Sunday, March 01, 2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015

lampoon \lam-POON\, noun, verb:
  1. a composition that imitates or misrepresents someone's style, usually in a humorous way
  2. a light, good-humored satire
  3. ridicule with satire
by 1645, from French lampon, of unknown origin, said by French etymologists to be from lampons "let us drink," popular refrain for scurrilous 17th century songs, from lamper "to drink, guzzle," a nasalized form of laper "to lap." The verb is first attested by 1657.
you wastin my minutes
  • for use when someone says something stupid and you just don't feel like listening anymore, similar to bitch please
Bitch, you wastin my minutes.

Daisy Dukes
  • Really short shorts. Term derived from the type of shorts Daisy Duke used to wear on "The Dukes of Hazzard"
Damn, that bitch's ass cheeks are hanging out the back of her daisy dukes!
  • Buckeye State: Ohio became the 17th US state; in prehistoric times it was inhabited by Mound Builders (1803)
  • Cornhusker State: Nebraska, purchased from France in 1803, became the 37th US state (1867)
  • Yellowstone: the world's oldest national park was established; it is noted for its geysers, hot springs, mud pots and fumaroles (1872)
  • Lindbergh kidnapping: Lucky Lindy's child was abducted, leading to the Lindbergh Act (1932)
  • Peace Corps: JFK established an agency to "promote world peace and friendship"; since then, nearly 200,000 Americans have served in 139 countries (1961)
  • William Dean Howells 1837 - Author
  • Augustus Saint-Gaudens 1848
  • Glenn Miller 1904 - Bandleader
  • David Niven 1910 - Actor ("The Guns of the Navarone")
  • Ralph Waldo Ellison 1914 - Author, essayist
  • Robert Lowell 1917 - Poet
  • Yitzhak Rabin 1922
  • William Gaines 1922 - Publisher ("MAD Magazine")
  • Michael Flanders 1922 - Songwriter, comedian (Flanders and Swann)
  • Deke (Donald) Slayton 1924 - Astronaut
  • Robert Clary 1926 - Actor ("Hogan's Heroes")
  • Pete Rozelle 1926 - Football player
  • Harry Belafonte 1927 - Singer, actor
  • Benny Powell 1930 - Musician
  • Robert Conrad 1935 - Actor
  • Judith Rossner 1935
  • Joan Hackett 1942
  • Jerry Fisher 1942 - Musician (Blood Sweat & Tears)
  • Roger Daltry 1944 - Musician (The Who)
  • Mike D'Abo 1944 - Musician (Manfred Mann)
  • Dirk Benedict 1945 - Actor ("The A-Team", "Battlestar Galactica")
  • Tony Ashton 1946 - Musician (Ashton Gardner & Dyke)
  • Alan Thicke 1947 - Actor ("Growing Pains"), songwriter (theme songs for TV's "Diff'rent Strokes" and "The Facts of Life")
  • Brian Winters 1952 - Basketball player
  • Ron Howard 1954 - Producer, actor ("The Andy Griffith Show", "Happy Days")
  • Catherine Bach 1954 - Actress (TV's "The Dukes of Hazzard")
  • Janis Gill 1954 - Musician (Sweethearts of the Rodeo)
  • imagebam.comJimmy Fortune 1955 - Musician (Statler Brothers)
  • Timothy Daly 1956 - Actor ("Diner", "Wings", "The Fugitive")
  • Jon Carroll 1957
  • Nik Kershaw 1958
  • Bill Leen 1962 - Musician (Gin Blossoms)
  • Ron Francis 1963 - Hockey player
  • Thomas Anders 1963 - Musician (Modern Talking)
  • John David Collum 1966
  • George Eads 1967 - Actor ("CSI")
  • Javier Bardem 1969 - Actor ("No Country for Old Men", "Skyfall")
  • Tanya Munoz (aka Felecia Danay) 1972 t3h pr0n
  • Ryan Anthony Peake 1973 - Guitarist (Nickelback)
  • Mark-Paul Gosselaar 1974
  • Jensen Ackles 1978 - Actor ("Supernatural")
  • Ke$ha - 1987


Saturday, February 28, 2015

I guess he's happy to see him

Saturday, February 28, 2015

pedant \PED-nt\, noun:
  • a person who makes a show of detailed knowledge, esp. relying on books; also, a narrow-minded teacher or scholar
c 1586, "schoolmaster," from Middle French pédant, from Italian pedante "teacher, schoolmaster," apparently an alteration of Late Latin paedagogantem, from paedagogare. Meaning "person who trumpets minor points of learning" first recorded 1593.
Marty McFly Complex
  • A character flaw of pride, in which a individual will take unnecessary risks or do dangerous acts if their courage is questioned, such as being called a chicken or a coward.
  • Marty McFly in Back To The Future
  • Jim Stark in Rebel Without a Cause
Jim said that he won't enter the race because he was afraid of getting hurt, but then Tim called him a coward and he had to prove him wrong because of his Marty McFly Complex

  • Methodism: Anglican clergyman and evangelist John Wesley chartered the first Methodist church (1784)
  • Shanghai Communiqué: US President Nixon and Chinese Premier Chou En-lai issued a document advancing normalization between the two countries (1972)
  • M*A*S*H: the final episode — "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" — aired; it was the top-rated TV episode in the US (1983)
  • Olof Palme: the Swedish prime minister and his wife were shot in Stockholm; he was killed, she survived (1986)
  • Waco siege: 51-day standoff began with a gun battle between federal agents and members of the cloistered Branch Davidian sect; the agents were attempting to arrest leader David Koresh on a weapons charge (1993)
  • Mary Lyon 1797 - Educator, founder of Mount Holyoke Seminary (later Mt. Holyoke College)
  • Sir John Tenniel 1820 - Cartoonist, illustrator
  • Charles Blondin (Jean Francois Gravelet) 1824 - Acrobat, aerialist, first to walk across Niagra Falls on a tightrope.
  • Ben Hecht 1894 - Novelist, scriptwriter, playwright
  • Linus Pauling 1901 - Nobel prize for chemistry in 1954, Nobel peace prize winner in 1962
  • Vincente Minnelli (Lester Anthony Minnelli) 1903 - Director, Liza Minelli's father
  • Earl Scheib 1907
  • Milton Caniff 1907 - Cartoonist
  • Billie Bird 1908
  • Zero (Samuel) Mostel (Samuel Joel Mostel) 1915 - Actor
  • Lee Castle 1915 - Musician, bandleader (Jimmy Dorsey's band)
  • Alf Kjellin 1920 - Actor, director
  • Charles Durning 1923 - Actor ("Spy Hard", "Dick Tracy", "The Hindenburg")
  • Chris Kraft 1924 - NASA flight director and voice of Mission Control for all Mercury and many Gemini missions
  • Svetlana Allilueva 1926 - Author, daughter of Russian leader Joseph Stalin
  • Stanley Baker 1927 - Actor ("The Guns of Navarone")
  • Frank Malzone 1930 - Baseball player
  • Gavin MacLeod 1931 - Actor ("Love Boat", "The Mary Tyler Moore Show")
  • Don Francks 1932 - Actor
  • Tommy Tune 1939 - Dancer, actor, choreographer
  • Mario Andretti 1940 - Auto racer, twin of Aldo Andretti
  • Aldo Andretti 1940 - Twin of Mario Andretti
  • Joe South 1940 - Songwriter, singer
  • Frank Bonner 1942 - Actor ("WKRP in Cincinnati")
  • Brian Jones (Lewis Hopkin-Jones) 1942 - Musician (The Rolling Stones)
  • Poul Popiel 1943
  • imagebam.comDonnie Iris 1943
  • Barbara Acklin 1944
  • Kelly Bishop 1944 - Actress ("Gilmore Girls")
  • Bubba Smith 1945 - Football player
  • Stephanie Beacham 1947 - Actress
  • Marty Perez 1947 - Baseball player
  • Mercedes Ruehl 1948 - Actress ("Last Action Hero", "Married to the Mob")
  • Bernadette Peters (Lazzara) 1948 - Actress ("The Jerk", "Pennies From Heaven"), singer
  • Tom Riker 1950 - Basketball player
  • Roland Harper 1953 - Football player
  • Adrian Dantley 1955 - Basketball player
  • Gilbert Gottfried 1955 - comedian
  • John Turturro 1957 - Actor ("Girl 6", "The Color of Money", "Desperately Seeking Susan")
  • Cindy Wilson 1957 Musician (B-52's)
  • Phil Gould 1957 - Musician (Level 42)
  • Rae Dawn Chong 1961 - Actress
  • Robert Sean Leonard 1969 - Actor ("Manhattan Project", "House")
  • Pat Monahan 1969 - Musician (Train)
  • Maxine Bahns 1971 - Actress
  • Eric Lindros 1973 - Hockey player
  • FeFe Dobson 1985 - Singer
  • Bobb'e J. Thompson 1996    

Friday, February 27, 2015

Rock for Adrians berfday!

Adrian Smith, third guitarist of Iron Maiden has a birthday today!

Iron Maiden - Prodigal Son

Listen to me Lamia, listen to what I've got to say.
I've got these feelings, and they won't go away.
I've got these fears inside that bring me to my knees.
Oh help me Lamia or I'm sure I'll die, oh please.

I feel unsettled, now I know that I've done wrong.
Messed around with mystic things and magic for far too long.
I feel I'm being paid with this nightmare inside me.
The devil's got a hold on my soul and he just won't let me be.

I'm on my knees, oh help me please.
I'm on my knees, help me please.

Oh Lamia please try to help me.
The devil's got hold of my soul and he won't let me be.
Lamia I've got this curse, I'm turning to bad.
The devil's got hold of my soul, and he's driving me mad. Oh

Oh Lamia please try to help me.
The devil's got hold of my soul and he won't let me be.
Lamia I've got this curse, I'm turning to bad.
The devil's got hold of my soul, and he's driving me mad. Oh

WTF Friday: CD Rom

That does look like a seedy rom, doesn't it?

Leonard Nimoy dead at 83

Leonard Nimoy, best known for his role as SPOCK in the Star Trek series, passed away from end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was 83.

More HERE.

TGIF! Friday, February 27, 2015

hidebound \HAHYD-bound\, adjective:
  • narrow-minded and stubborn
by 1559, from hide "cattle skin" + past tense of bind. Original reference is to emaciated cattle with skin sticking closely to backbones and ribs; metaphoric sense of "restricted by narrow attitudes" is first recorded 1603.
remote dance
  • The movements you make with your hand when trying to get your tv to recognize your remote control. All remote dances are different, but most involve twisting your hand around until the remote is almost upside down, thinking that for some reason that will help.
Last night i remote danced for like five minutes trying to turn the volume up.

  • Dominican Republic: became independent of Haiti (1844); then got its first elected president after 38 years of dictatorship (1963)
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa: the Italian government requested aid in preventing the tower from toppling; however, it was considered important to retain the tilt (1964)
  • carbon-14: radioactive isotope that is the basis of radiocarbon dating was discovered at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (1940)
  • Kuwait: oil-rich Arabian Peninsula country was liberated from Iraqi occupation during the Gulf War (1991)
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1807 - Poet
  • Enrico Caruso 1873 - Opera singer
  • Hugo (Layfayette) Black - U.S. Supreme Court Justice
  • Marian Anderson 1897 - Opera singer
  • John Steinbeck 1902 - Writer ("The Grapes of Wrath")
  • Gene Sarazen 1902 - Golfer
  • James T. Farrell 1904 - Author
  • Franchot Tone 1905 - Actor ("Mutiny on the Bounty")
  • Joan Bennett 1910 - Actress ("Little Women [1933]", "House of Dark Shadows")
  • Ted Horn 1910 - Auto racer
  • Irwin Shaw (Irwin Gilbert Shamforoff) 1913 - Novelist ("The Young Lions")
  • John Connally 1917 - Governor of Texas, was shot during the JFK assassination.
  • Guy Mitchell (Al Cernick) 1927 - Singer
  • James Herlihy 1927 - Actor ("Four Friends"), writer ("Midnight Cowboy")
  • Joanne Woodward 1930 - Actress ("The Three Faces of Eve")
  • Elizabeth Taylor 1932 - Actress ("Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?")
  • Ray Berry 1933 - Football player, coach
  • Ralph Nader 1934 - Consumer advocate
  • Chuck Glaser 1936 - Singer (Glaser Brothers), songwriter
  • