Friday, January 30, 2015

Rock out with some ANARCHY!

Anarchy In The U.K.
by the Sex Pistols

Right! Now ha ha ha...

I am an antichrist
I am an anarchist
Don't know what I want
But I know how to get it
I wanna destroy the passerby

'Cause I wanna be Anarchy
Now don't worry

Anarchy for the UK
It's coming sometime and maybe
I give a wrong time stop a traffic line
Your future dream is a shopping scheme

'Cause I wanna be Anarchy
In the city

How many ways to get what you want
I use the best
I use the rest
I use the N.M.E
I use Anarchy

'Cause I wanna be Anarchy
It's the only way to be

Is this the M.P.L.A or
Is this the U.D.A or
Is this the I.R.A
I thought it was the UK
Or just another country
Another council tenancy

I wanna be Anarchy
And I wanna be Anarchy
(Oh what a name)

And I wanna be an anarchist
(I get pissed, destroy!)


TGIF! Friday, January 30, 2015

tiffin \ TIF-in \ , verb; 
  1. to eat lunch. 
  2. to provide lunch for; serve lunch to. 
  1. lunch. 
Origin: Tiffin is thought to be a variant of tiffing . It entered English in the late 1700s.

shit bic
  • Term for a disposable lighter kept in bathroom for the purposes burning out extremely offensive odors.
Roommate 1: "Man, thanks a lot, it smells like something died in the bathroom."
Roommate 2: "Sorry, bra, I couldn't find the shit bic."

  • Charles I: monarch of Great Britain and Ireland was beheaded for treason (1649)
  • Mahatma Gandhi: nonviolent Indian political and spiritual leader was assassinated in Delhi by a Hindu extremist; Gandhi had been working to promote Hindu-Muslim unity (1948)
  • Tet Offensive: the Vietcong launched a series of surprise attacks (1968)
  • The Beatles: performed as a group for the last time in public; they played for 45 minutes on the roof of their Apple Records studio (1969)
  • Bloody Sunday: 14 civil rights protesters were shot to death by British troops in Derry, Northern Ireland (1972)
  • Iraq: held its first free election in 50 years (2005)
  • Anton Checkhov 1860
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt (U.S.) 1882
  • Roy Eldridge (Gene Krupa's Band) 1911
  • David Wayne 1914
  • John Ireland 1914
  • Bennie Leighton 1921
  • Gene Martin 1922
  • Dick Martin 1922
  • Barbara Hale 1922
  • Dorothy Malone 1925
  • Douglas Engelbart 1925
  • Gene Hackman 1931
  • Louis Rukeyser 1933
  • Tammy Grimes 1934
  • Horst Jankowski 1936
  • Boris Spassky 1937
  • Vanessa Redgrave 1937
  • Norma Jean 1938
  • Dick Cheney 1941
  • Joe Terranova (Danny and the Juniors) 1941
  • Marty Balin (Jefferson Airplane) 1942
  • Steve Marriott (Humble Pie & Small Faces) 1947
  • William King (The Commodores) 1949
  • Charles Dutton 1951
    Phil Collins 1951 drummer
  • Brett Butler 1958
  • Jody Watley 1959
  • Christian Bale 1974

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Turtle Thursday: Rollin

Thursday, January 29, 2015

acclaim \uh-KLEYM\, verb:
  1. to welcome with loud approval; praise highly
  2. a shout or show of approval
c 1320 from Latin acclamare "to shout" from medieval Latin acclamare "to claim."

Piss Window
  • The ability to poop in the amount of time it would normally take you to piss, so as not to alert guests or hosts as to what you are truly doing. Making the Piss Window is most critical when dining out with friends, entertaining guests in your home, or visiting the home of another. Failure to make the Piss Window will usually result in bouts of awkwardness as you exit the bathroom, because everyone will know you just took a shit.
Joe: Dude, 2 minutes and 14 just barely made the Piss Window.
Sam: Tell me about it. It'd be pretty embarrassing if Julie found out I took a shit on our first date.
Joe: Too late, I just told her.

