba.
  • Sir Francis Bacon 1561
  • André Ampère 1775
  • Lord (George) Byron 1788
  • August Strindberg 1849
  • Beatrice Webb 1858
  • David (D.W.) Griffith 1875
  • Frederick Vinson 1890
  • Ann Sothern 1909
  • J.J. (James) Johnson 1924
  • Galina Zybina 1931
  • Piper Laurie 1932
  • Bill Bixby 1934
  • Sam Cooke 1935
  • Seymour Cassel 1937
  • Joseph Wambaugh 1936
  • Jeff Smith 1939
  • J.C. Tremblay 1939
  • John Hurt 1940
  • Teddy Gentry (Alabama) 1952
  • Steve Perry (Journey) 1953
  • Chris Lemmon 1954
  • Mike Bossy 1957
  • Linda Blair 1959
  • Michael Hutchence (INXS) 1960
  • Diane Lane 1965
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff 1965
  • Regina Nicks (Regina Regina) 1965
  • Olivia d'Abo 1967
  • Marc Gay (Shai) 1969
  • Balthazar Getty 1975
  • Christopher Kennedy Masterson 1980
  • Kelton Kessee (IMX) 1981
  • Bererley Mitchell 1981
  • Ben Moody 1981 (former guitaruist of Evanescence)

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Review Tuesday: THE SHINING [1979]

A writer goes mad while being the winter curator of a resort.
I was a small child when this movie first came out so I didn't get to see it in the theaters. Additionally, since it's a long movie, it was very difficult to see it entirely on television. Since Mrs Baxojayz is a fan of horror, I talked her into watching movie, since it's considered a classic. 

THE SHINING was a book from the imaginings of Stephen King. Couple that with Stanley Kubrick and you have the start of something interesting. Put Jack Nicholson as the lead, Jack Torrence and you are bound to have a good time. 

On its own merits, the movie is pretty good. The family started off as perfectly normal and everything was fine. Then the madness sets in. Between the loneliness and the fact that Jack is a recovering alcoholic, things start taking a turn. Additionally, is the place HAUNTED? Or are their minds playing tricks on them all. Nerves were frayed. Accusations made. Jack went off on his famous tirade. 

After all these years, I feel that this movie has held up, pretty well. However, from a modern perspective, I think the movie could move better with some edits. Certain themes seemed to have little to no explanation, while some other scenes seemed to drag on unnecessarily long. Regardless, it's still some clever horror and worth your time to watch if you have never done so, or revisit if you want to see the sequel, Dr Sleep. 

Watch it on AMAZON

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

skosh \skohsh\, noun: 
  • Slang. a bit; a jot: We need just a skosh more room.
Skosh entered English in the 1950s from the Japanese term sukoshi which meant "a little bit."

furniture brother
  • When you and another man have both had sex on the same specific piece of furniture (couch, bed, dresser, pool table, etc.) If you and another woman have both had sex on the same specific piece of furniture but not with each other, then you are furniture sisters.
John had sex with his girlfriend in my bed last night. Guess we're furniture brothers now!

  • 1911 - The first Monte Carlo car rally was held. Seven days later it was won by Henri Rougier.
  • 1954 - The Nautilus was launched in Groton, CT. It was the first atomic-powered submarine. U.S. First Lady Mamie Eisenhower broke the traditional bottle of champagne across the bow.
  • 1954 - The gas turbine automobile was introduced in New York City.
  • Nautilus: first nuclear submarine was launched on the Thames River in Connecticut by FLOTUS Mamie Eisenhower (1954)
  • 1970 - The Boeing 747 made its first commercial flight from New York to London for Pan American. 
  • Concordes: jet planes took off simultaneously from London's Heathrow Airport and Orly in Paris in the first commercial supersonic flights (1976)
  • 1997 - Newt Gingrich was fined as the U.S. House of Representatives voted for first time in history to discipline its leader for ethical misconduct.
  • 1998 - A former White House intern said on tape that she had an affair with U.S. President Clinton. 
  • Eyak language: southcentral Alaskan language went extinct when its last native speaker died (2008)
  • Stonewall Jackson 1824
  • J. Carrol Naish 1897
  • Christian Dior 1905
  • Billy Maxted 1917
  • Jinx Falkenberg 1919
  • Paul Scofield 1922
  • Telly Savalas 1924
  • Benny Hill 1925
  • Steve Reeves 1926
  • Audrey Dalton 1934
  • Ann Wedgeworth 1935
  • Snooks Eaglin 1936
  • Wolfman Jack 1939
  • Jack Nicklaus 1940
  • Richie Havens 1941
  • Placido Domingo 1941
  • Mac Davis 1942
  • Edwin Starr 1942
  • Jill Eikenberry 1947
  • Billy Ocean 1950
  • Robby Benson 1956
  • Geena Davis 1957
  • Hakeem Olajuwon 1963
  • Jam Master Jay (Run-DMC) 1965
  • Charlotte Ross 1968
  • Karina Lombard 1969
  • Ken Leung 1970 - Actor ("Rush Hour", "Lost")
  • Levirt (B-Rock and the Bizz) 1970
  • Emma Lee Bunton (Spice Girls) 1976
  • Nokio (Dru Hill) 1979
  • Izabella Miko 1981

