Thursday, November 23, 2017

Making Turkey?

Thursday, November 23, 2017

crepitate \KREP-i-teyt\, verb:
  • To make a crackling sound; crackle
Crepitate is from the Latin crepitare which meant “to rustle or chatter.”

Youtube degree

  • A bachelor's level certificate that people award to themselves after they have deemed themselves to be experts in a particular field of study by watching various instructional and how-to videos on Youtube.
Ben: Whoa! That is NOT the correct way to put on cologne! You spray and then you walk into it. 
Joey: Okay and since when did you become the expert on all things cologne?
Ben: Since last spring when I got my Youtube degree in cologne management.


  • Only in America do have a Federal holiday to remember what we are thankful for, immediately followed by the largest shopping day of the year to max out our credit cards for the next holiday, Christmas.
Thanksgiving is not just a holiday but should be a state of mind all year long.

  • Another excuse for Americans to spend an entire day eating
"Damn, it's not a weekend, and i want to eat all day"
"Why Don't we invent a holiday and give it a stupid name?"
"Fo Shizzle, My Pilgrizzle!"

  • Thanksgiving - national holiday in the United States commemorating the Pilgrims' celebration of the harvest reaped by the Plymouth Colony in 1621, after a winter of great starvation and privation. The celebration was probably held in October. The neighboring Wampanoags, who outnumbered the colonists, joined them for three days and contributed food to the celebration. The first proclaimed day of thanksgiving in the colony was not held until 1623 (probably at the end of July), following an improvement in prospects for the still struggling colony, and was a day of prayer, not feasting. Fourth Thursday in November.

  • Battle of Chattanooga: huge battle at a railway junction began during the US Civil War, ending with a Union victory (1863)
  • jukebox: the first coin-operated phonograph was installed at the Palais Royal Saloon in San Francisco (1889)
  • Doctor Who: British sci-fi TV program about a doctor who time-travels in a TARDIS debuted; it is still running (1963)
  • China: the People's Republic took over Taiwan's seat in the UN Security Council (1971)
  • Franklin Pierce (U.S.) 1804
  • William H. Bonney (Billy the Kid) 1859
  • Boris Karloff 1887
  • Harpo Marx 1888
  • Maurice Zolotow 1913
  • Ellen Drew 1915
  • Michael Gough 1917
  • Jerry Bock 1928
  • Betty Everett 1939
  • Susan Anspach 1945
  • Steve Landesberg 1945
  • David Rappaport 1951
  • Boris Gebenchikov 1953
  • Bruce Hornsby 1954
  • John Henton 1960
  • Maxwell Caulfield 1961
  • Charlie Grover (Sponge) 1966
  • Ken Block (Sister Hazel) 1966
  • Kurupt (The Dogg Pound) 1972
  • Kelly Brook 1980
  • Destiny Hope "Miley Ray" Cyrus 1992

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Hasselhoff Wednesday: Chow Time!

You probably already know how this guy is HARDCORE!!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

poltroon \pol-TROON\, noun:
1. A wretched coward; craven.
1. Marked by utter cowardice.
Poltroon originally came from the Latin pullus meaning “young animal.” It came to mean an idler or coward in Old French.
potato fever
  • A term describing when a non-white person has a sexual attraction or preference for a white person or for white people exclusively
Juán is Mexican but he only dates white guys. He has a serious case of potato fever.