  • John Beckley: became the first Librarian of Congress; he was paid $2 a day (1802)
  • "The Raven": Edgar Allen Poe's poetic lament for the lost Lenore was first published, in The New York Evening Mirror (1845)
  • Compromise of 1850: Henry Clay introduced to Congress his proposal to settle slavery issues
  • Baseball Hall of Fame: Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson were named the first inductees; the hall of fame and museum opened 3 years later (1936)
  • Axis of Evil: Iran, Iraq and North Korea were named "regimes that sponsor terror" in President George W. Bush's State of the Union address (2002)
  • Thomas Paine 1737
  • William McKinley (U.S.) 1843
  • Lawrence Hargrave 1850
  • W.C. Fields 1880
  • Huddie Ledbetter 1889
  • Allen B. DuMont 1901
  • Joe Primeau 1906
  • "Professor" Irwin Corey 1912
  • Victor Mature 1916
  • John Raitty 1917
  • John Forsythe 1918
  • Paddy Chayefsky 1923
  • Noel Harrison 1936
  • Germaine Greer 1939
  • Katherine Ross 1942
  • Claudine Longet 1942
  • Tom Selleck 1945
  • David Byron (Uriah Heep) 1947
  • Marc Singer 1948
  • Tommy Erdelyi (The Ramones) 1952
  • Ann Jillian 1950
  • Louie Perez (Los Lobos) 1953
  • Oprah Winfrey 1954
  • Diane Delano 1957
  • Irlene Mandrell 1957
  • Judy Norton Taylor 1958
  • Johnny Spampinato (NRBQ) 1959
  • Greg Louganis 1960
  • Eddie Jackson (Queensryche) 1961
  • David Baynton-Power (James) 1961
  • Nicholas Turturro 1962
  • Roddy Frame (Aztec Camera) 1964
  • Dominik Hasek (NHL) 1965
  • Edward Burns 1968
  • Aeneas Williams (NFL) 1968
  • Thomas Jane 1969
  • Heather Graham 1970
  • Sara Gilbert 1975
  • Andrew Keegan 1979
  • Jonny Lang 1981

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hasselhoff Wednesday: RULES!

Wednesday, Jaunary 28, 2015

yielding \YEEL-ding\, adjective:
  1. not resisting; compliant
  2. not stiff or rigid; easily bent or shaped
by 1340 from yield, Old English geldan/gieldan "to pay," from Proto Germanic *geldanan "pay," perhaps from Proto Indo-European *ghel-to- "I pay," found only in Balto-Slavic and Germanic. Yielding in sense of "giving up" is c 1425 and "giving way" is by 1588.

Daylate savings time
  • When you set your clocks ahead ten minutes to trick yourself into being early for things.
All the clocks in our house observe daylate savings time so that we are not tardy for school.


  • Diet of Worms: general assembly of the Holy Roman Empire began; it ended four months later with Martin Luther being declared an outlaw (1521)
  • serendipity: word was coined by Horace Walpole in a letter to Horace Mann (1754)
  • Carnegie Institute: Andrew Carnegie established this private scientific research foundation after the US government refused his gift of $10 million to finance the advancement of knowledge (1902)
  • "We Are the World": Michael Jackson/Lionel Richie song that raised millions for famine relief in Africa was recorded by 45 popular performers (1985)
  • Element 114: scientists announced the creation of the synthetic radioactive chemical element (1999)
  • Sir Henry Morton Stanley 1841
  • Jose Marti 1853
  • William Seward Burroughs 1857
  • Artur Rubinstein 1889
  • Jackson Pollock 1912
  • Jim Bryan 1927
  • Acker Bilk 1927
  • Ronnie Scott 1927
  • Acker (Bernard) Bilk 1929
  • Susan Sontag 1933
  • Nicholas Pryor 1935
  • Alan Alda 1936
  • Bill Phillips 1938
  • John Beck 1943
  • Susan Howard 1943
  • Dick Taylor (The Pretty Things) 1943
  • Brian Keenan 1944
  • Marthe Keller 1945
  • Barbi Benton 1950
  • Dave Sharp (The Alarm) 1959
  • Sam Phillips 1962
  • Dan Spitz 1964 (Anthrax)
  • Greg Cook (Ricochet) 1965
  • Rakim 1968
  • Sara McLachlan 1968
  • DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill) 1968
  • Katherine Morris 1969
  • Joey Fatone Jr. ('N Sync) 1977
  • Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys) 1980
  • Elijah Wood 1981

