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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

mumpsimus \MUHMP-suh-muhs\, noun:
  1. Adherence to or persistence in an erroneous use of language, memorization, practice, belief, etc., out of habit or obstinacy.
  2. A person who persists in a mistaken expression or practice.
Mumpsimus comes from a story (perhaps first told by Erasmus) about an illiterate priest who mispronounced a word while reciting the liturgy. The priest refused to change the word, even when he was corrected.
  • Something considered antiquated or eliciting nostalgia, but that in relative terms is a quite recent phenomenon; typically dating back no earlier than the year 2000. A variation on the term "old school."
One of my friends told me to 'MySpace' her. That's so old.edu.
  • Spanish-American War: ended when Spanish troops surrendered to US in Santiago, Cuba (1898)
  • House of Windsor: in the wake of anti-German sentiment, British royal family changed its name from Saxe-Coburg Gotha (1917)
  • Potsdam Conference: world leaders Truman, Stalin and Churchill begin the final Allied summit of WWII (1945)
  • Apollo-Soyuz Test Project: for the first time, an Apollo spaceship docked with a Soyuz spacecraft in orbit; it marked the warming US-USSR relationship (1975)
  • Woolworths: the last of the company's five-and-dime stores closed; over 9,000 employees went jobless (1997)
  • John Astor 1762
  • Luis Munoz-Rivera 1859
  • Erle Stanley Gardner 1889
  • Berenice Abbott 1898
  • James Cagney 1899
  • Christina E. Stead 1902
  • William Gargan 1905
  • Art Linkletter 1912
  • Eleanor Steber 1916
  • Lou Boudreau 1917
  • Phyllis Diller 1917 - Comedian
  • Gordon Gould 1920
  • Niccolo Castiglioni 1932
  • Mimi Hines 1933
  • Pat McCormick 1934
  • Donald Sutherland 1934 - Actor
  • Diahann Carroll 1935 - Actress, singer
  • Peter Schickele 1935 - Musician (P. D. Q. Bach)
  • Spencer Davis 1939 - Musician, singer (Spencer Davis Group)
  • Connie Hawkins 1942 - Basketball player
  • Camilla 1947 - Duchess of Cornwall, wife of Britain's Prince Charles
  • Cathy Ferguson 1948
  • Mick Tucker 1949 - Musician (Sweet)
  • Terence 'Geezer' Butler 1949 - Musician (Black Sabbath)
  • Mike Vale 1949 - Musician (Tommy James and the Shondells)
  • Lucie Arnaz 1951 - Actress
  • Phoebe Snow 1952 - Singer
  • David Hasselhoff 1952 Actor ("Knight Rider," "Baywatch"), singer, actor, living legend 
  • Angela Merkel 1954 - German Chancellor
  • Bryan Trottier 1956 - Hockey player
  • Nancy Giles 1960
  • Regina Belle 1963
  • Alex Winter 1965
  • Guru (Keith Elam) 1966 - Rapper (Gang Starr)
  • Stockley (David "Stokley" Williams) 1967 - Singer (Mint Condition)
  • JC (Jarret Cordes, J.C. the Eternal) 1971 - (PM Dawn)
  • Kitten Jones 1982

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Look forward to ALEXIS!

Alexis Ren


Hotty of the day!


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Weekend Box Office: 07/16/2018

Now Playing (Box Office) 
  1. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation $44.1M 
  2. Ant-Man and the Wasp $28.8M 
  3. Skyscraper $25.5M 
  4. Incredibles 2 $16.2M 
  5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom $15.5M
I wasn't very surprised to see Hotel Transylvania take the #1 spot. I wasn't surprised to see the latest Dwayne Johnson action flick SKYSCRAPER under-perform. I think what DID surprise me was to see ANT-MAN and THE WASP put up impressive numbers to claim the #2 spot. My review of ANT-MAN and THE WASP will be up tomorrow!

Monday, July 16, 2018

planet \PLAN-ut\ noun
  1. earth —usually used with the
  2. a celestial body held to influence the fate of human beings
  3. a person or thing of great importance : luminary
"Planet" goes back to ancient Greek "planēt-" (literally, "wanderer"), which is derived from "planasthai," a Greek verb which means "to wander." The name "planet" was originally applied to any of seven visible celestial bodies which appeared to move independently of the fixed stars — the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. In the 17th century, "planet" began to be used specifically of the rocky or gaseous bodies that orbit around the sun — a definition which excluded the moon and, obviously, the sun, but included the Earth and, as they were discovered, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. In 2006, the International Astronomical Union developed a narrower definition of "planet," effectively demoting Pluto to the status of a "dwarf planet," a celestial body that is spherical and orbits the sun but is not large enough to disturb other objects from its orbit.

Axl Rose
  • A great frontman for the great rock band, Guns N' Fucking Roses. Unfortunately, he became a meglomaniac cunt who drove the rest of the band apart and replaced them with a bunch of nobodies. Having fallen far from his former greatness, he should be shot. Multiple times.
Cunt: 1) Vagina 2) A moron 3) Axl Rose post 1992

  • Czar Nicholas II: ruler of Russia was executed, along with his family, by the Bolsheviks, a year after having abdicated (1918)
  • parking meter: was first installed, in Oklahoma City (1935)
  • Trinity test: US exploded the first trial atom bomb in the New Mexico desert, less than a month before bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1945)
  • Catcher in the Rye: J.D. Salinger's novel about adolescent antihero Holden Caulfield was published; it was controversial at the time but is now a staple of school curricula (1951)
  • Apollo 11: the first manned flight to the moon took off from the Kennedy Space Center (1969)
  • Saddam Hussein: became president of Iraq (1979)
  • JFK, Jr.: died with wife Carolyn and her sister in a plane crash (1999)
  • Sir Joshua Reynolds 1723
  • Mary Baker Eddy 1821
  • Ida Bell Wells 1862
  • Roald Amundsen 1872
  • Trygve Lie 1896
  • Barbara Stanwyck 1907
  • Orville Redenbacher 1907
  • Ginger Rogers 1911
  • Barnard Hughes 1915
  • Bess Myerson 1924
  • Nat Pierce 1925
  • Cal Tjader 1925
  • Joey Giardello 1930
  • William Bell 1939
  • Corin Redgrave 1939
  • Tony Jackson (Searchers) 1940
  • Desmond Dekker 1942
  • Margaret Court 1942
  • Jimmy Johnson (NFL) 1943
  • Ruben Blades 1948
  • Pinchas Zukerman 1948
  • Stewart Copeland(Police) 1952
  • Michael Flatley 1958
  • Phoebe Cates 1963
  • Will Ferrell 1967
  • Barry Sanders 1968
  • Ed Kowalczyk (Live) 1971
  • Corey Scott Feldman 1971

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sorry BAG man

Sunday, July 15, 2018

tub-thumper \TUB-thump-er\ noun
  • a vociferous supporter (as of a cause)
Tub-thumpers are a noisy (and sometimes amusing) lot. The earliest ones were preachers or public speakers with a predisposition for pounding their fists on the pulpit or lectern — perhaps to wake up their listeners! Back in the 17th century, the word "tub" was sometimes used as a synonym of "pulpit"; John Dryden, for example, used the word thus in 1680 when he wrote, "Jack Presbyter shall here erect his throne, Knock out a tub with preaching once a day." "Tub-thumper" has been naming loud, impassioned speakers since at least 1662, when it was used by a writer named Hugh Foulis to describe "a sort of people ... antick in their Devotions…."

wog { /wäg/ (n.) offensive slang. 1925-30, from 'Golliwogg': a 19th century blackface doll; or alternately, an acronym of '(W)orthy (O)riental (G)entleman' } 

British English: 
  1. *racist* a black African or dark-skinned South Asian (usually Indian or Pakistani)
  2. *Anglocentric* a non-Briton or non-Englishman: "The wogs start at Calais" (across the English Channel in France) -- British proverb
Australian English: 
  1. a non-Anglo-Celtic European, esp. from Southern or Eastern Europe (e.g. Greek, Italian, Balkan, Slavic, etc.)
  2. an Asian, esp. a West Asian (e.g. Lebanese, Turkish, Armenian, Iranian, etc.), but now also inclusive of South Asians and Pacific Islanders
USAGE: Until 1973 Australia had a white-only immigration policy, so the term used mainly as a racial slur in Britain was applied to ethnic European immigrants of the post-WWII "populate or perish" era. By now it has greatly lost its sting, and many ethnic Australians have reclaimed it as a jocular term, with some cleverly riffing on it (e.g. 'clog wog' for a Dutchman, 'frog wog' for a Frenchman). Since the 70s, the wog label has been extended to include newer immigrants arriving from the Middle East and other parts of Asia, and many have come to identify strongly with it, facing resistance from more assimilated European wogs who harbor racist and anti-Muslim attitudes. The term is almost completely unknown in the United States and Canada, but in Britain it remains extremely offensive, somewhat akin to 'nigger'.

  • margarine: Hippolyte Mège Mouriés got a patent for the butter substitute in France (1869)
  • Reconstruction: Georgia became the last of the Confederate states to be readmitted to the Union after the American Civil War (1870)
  • Second Battle of the Marne: World War I fight began; the Allies' victory halted the German advance toward Paris (1918)
  • MSNBC: the 24-hour all-news network debuted on cable TV and the Internet (1996)
  • the Mozilla Foundation: was founded to govern development of the open source Mozilla project; it's the creator of the Firefox browser and other web products (2003)

  • Rembrandt Van Rijn 1606
  • Clement Clarke Moore 1779
  • William Winter 1836
  • Dorothy Fields 1905
  • Richard W. Armour 1906
  • Cowboy Copas 1913
  • Philip Carey 1925
  • Non Clow Martin 1927
  • Clive Cussler 1931
  • Julian Bream 1933
  • Alex Karras 1935
  • Ken Kercheval 1935
  • Patrick Wayne 1939
  • Tommy Dee 1940
  • Millie Jackson 1944
  • Jan-Michael Vincent 1944
  • Peter Lewis 1945 - Musician (Moby Grape)
  • Linda Ronstadt 1946
  • Peter Banks 1947 - Musician (YES)
  • Trevor Horn 1949 - Musician (Buggles, YES)
  • Jesse Ventura 1951
  • Rick Kehoe 1951
  • Terry O'Quinn 1952 - Actor ("Lost")
  • Jeff Carlisi 1952 - Musician (.38 Special)
  • David Pack 1953 - Musician (Ambrosia)
  • Joe Satriani 1956 - Musician
  • Marc Bell 1956 - Musician (The Ramones)
  • Ian Curtis 1956 - Musician (Joy Division)
  • Kim Alexis 1960
  • William Aames 1960
  • Forest Whitaker 1961
  • Lolita Davidovich 1961
  • Brigitte Nielsen 1963 - Actress
  • Phillip Fisher 1967 - Musician (Fishbone)
  • Stan Kirsch 1968
  • Beth Ostrosky Stern1972
  • Scott Foley 1972
  • Brian Austin Green 1973 (Mr Megan Fox) 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Saturday, July 14, 2018

desideratum \dih-sid-uh-RAH-tum\ noun, plural desiderata
  • something desired as essential
We'd like to introduce you to some close cousins of "desire." All trace their roots to the Latin "sider-," meaning "heavenly body." "Desiderare," meaning "to long for," was born when Latin "de-" was prefixed to "sider-." "Desiderare" begat Anglo-French "desirer," which in turn brought forth English "desire," "desirous," and "desirable" in the 13th and 14th centuries. But many years later, in the 17th century, English acquired "desideration" ("longing"), "desiderate" ("to wish for"), and finally "desideratum," all of which can lay claim to direct ancestry from "desiderare."

same difference 
  •  Another way of saying "whatever". It is often confused with "same thing", but you're really saying "OK, I admit that they're not the same thing, but they're not different enough for me to really care about it." Often shortened to same diff. 
"Same difference" and "same thing" are not the same thing, but hey, same difference.

  • Sedition Act: Congress passed a law prohibiting publishing false, scandalous or malicious writing against the US government (1798)
  • the Matterhorn: the Swiss-Italian Alp was first scaled, by British mountaineer Edward Whymper (1865) 
  • Billy the Kid: the 21-year-old outlaw was shot and killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett in New Mexico (1881)
  • Sacco and Vanzetti: the two infamous anarchists were convicted of murder and sentenced to death (1921)
  • Mariner 4: spacecraft performed the first flyby of another planet and sent back the first pictures of the surface of Mars (1965)
  • large denominations of US currency: were officially discontinued by the Federal Reserve System, leaving the $100 bill as the largest unit of circulating currency (1969)
  • Andrea del Sarto 1486
  • Emmeline Pankhurst 1858
  • Florence Bascom 1862
  • William Leefe Robinson 1895
  • Ken Murray 1903
  • Irving Stone 1903
  • Gloria Stuart 1910
  • William Hanna 1910
  • Terry-Thomas 1911
  • Woody Guthrie 1912
  • Gerald Rudolph Ford (U.S.) 1913 
  • Douglas Edwards 1917
  • Ingmar Bergman 1918
  • Arthur Laurents 1918 - Playwright ("West Side Story," "Gypsy")
  • Frances Lear 1923
  • Dale Robertson 1923
  • Harry Dean Stanton 1926 - Actor
  • John Chancellor 1927
  • Nancy Olson 1928
  • Polly Bergen 1930 - Actress, singer
  • Del Reeves 1932
  • Roosevelt "Rosey" Grier 1932 - Football player
  • Karel Gott 1939
  • Spencer Davis 1941
  • Vincent Pastore 1946 - Actor ("The Sopranos")
  • Chris Cross 1952
  • Jerry Houser 1952
  • Eric Laneuville 1952
  • Jane Lynch 1960 - Actress ("Glee")
  • Jackie Earle Haley 1961
  • Darrelle Revis 1961 - Actor
  • Matthew Fox 1966 - Actor ("Lost", "Party of Five")
  • Tonya Donelly 1966 - Musician (Belly)
  • Missy Gold 1970 - Actress
  • Tameka Cottle 1975 - (Xscape)
  • Taboo (Jaime Luis Gomez) 1975 - Rapper/singer (Black Eyed Peas)
  • Scott Porter 1979 - Actor ("Friday Night Lights")