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Megan Fox and Sandra Bullock

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Cuz why not?

Sunday, May 19, 2019

dais \DEY-is, DAHY-, deys\, noun:
  • a raised platform, as at the front of a room, for a lectern, throne, seats of honor, etc.
The sense of dais as a platform entered English from the modern French word of the same spelling. An earlier sense of the word as a "raised table" briefly entered English from an Old French word, but the more modern definition has become the predominant sense.
pants boner
  • A crease in your pants in the crotch section, which causes you to look like you're having an erection. (especially embarrassing when you are a girl)
Everyone was looking at my pants boner, and then asked me if I was actually a boy.
(I am a girl)

  • Anne Boleyn: Henry VIII's second wife was beheaded (1536)
  • New England's Dark Day: clouds, smoke and fog combined to obliterate the sun over the northeastern United States (1780)
  • Tariff of 1828: was passed to protect US industry; it was denounced as a "tariff of abominations" by critics in the South (1828)
  • Marilyn Monroe: crooned ''Happy Birthday, Mr. President'' to John F. Kennedy at a Madison Square Garden fundraiser (1962)
  • Johns Hopkins 1795 - entrepreneur, philanthropist, most noted for the creation of Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Sarah Peale 1800 - Portrait painter
  • Ho Chi Minh (Nguyen Sinh Cung) 1890 - North Vietnamese Communist revolutionary, prime minister and president
  • Bruce Bennett 1906 - Shot putter, actor
  • George Auld 1919 - Musician
  • Malcolm X (Malcolm Little) 1925 - African-American Muslim minister, public speaker, and human rights activist
  • Jim Lehrer (James Charles "Jim" Lehrer) 1934 - Journalist, news anchor
  • David Hartman 1935 - Television personality
  • James Fox 1939 - Actor
  • Nancy Kwan 1939 - Actress
  • Stephen Young (Stephen Levy) 1939 - Actor
  • Francis Scobee (Francis Richard "Dick" Scobee) 1939 - Astronaut, killed commanding the Space Shuttle Challenger
  • Mickey Newbury 1940 - Songwriter
  • Nora Ephron 1941 - Diretor, producer, screenwriter, novelist, journalist
  • Peter Mayhew 1944 - Actor ("Star Wars")
  • Pete Townsend 1945 - Musician (The Who)
  • David Helfgott 1947 - Concert pianist
  • Joe Michael "Dusty" Hill 1949 - Musician (ZZ Top)
  • Grace Jones 1952 - Singer, model, actress
  • Joey Ramone 1951 - Musician (The Ramones)
  • Phil Rudd 1954 - Musician (AC/DC)
  • Steven Ford (Steven Meigs Ford) 1956 - Actor, son of U.S. President Gerald Ford
  • Martyn Ware 1956 - Musician (The Human League)
  • Iain Harvie (Del Amitri) 1962
  • Jenny Berggren 1972 - Musician (Ace of Base)
  • Kevin Garnett 1976 - Basketball player
  • Eric Lloyd 1986 - Actor
    Anna Carina "Ophelia Overdose" Jahns 1989 - stunning fetish model


Saturday, May 18, 2019


Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

I had a friend who felt that Patterson lost his way and would let just about anyone ghost-write for him, or with him. If she were still around she would've loved this meme. This one's for you Lisa, aka BATBITCH.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

logomachy \loh-GOM-uh-kee\, noun:
  1. a dispute about or concerning words.
  2. an argument or debate marked by the reckless or incorrect use of words; meaningless battle of words.
  3. a game played with cards, each bearing one letter, with which words are formed.
Logomachy comes from the Greek word logomachia from the roots logo- meaning "words" and machy meaning "fighting."
  • a dick-bouncin, dynamic booty, that defies the laws of physics and reminds men why we wanna be dogs or an urban term used to define approval of the voluptuous curvature of a feminie rump.
We snapped our necks 'round, lost the beat of the funk, and laid our eyes upon Maryjane's beautiful badunkadunk.

  • Armed Forces Day
  • Montreal: the French founded the Quebec city as Ville Marie de Montréal (1642)
  • Napoleon Bonaparte: crowned himself emperor (1804)
  • Plessy v. Ferguson: the concept of separate but equal racial segregation in public places was affirmed by the US Supreme Court (1896)
  • Mount St. Helens eruption: Mount St. Helens, a stratovolcanic peak in Washington State, erupted, shooting a plume of gases 63,000 feet high and killing more than 50 people (1980)
  • Les Misérables: closed after 16 years on Broadway (2003)
    Chris Cornell of Soundgarden committed suicide (2017)
  • Frank Capra 1897
  • Meredith Wilson 1902
  • Big Joe Turner 1911
  • Perry Como 1912
  • Pierre Balmain 1914
  • Margot Fonteyn 1919
  • Dame Margot Fonteyn 1919
  • Pope John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyla) 1920
  • Bill Macy 1922
  • Kay Winding 1922
  • Marquita Rivera 1922
  • Jack Whitaker 1924
  • Pernell Roberts 1930 - Actor ("Bonanza," "Trapper John, M.D.")
  • Robert Morse 1931 - Actor ("Mad Men," "How to Succeed in Business ...")
  • Dwayne Hickman 1934
  • Brooks Robinson 1937 - Baseball player
  • Albert Hammond 1942
  • Rodney Dillard 1942 - Musician (The Dillards)
  • Reggie Jackson 1946 - Baseball player
  • Joe Bonsall 1948 - Musician (The Oak Ridge Boys)
  • Dave Atkins 1949
  • Candice Azzara 1949
  • Rick Wakeman 1949 - Musician (Yes)
  • Rodney Milburn, Jr. 1950
  • James Stephens 1951
  • George Strait 1952 - Country musician
  • Butch Tavares 1953 - Musician (Tavares)
  • Wreckless Eric 1954
  • Chow Yun-Fat 1955 - Actor
  • Michael Cretu 1957 - Musician (Enigma)
  • Toyah Wilcox 1958
  • Page Hamilton 1960
  • Jari Kurri 1960 - Hockey player
  • Yannick Noah 1960 - Tennis player
  • Martika 1969 - Singer
  • Tina Fey 1970 - Actress, comedian ("30 Rock," "Saturday Night Live")
  • Special Ed 1974
  • Darryl Allen 1980 - Musician (Mista)
  • Spencer Breslin 1992 - Actor

Friday, May 17, 2019


"Home Sweet Home"

You know I'm a dreamer
But my heart's of gold
I had to run away high
So I wouldn't come home low
Just when things went right
It doesn't mean they were always wrong
Just take this song, and you'll never feel
Left all alone

Take me to your heart
Feel me in your bones
Just one more night
And I'm comin' off this
Long & winding road

I'm on my way
I'm on my way
Home sweet home...
Tonight, tonight
I'm on my way
I'm on my way
Home sweet home...
You know that I've seen
Too many romantic dreams
Up in lights, fallin' off
The silver screen

My heart's like an open book
For the whole world to read
Sometimes nothing
Keeps me together
At the seams

I'm on my way
I'm on my way
Home sweet home...
Tonight, tonight
I'm on my way
Just set me free
Home sweet home...

Home sweet home...
Home sweet home...
Home sweet home...

I'm on my way
I'm on my way
Home sweet home...


I'm on my way
Just set me free
Home sweet home...

WTF Friday: Gender Bender (The X-Files)

From my email: 
"Gender Bender" is the fourteenth episode of the television series The X-Files. The show centers on FBI special agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) who work on cases linked to the paranormal, called X-Files. In this episode, they investigate a series of murders following sexual encounters, and soon discover that a member of a religious sect living in Massachusetts may be responsible—and may not be human. Premiering on the Fox network on January 21, 1994, it was directed by Rob Bowman and featured guest appearances by Brent Hinkley and Nicholas Lea. The episode was inspired by producer Glen Morgan's desire for "an episode with more of a sexy edge"; however, the writers found it difficult to write a story that showed sex as scary. This difficulty led to the introduction of an Amish-like community as well. "Gender Bender" had mixed critical responses, facing criticism for its abrupt deus ex machina ending. Academic analysis of the episode has placed it within a science-fiction tradition that attributes a powerful, supernatural element to physical contact with aliens. It has also been seen as reflecting anxieties about emerging gender roles in the 1990s.

Friday, May 17, 2019

spang \spang\, adverb:
  • directly, exactly: The bullet landed spang on target.
Spang is an Americanism of uncertain origin. It first entered English in the 1830s.
It won't happen again
  • The phrase that people say to their boss when they know that they have fucked up and their boss has yelled at them at them. This is the acceptable response apart from "sorry" that should be used when apologizing to a boss. The harshness of the reason can vary from being late to shredding a court case report. The result is always the same, the accused, embarrassed and flustered, the boss, pissed off, saying "it better not" and the rest of the workers staring at the accused.
Boss: Hey Gary, have you seen the Johnson Parking ticket case? It was on my desk.
Gary: Was it on the same corner that is the shred pile?
Boss: Yes, have you seen it?
Gary: I kind of shredded it...
Gary: But it was on the shred pile
Gary: Sorry Mr Stevens. It won't happen again.
Boss: It better not.
What was the title of the grueling week-long U.S. bicycle race sponsored by celebrity entrepreneur Donald Trump?
  • The Tour de Trump. Held in 1989 and 1990, the race attracted top cycling teams from around the world.
  • Buttonwood Agreement: 24 prominent brokers created the foundation of the NYSE (1792)
  • Kentucky Derby: horse race was run for the first time; Aristides won (1875)
  • Brown v. Board of Education: the US Supreme Court unanimously banned segregation (1954)
  • Watergate: the US Senate began hearings about the Nixon-era scandal (1973)
  • Laurent Kabila: rebel leader declared himself president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire), deposing Mobutu (1997)
  • wedding vows: Massachusetts became the first US state to legally allow same-sex marriages (2004)
  • Sandro Botticelli 1444 
  • Edward Jenner 1749
  • Joseph Norman Lockyer 1836
  • Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini 1900
  • James Bell 1903
  • Carl McIntire 1906
  • Maureen O'Sullivan 1911
  • Archibold Cox 1912
  • Stewart Alsop 1914
  • Carl Lipscombe 1915
  • Brigit Nilsson 1918
  • Bob Merrill 1921
  • Kanid Burruss 1921 - Musician (Xscape)
  • Dix Hixson 1924
  • Jackie McLean 1932
  • Dennis Hopper 1936 - Actor
  • Pervis Jackson 1938 - Musician (The Spinners)
  • Taj Mahal 1942 - Singer
  • Jesse Winchester 1944
  • Bill Bruford 1948 - Musician (Yes, King Crimson)
  • Kathleen Sullivan 1953 - Television personality
  • Bill Paxton 1955 - Actor
  • Bob Saget 1956 - Actor, comedian ("Full House")
  • Sugar Ray Leonard 1956 - Boxer
  • Audie Desbrow 1957 - Musician (Great White)
  • Paul Di'Anno 1958 - Musician (Iron Maiden)
  • Jim Nantz 1959 - Sports announcer
  • Enya 1961 - Musician
  • Craig Ferguson 1962 - Television host ("The Late Late Show")
  • Page McConnell 1963 - Musician (Phish)
  • O'Dell 1965 - Musician (Mint Condition)
  • Trent Reznor 1965 - Musician (Nine Inch Nails)
  • Hill Harper 1966 - Actor ("CSI: NY")
  • Thom Filicia 1969 - Television personality ("Queer Eye For the Straight Guy")
  • Darnell Van Rensalier (Shai) 1970
  • Jordan Knight 1970 - Singer (New Kids on the Block)
  • Sendhil Ramamurthy 1974 - Actor ("Heroes")
  • Matt Cassel 1982 - Football player
  • Tahj Mowry 1986
  • Nikki Reed 1988 - Actress


Thursday, May 16, 2019

Turtle Thursday Flashback: Stick to cats and dogs??? ORLY???

Last weekend Suffolk County had a "Reptile Amnesty Day" so that people could return their illegal pets, no questions asked. This was spurred on by a rash of alligators being abandoned in local rivers and lakes, creating a hazard for the local wildlife and residents.

Politicians suggested that reptiles don't make good pets and that people should stick with dogs and cats.

Oh really?

Try telling that to Brian and Stewie!