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Reasn Releases "Blue Flame"

LA's alternative-pop artist The Reasn released yesterday his new single, "Blue Flame." The track premiered exclusively on SoulBounceand is now available on The Reasn's official Soundcloud.

"'Blue Flame' finds The Reasn pouring out his heart to the object of his affections...over a slow, pulsing rhythm punctuated with roaring electric guitar" writes SoulBounce. "Reasn's gospel-tinged falsetto injects more than enough soul into the affair as he croons his way into our hearts and onto our radar."

The track was produced by DK (Devrim Karaoglu), a producer/songwriter. His other credits include Lana Del Rey, Marina & The Diamonds, Nelly Furtado, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and more.

The Reasn recently performed two shows with Kat Dahlia ans Estelle and will be performing in Phoenix at this weekend's Superbowl Pro Players Meet & Greet Big Game Weekend Concert.

For more on The Reasn, be sure to check out his official site and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

The Reasn Official Sites
"Blue Flame" Audio on Soundcloud:

Review Tuesday: Prince Lestat: The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

Years ago, even before Anne Rice declared that she would no longer write tales of vampires I had given up on the franchise. Mind you, I read the entire series, and found the majority to be pure garbage. I forced myself to read through some egregiously horrendous books and promised myself I would never torture myself that way again. But the point was moot, she gave up on paranormal stories and devoted her energies to religion. I guess religion wasn't selling because she returned to her beloved Lestat last year.

Prince Lestat:
The Vampire Chronicles
by Anne Rice
When a mysterious voice compels vampire elders to go out and destroy fledglings en masse, the most powerful revenants convene to set things straight.
I have to say, last year when I saw the pre-order for PRINCE LESTAT I was taken by surprise, then skeptical. In the past I found her books to run either hot or cold. Either you enjoyed it, or loathed it. For instance, Memnoch the Devil was delightful, while Merrick was a terrible chore to endure. In my mind, approximately one third of the books in the series were good, the rest were downhill from there. 

That said, why would I even consider reading PRINCE LESTAT, Anne Rice's return to The Vampire Chronicles?


In her absence from the niche, did she learn something, ANYTHING, about telling a better story?

I would say yes. 

In a way, this story is almost a direct sequel to THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED, which I considered to be an iffy tale.  There was so much worthless wordy description and detail that it was maddening. However, what was great about it was the explanation of the vampire bloodline in Anne Rice's fantasy world. New characters and powers were all born in that story that would shape the direction of future books. 

Prince Lestat takes place decades after the events of The Queen of the Damned. The world of the vampires had been shaken to the core that night of Lestat's rock concert. The elders became reclusive and the fledglings became aggressive. Some among the tribe are calling for some sort order to be set, and for a leader to emerge, while others are perfectly happy existing within the chaos.

Then, one day, matters grew worse. Some VOICE is compelling elders to destroy the fledglings. But not merely those with under a century in the blood, but even some with hundreds of years of immortality were meeting their ends with the fire gift. 

As a result there was a worldwide outcry for some vampire to rise to the top and lead the rest through this crisis. Naturally, the logical choice would be the brat Prince, Lestat, as he's well known the world over by breaking all the basic rules of vampirism by writing books and songs and rock videos telling the [hi]story of blood drinkers.

The story introduces many new characters into the nocturnal world that Anne Rice launched back in the 1970s. For instance, we get to learn more about the very vampires who created Marius and even Lestat! Characters alluded to in previous tales have roles in this book. Potentially the most explosive new character, Viktor, the human son of Lestat! That's right, a HUMAN SON!

