Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday, December 15, 2017

veriest \VER-ee-ist\, adjective:
1. Utmost; most complete.
2. Superlative of very.
Veriest is obviously related to the word very, which derives from the Old French word verai meaning “true, real or genuine.” The suffix -est makes a word a superlative, like fastest.
Banker's Dozen
  • The opposite of a Baker's Dozen where the customer receives 13 of a product for the price of 12; in a Banker's Dozen the customer receives 11 of the product for the price of 12
Hector was surprised to find only 11 glasses in his gift of 12 glasses that he received from the bank. Later, Hector learned that the Bank offers a Banker's Dozen in their gifts and products, in which they steal one item.

  • Bill of Rights: the right to bear arms as well as freedoms of speech, press, religion, assembly and more became United States law when the states ratified Amendments I-X of the US Constitution (1791)
  • Sitting Bull: Lakota Sioux military and spiritual leader who defeated Gen. Custer at Little Bighorn was killed (1890)
  • Gone With the Wind: Civil War-era epic film premiered in Atlanta (1939)
  • Adolf Eichmann: an Israeli court sentenced to death the former Nazi official who had zealously supported the use of gas chambers to exterminate the Jews in WWII (1961)
  • flag of Canada: Canada adopted its national flag, a red maple leaf on a white background (1964)
  • Romanian Revolution: popular uprising began, leading to the downfall of dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu (1989)
  • Nero (Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus) 37 AD - Fifth and last Roman emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty
  • George Romney 1734 - English portrait painter
  • Gustave Eiffel 1832 - Engineer: designed Paris’ Eiffel Tower and helped design Statue of Liberty
  • Ludwig (Lazarus) Zamenhof 1859 - Linguist, developed international language: Esperanto
  • Jack "Nonpareil" Dempsey (John Edward Kelly) 1862 - Boxer
  • J. Paul Getty 1892 - Oil magnate: Getty Oil
  • Buddy (Edwin) Cole 1916 - Pianist (The Buddy Cole Trio)
  • Jeff Chandler (Ira Grossel) 1918 - Actor (Merrill’s Marauders, Return to Peyton Place, Broken Arrow)
  • Eddie (William Edward) Robinson - 1920 - Baseball player
  • Alan Freed 1922 - Disc jockey in Cleveland
  • Jerry Wallace 1928 - Singer, actor (Hec Ramsey)
  • Jimmy Nelson 1928 - Ventriloquist
  • Ernest Ashworth 1928 - Country singer
  • Friedrich Hundertwasser 1928 - Artist, printer, painter, ecologist
  • Edna O'Brien 1931 - Author (Time and Tide, Country Girls Trilogy)
  • Jessie Belvin 1967 - Singer
  • Clyde McPhatter 1932 - Musician (Dominoes, Drifters)
  • Tim Conway 1933 - Actor, comedian (McHale’s Navy, The Tim Conway Show, The Carol Burnett Show)
  • Cindy Birdsong 1939 - Singer (Patti LaBelle and the Blue Belles, Diana Ross and The Supremes)
  • Nick Buoniconti 1940 - Football Hall of Famer, football analyst (HBO: Inside the NFL)
  • Dave Clark 1942 - Singer (The Dave Clark Five), TV producer, actor
  • Pete Duranko 1943 - Football player
  • Stan (Stanley Raymond) Bahnsen 1944 - Baseball player
  • Carmine Appice 1946 - Musician (Vanilla Fudge)
  • Doug (Douglas James) Rau 1948 - Baseball player
  • Charlie Scott 1948 - Basketball player
  • Don Johnson (Donnie Wayne Johnson) 1949 - Actor (Nash Bridges, Miami Vice)
  • Alex Cox 1954 - Movie director (Repo Man, Sid and Nancy)
  • Justin Ross 1954 - Actor
  • Paul Simonon 1955 - Musician (Clash)
  • Doug Phelps 1960 - Singer (Kentucky Headhunters)
  • Reginald Hudlin 1961 - Director (The Great White Hype)
  • Daryl Turner 1961 - Football player
  • Helen Slater 1963 - Actress (City Slickers, Ruthless People)
  • Molly Price 1965 - Actress
  • Michael Shanks 1970 - Actor (Stargate SG-1, The Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon)
  • Stuart Townsend 1972 - Actor (Venice Project, 24 Hours)
  • Kito Trawick 1977 - "Crowd-hyper" (Ghostown DJs)
  • Adam Brody 1979 - Actor (The O.C.)
  • George O. Gore II 1981 - Actor (My Wife and Kids)