You'll never find better pets than these two!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

quibble \KWIB-uhl\, verb:
  1. to equivocate.
  2. to carp; cavil.
  1. an instance of the use of ambiguous, prevaricating, or irrelevant language or arguments to evade a point at issue.
  2. the general use of such arguments.
  3. petty or carping criticism; a minor objection.
Quibble is related to the more common word quip. They both come from the Latin word quibus meaning "indeed."
come fuck me pumps
  • high heeled, ankle strapped woman's shoes circa 1940s causing one to walk in a pronounced, seductive, strutting motion, made popular by actress Joan Crawford
Listen, Mary, just because you're wearing those Joan Crawford Come Fuck Me Pumps, you still ain't no movie star!

  • imagebam.comMarie Antoinette: married Louis XVI of France when they were 14 and 15 years of age, respectively (1770)
  • Edgar Allan Poe: writer of the macabre wed his 13-year-old cousin, Virginia (1836)
  • shield nickel: US Congress voted to replace the half dime with a new nickel (1866)
  • impeachment: in its first of 11 ballots, the US Senate failed by one vote to convict President Andrew Johnson; he was acquitted of all charges (1868)
  • Academy Awards: Emil Jannings, Janet Gaynor and Wings were the winners at the first awards ceremony (1929)
  • Annie Get Your Gun: Irving Berlin musical opened on Broadway, starring Ethel Merman (1946)
  • Junko Tabei: became the first woman to scale Mt. Everest (1975)
  • William Seward (William Henry Seward, Sr.) 1801 - Governor of New York, U.S. Secretary of State under Abraham Lincoln
  • Elizabeth Palmer Peabody 1804 - Educator, opened the first English-language kindergarten
  • Henry Fonda 1905 - Actor, father of Jane Fonda and Peter Fonda
  • Margret Rey 1906 - Co-author and illustrator of children's books (Curious George)
  • Studs Terkel (Louis "Studs" Terkel) 1912 - Author, historian, actor, broadcaster
  • Woody Herman (Woodrow Charles Herman) 1913 - Musician, singer
  • George Gaynes 1917 - Actor
  • Liberace (Wladziu Valentino Liberace) 1919 - Musician
  • Harry Carey Jr. 1921 - Actor
  • Eddie Bert 1922 - Musician
  • Robert Perpoint 1925 - Broadcast journalist, White House correspondent
  • Billy Martin (Alfred Manuel "Billy" Martin, Jr.) 1928 - Baseball player and manager
  • Betty Carter (Lillie Mae Jones) 1930 - Singer
  • Yvonne Craig 1940 - Actress ("Batman" tv series)
  • Billy Cobham (William C. Cobham) 1944 - Musician
  • Robert Fripp 1946 - Musician
  • Bill Smitrovich (William Stanley "Bill" Smitrowicz) 1947 - Actor
  • Darrel Sweet 1947 - Musician (Nazareth)
  • Barbara Lee 1947 - Musician (The Chiffons)
  • Jim Langer (James John Langer) 1948 - Football player
  • Rick Reuschel 1949 - Baseball player
  • Jonathan Richman 1951 - Musician
  • Pierce Brosnan 1952 - Actor ("Remington Steel," "Dante's Peak," "Golden Eye")
  • Olga Korbut (Olga Valentinovna Korbut) 1955 - Gymnast, known as the Sparrow from Minsk
  • Debra Winger 1955 - Actress
  • Glenn Gregory 1958 - Musician (Heaven 17)
  • Mare Winningham 1959 - Actor
  • Krist Novoselic 1965 - Musician (Nirvana)
  • Janet Jackson 1966 - Singer
  • Ralph Tresvant 1968 - Singer (New Edition)
  • Tracey Gold 1969 - Actress ("Growing Pains")
  • Gabriela Sabatini 1970 - Tennis player
  • Rick Trevino (Ricardo Treviño, Jr.) 1971 - Country musician
  • David Boreanaz 1971 - Actor
  • Simon Katz 1971 - Musician (Jamiroquai)
  • Tori Spelling 1973 - Actress ("Beverly Hills 90210")
    Lynn Collins 1977 - actress (Wolverine, John Carter)
  • Megan Fox 1986 - Actress and stunning milf