I can't say that I went into this book open-minded considering the history I have with literature by Anne Rice. She has let me down many times (among the unreadable were Merrick and everything after Blood and Gold) that I think I had severely low expectations for this book. Color me surprised to find the book clever and compelling! I found the tale complete, and rewarding to read. It's as though the suffering reader endured the previous tomes to hit the jackpot with this one. 

I will not reveal anything of the ending, but I will say this, I am not sure if Rice has plans to continue with the Vampire Chronicles after this book and I am not even sure if she can. This is a very good book and a perfect way to bring the series to a conclusion. If she does decide to continue, I can't see how Lestat could ever be the lighthearted dreamer he was previously. Heavy is the head that wears the crown...

If you've previously read, at least, books I - III in the Vampire Chronicles, I highly recommend this book.


Dante Day 2015

Dante's Pink Nose
Terrapin Pile, Silent Bob Basking on top of Dante

Dante would've been 16 today


We miss our little girl


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

wanton \WON-tn\, adjective; The plural is faunas or faunae.:
  1. reckless, heartless, or malicious; without reason or excuse
  2. not moral; lewd, lascivious
c 1300, wan-towen, from Middle English privative prefix wan- "wanting, lacking" (from Old English wan "wanting") + togen/teon "to train, discipline;" literally "to pull, draw," from Proto Germanic *teuhan. The basic notion perhaps is "ill-bred, poorly brought up." 

  • A condom. An umbrella for your penis preventing the cum outside.
Amy: Do you have the protection?
Ben: A cumbrella? Yeah I've already put it on.

  • light bulb: Thomas Edison got a patent for his incandescent light (1880)
  • Leningrad: the 880-day siege ended; more than half the city's population died during the harsh winter of 1942 (1944)
  • Auschwitz: Nazi concentration and extermination camp was liberated by the Red Army (1945)
  • Nevada Test Site: nuclear testing began with a one-kiloton bomb dropped on Frenchman Flat (1951)
  • Outer Space Treaty: began collecting signatories; it bans WMDs in space and says the moon is communal property (1967)
  • Apollo I: during a preflight test, a cockpit fire trapped and killed NASA astronauts Roger Chaffee, Virgil (Gus) Grissom and Ed White; they were to have made the first manned voyage to the moon (1967)
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756
  • Lewis Carroll 1832
  • Jerome Kern 1885
  • Harry Ruby (Rubinstein) 1895
  • Hyman Rickover 1900
  • William Randolph Hearst Jr. 1908
  • Milt Raskin 1916
  • Skitch (Lyle) Henderson 1918
  • David Seville (Chipmunks) 1919
  • Donna Reed 1921
  • Giovanni Verga 1922
  • Bobby 'Blue' Bland 1930
  • George Follmer 1934
  • Troy Donahue 1936
  • James Cromwell 1940
  • Tommy Cromwell 1940
  • Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) 1944
  • Nedra Talley (The Ronettes) 1947
  • Milkail Baryshnikov 1948
  • Carl Mannerheim 1951
  • Brian Downey (Thin Lizzy) 1951
  • Seth Justman (The J. Geils Band) 1951
  • Cheryl White (The Whites) 1955
  • Richard Young (The Kentucky Headhunters) 1955
  • Mimi Rogers 1956
  • Janick Robert Gers 1957 (Iron Maiden) 
    Cris Collinsworth (NFL) 1959
  • Gillian Gilbert (New Order) 1961
  • Margo Timmons (Cowboy Junkies) 1961
  • Bridget Fonda 1964
  • Tracy Lawrence 1968
  • Mike Patton (Faith No More) 1968
  • Mark Owen 1972
  • Mackenenzie Lynn Adkins 1998
  • Dante 1999 (1/27/99 - 7/4/2010) diamond back terrapin (turtle), nuclear physicist, noble prize winner, 3 time oscar winner, 6 pulitzer prizes, ninja, dragon slayer, loved krill, had a pink nose.