Monday, January 20, 2020

Look forward to Milla!

Milla Jovovich

Hottie of the day

January 20, 2020: National Penguin Awareness Day

Photo taken in CT by t3h Bax0jayz with an Olympus D-560 Dig Cam.

They may all look the same to you, but to penguins, no two are alike. The flightless birds recognize each other mostly by sound. When penguins mate — either for life or at least until the chicks are grown — they sing to learn each other's voices. Once an egg is laid, the male usually keeps it warm, while the mother goes to find food. After a few weeks, the two switch places. When the chick hatches, it immediately begins to call, so the parents will know its voice, too. Today is National Penguin Awareness Day in the US.

Quote: "They have wings but they cannot fly. They are birds that think they are fish."  Morgan Freeman, narrating March of the Penguins

Monday, January 20, 2020

delitescent \del-i-TES-uhnt\, adjective: 
  • concealed; hidden; latent.
Delitescent comes from the Latin word dēlitēscere meaning "to hide away."

California Car Pool
  • When each member of a group uses their own car to go to the same destination. Typically, describing the case where the group is together at the start or close enough to share rides.
Three systems administrators working in the same office take three cars to lunch in case someone gets an emergency call and has to leave early. "Want me to drive?" "Nah, we better California Car Pool in case the new servers zonk out."

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a United States holiday marking the birthdate of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., observed on the third Monday of January each year, around the time of King's birthday, January 15. It is one of four United States federal holidays to commemorate an individual person
  • 1958 - Elvis Presley got his orders to report to duty from the U.S. Army. He was allowed a 60-day deferment so he could finish the film "King Creole".
  • 1964 - The album "Meet the Beatles" was released in the U.S. on Capitol Records. It was their U.S. debut LP.
  • 1982 - Ozzy Osborne bit the head off of a bat in Des Moines, IA, and was hospitalized to undertake a series of rabies shots.
  • 2000 - Greece and Turkey signed five accords aimed to build confidence between the two nations.
  • 2002 - Michael Jordan (Washington Wizards) played his first game in Chicago as a visiting player. The Wizards beat the Bulls 77-69.
  • Theobald Wolfe Tone 1763
  • Leadbelly (Huddie William Ledbetter) 1889
  • George Burns 1896
  • Aristotle Onassis 1906
  • Joy Adamson 1910
  • Lawrence Dobkin 1919
  • DeForest Kelley 1920
  • Federico Fellini 1920
  • Ray Anthony (Antonini) 1922
  • Slim Whitman 1924
  • David Tudor 1926
  • Patricia Neal 1926
  • Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin 1930
  • Edward "Fireball" Roberts 1931
  • Arte Johnson 1934
  • Camilo Pascual 1934
  • Tom baker 1934 (Dr Who)
  • Dorothy Provine 1937
  • Carol Heise 1940
  • Ron Townson (The 5th Dimension) 1941
  • Eric Stewart (Mindbenders) 1945
  • David Lynch 1946
  • Malcolm McLaren 1946
  • George Grantham (Poco) 1947
  • Paul Stanley 1950 - Musician (KISS) 
  • Ian Hill 1952 - Musician (Judas Priest)
  • Bill Maher 1956 (douche)
  • Lorenzo Lamas 1958
  • John Michael Montgomery 1965
  • Stacy Dash 1967
  • Xavier 1968
  • Melissa Rivers 1968
  • Skeet Ulrich 1969
  • Mark Trojanowski (Sister Hazel) 1970
  • Gary Barlow 1971
  • Rob Bourdon 1979 drummer (Linkin Park)
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