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Turtle Thursday: Brian & Stewie

brian and stewie adjusted
A pic of our two little diamondback terrpains, Brian (on top) and Stewie from 2012

Thursday, December 14, 2017

cleave \kleev\, verb:
1. To adhere closely; stick; cling.
2. To remain faithful.
3. To split or divide by or as if by a cutting blow, especially along a natural line of division, as the grain of wood.
4. To make by or as if by cutting.
5. To penetrate or pass through (air, water, etc.).
6. To cut off; sever.
7. To part or split, especially along a natural line of division.
8. To penetrate or advance by or as if by cutting.
Cleave is actually related to two separate but similar Old English words. Cleofan meant “to split,” while clifian meant “to adhere.” Today the same word carries both meanings.

  • grotesque odor; unpleasurable scent
Keep on, Dey gon' find yo' body somewhere stankin'!

  • St. Lucia's flood: a broken dike in the Netherlands caused one of the worst floods in history; 50,000+ people were killed (1287)
  • Alabama: The Yellowhammer State became America's 22nd state (1819)
  • South Pole: was first visited by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and his expedition (1911)
  • Motown: record label that popularized the Motown Sound was formed in Detroit (1959)
  • Apollo program: Eugene Cernan, as a member of Apollo 17, became the last man on the moon so far (1972)
  • Nostradamus 1503
  • Tycho Brahe 1546
  • Roger Fry 1866
  • George VI (Britain) 1895
  • James Doolittle 1896
  • Margaret Chase Smith 1897
  • Bill Burke 1902
  • Morey Amsterdam 1908
  • Spike (Lindley Armstrong) Jones 1911
  • Dan Dailey 1913
  • Shirley Jackson 1919
  • Clark Terry 1920
  • Don Hewitt 1922
  • Abbe Lane 1932
  • George Furth 1932
  • Charlie Rich 1932
  • Lee Remick 1935
  • Hal Williams 1938
  • Frank St. Marseille (NHL) 1939 
  • James Sutorius 1944
  • Jane Birkin 1946
  • Stan Smith 1946
  • Patty Duke 1946
  • Michael Ovitz 1946
  • Jackie McCauley (Them) 1946
  • Joyce Vincent-Wilson (Tony Orlando, Dawn) 1946
  • Dee Wallace-Stone 1948
  • Bill Buckner (MLB) 1949
  • Cliff Williams (AC/DC) 1949 
  • Tamara Daanz 1952
  • Mike Scott (The Waterboys) 1958
  • Peter "Spider" Stacy (The Pogues) 1958
  • Cynthia Gibb 1963
  • Brian Dalyrimple (Soul for Real) 1975
  • Bridget Hall 1977
  • Sophie Monk 1979
  • Vanessa Anne Hudgens 1988 ...

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Hasselhoff Wednesday: Hoff Wars

May the Hoff be with you.

Hasselhoff Wednesday: Happy Chanukah!


This looks like a photo of my old band, The Rabbis of Doom!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

cortege \kawr-TEZH\, noun:
1. A procession, especially a ceremonial one.
2. A line or train of attendants; retinue.
Cortege is related to the Old French word curt meaning “an enclosed yard.” By the 1600s, it referred to “a train of attendants.”
Reply All Rage
  • The rage one feels when people reply all to emails instead of replying directly to the relevant parties.
Jeremy was struck by Reply All Rage when the 3rd person he didn't know hit "Reply All" and spammed him with pointless and stupid comments in response to a group invite to a friends party.

  • Francis Drake: British explorer set out on a three-year circumnavigation of the globe, looting Spanish ships as he sailed (1577)
  • New Zealand: was sighted for the first time by a European, Dutch explorer Abel Tasman (1642)
  • Susan B. Anthony dollar: the US Mint began stamping out the first US coin to honor a woman, suffragist Susan B. Anthony (1978)
  • United States presidential election of 2000: Democratic candidate Al Gore conceded the race to President Bush 36 days after Election Day
  • Saddam Hussein: Iraqi dictator was captured hiding in a spider hole near Tikrit (2003)
  • Dick Van Dyke 1925
  • Christopher Plummer 1929
  • Buck White 1930
  • Robert Prosky 1930
  • Richard Zanuck 1934
  • John Davidson 1941
  • Ted Nugent 1948
  • Ron Getman (The Tractors) 1948
  • Jeff Baxter (The Doobie Brothers) 1948
  • Randy Owen (Alabama) 1949
  • Tom Veralain (Television) 1949
  • Wendy Malick 1950
  • Robert Lindsay 1951
  • Steve Forbert 1954
  • John Anderson 1954
  • Steve Buscemi 1957
  • Marianne Gravatte 1959: Playboy Playmate of the Year 1983
  • John Whitaker 1959
  • Dana Strum (Slaughter) 1959
  • Deborah Driggs 1963: Playboy Playmate of the Month March 1990
  • Jamie Foxx 1967
  • Amy Lee 1981: Singer
  • Chelsea Hertford 1981
  • Taylor Swift 1989

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


[Season One]
Follow the crew of the exploratory ship THE ORVILLE some four hundred years in the future.
That's one way to sum up what this series is about. But people usually state that it's what Star Trek would be like if the characters acted like real people. That would be too direct, in my opinion. It's more of a conglomeration of all your previous deep space action / adventure / dramas with a drizzling of comedy.

While so many similar shows get bogged down with how serious they are, this show acts more like real life. They have serious situations, but deal with them the same way real people would. Possibly inserting awkward humor, or simply calling someone a dick. The make the show more engaging they base the episodes on issues that we face in our current day and age, but viewed through the eyes of people from the future as well as aliens. 

Season One ended last week with episode twelve and, as star and creator Seth MacFarlane predicted, it's been picked up for a second season. If you have considered giving this this show a shot I would highly recommend it. Watch a couple episodes. It'll grow on you fast. I hope they keep up the good work going forward.


Hanukkah! 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


felonious \fuh-LOH-nee-uhs\, adjective:
1. Wicked; base; villainous.
2. Law. Pertaining to, of the nature of, or involving a felony: as in, felonious homicide; felonious intent.
Felonious dates back to the the 1500s. The word felon is from the Old French meaning “villan” and the suffix -ous which applies a quality to a general sense, as in nervous or glorious.
boner barrier
  • A binder or notebook hormoney, middle and highschool boys use to conceal errant erections or NRBs. If one cares to realize, use of a boner barrier is rather obvious due to the uncharacteristic way the binder or notebook is pressed against the crotch region.
"Man, Jenny is looking pretty fine today, I'm thinking of asking her to the 8th grade prom."
"yeah, she can touch my digital pet any day of the week."
"::school bell rings:: Quick, throw me your notebook, I need a boner barrier."

  • Hanukkah - Jewish Festival of Lights
  • Joseph Rainey: became the first African American to sit in the US House of Representatives (1870)
  • The Katzenjammer Kids: oldest comic strip still in syndication debuted (1897)
  • Guglielmo Marconi: transmitted the first transatlantic radio signal, from Cornwall to Newfoundland; the feat was unsubstantiated (1901)
  • Boys Town: youth center was founded by Father Flanagan (1917)
  • Arthur Ashe: became the first African American to be ranked #1 in tennis (1968)
  • Keiko: Willy of Free Willy, a killer whale, died of pneumonia in his mid-20s in a Norwegian fjord (2003)
  • Gustave Flaubert 1821
  • Edvard Munch 1863
  • Edward G. Robinson 1893
  • Robert Covington 1914
  • Frank Sinatra 1915
  • Joe Williams 1918
  • Bob Barker 1923
  • Ed Koch 1924
  • Robert N. Noyce 1927
  • Connie Francis 1938
  • Dionne Warwick 1940
  • Mike Pinder (Moody Blues) 1942
  • Grover Washington Jr. 1943
  • Dickey Betts (The Allman Brothers) 1943
  • Wings Hauser 1947
  • Bill Nighy 1949
  • Paul Rodgers (Bad Company) 1949
  • Cathy Rigby 1952
  • Sheila E. 1957
  • Cy Curnin (Fixx) 1957
  • Sheree J. Wilson 1958
  • Tracy Ann Austin Holt 1962 - Tennis player
  • Mädchen Amick 1970
  • Jennifer Connelly 1970
  • Bobbi Billard 1975 - t3h pr0n
  • Mayim Bialik 1975


Monday, December 11, 2017

Look forward to Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima


Hottie of the day


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