  • Edward Teach: the pirate known as Blackbeard was killed during a battle with the British Navy off the coast of Virginia (1718)
  • ...---...: S-O-S was adopted as a distress signal at the International Radio Telegraphic Convention in Berlin (1906)
  • China Clipper: a Pan Am "flying boat" started regular transoceanic mail service from San Francisco to Manila (1935)
  • JFK: the 35th president of the US was assassinated by a sniper during a motorcade in Dallas (1963)
  • Margaret Thatcher: the prime minister of England quit her post, citing lack of party support (1990)
  • George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) 1819
  • Charles de Gaulle (France) 1890
  • Hoagy Carmichael 1899
  • Benjamin Britten 1913
  • Lew Hays 1914
  • Rodney Dangerfield 1921
  • Geraldine Page 1924
  • Lew Burdette (MLB) 1926
  • Robert Vaughn 1932
  • Michael Callan 1935
  • Allen Garfield 1939
  • Terry Gilliam 1940
  • Tom Conti 1941
  • Guion S. Bluford 1942
  • Billie Jean King 1943
  • Wade Blasingame 1943 - Baseball player
  • Floyd Sneed (Three Dog Night) 1943
  • Aston Barrett (Bob Marley & The Wailers) 1946
  • Bob Marley Merchandise
  • Steve Van Zandt (E Street Band) 1949
  • Greg Luzinski 1950 - Baseball player
  • Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club) 1950
  • Craig Hundley (Cragi Hundley Trio) 1953
  • Jamie Lee Curtis 1958 - Actress
  • Jason Ringenberg (Jason & the Scorchers) 1958
  • Mariel Hemingway 1961
  • Stephen Geoffreys 1964
  • Nicholas Rowe 1966
  • Boris Becker 1967
  • Scarlett Johansson 1984 - Actress (The Island)

Scarlett Johansson
Happy Berfday, Yo!


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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Review Tuesday: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. [2015]

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
During the early 1960s, a group of opposing Cold War spies are forced to work together on a mission to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of organized crime. 
When the first commercials and trailers for this movie came out I had ZERO inclination to see it. First, I am not old enough to remember the show from the 1960s. Secondly, I am always weary of anything from Guy Ritchie. With that in mind, I happened to catch it as an in-flight movie earlier this year with no expectations. 

The movie has a rather impressive cast. Henry Cavill plays the very suave American spy Napoleon Solo. Armie Hammer is the explosive Russian spy Illya Kuryakin. Alicia Vikander is Gaby who plays everyone like a fine violin.

I won't get into the details of the movie, but it's pretty much as you'd expect. A bunch of spies all trying to get the info and run off to their superiors first. Treachery is one of the tools they use on a job like this. So while they are brilliantly working on the mission, they are always scheming to put on over on the others. 

I, surprisingly, found this movie very entertaining. I don't regret NOT seeing it on the big screen, but I don't feel like I wasted my time watching it on the small screen either.


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

salvo \SAL-voh\, noun:
1. Something to save a person's reputation or soothe a person's feelings.
2. An excuse or quibbling evasion.
3. A simultaneous or successive discharge of artillery, bombs, etc.
4. A round of fire given as a salute.
5. A round of cheers or applause.
Salvo originates in the Latin word salvus meaning “safe.”
  • A beautiful, nice, smart, TALL person that everyone likes. All the guys like her! Especially one special guy who everyone is jealous of... because he has her.
I love that girl named mina!


  • hot-air balloon: first manned free flight was taken by Jean François Pilâtre de Rozier and François Laurent d'Arlandes on a 20-minute, 9-km. flight over Paris (1783)
  • phonograph: a new invention was announced by Thomas Edison (1877)
  • Verrazano Narrows Bridge: the suspension bridge connecting Brooklyn to Staten Island opened (1964)
  • Who shot J.R.? : 350 million people worldwide tuned in to Dallas to find out (1980)
  • François-Marie Arouet (Voltaire) 1694
  • William Beaumont 1785
  • Rene Magritte 1898
  • Stan Musial (MLB) 1920
  • Vivian Blaine 1921
  • Joseph Campanella 1927
  • Jean Shepard 1933
  • Laurence Luckinbill 1934
  • Marlo Thomas 1938
  • imagebam.comDr. John 1940
  • Natalia Makarova 1940
  • Juliet Mills 1941
  • Marcy Carsey 1944
  • Harold Ramis 1944
  • Goldie Hawn 1945
  • Lonnie Jordan (War) 1948
  • Livingston Taylor 1950
  • Lorna Luft 1952
  • Cherry Jones 1956
  • imagebam.comBrian Ritchie (Violent Femmes) 1960
  • Nicollette Sheridan 1963
  • Bjork Gudmundsdottir (Sugarcubes) 1965
  • Troy Aikman (NFL) 1966
  • Alex James (Blur) 1968
  • Chauncey Hannibal (BLACKstreet) 1968
  • Ken Griffey Jr. (MLB) 1969
  • Pretty Lou (Lost Boyz) 1971
  • Kelsi Osborn (SHeDAISY) 1974
  • Jena Malone 1984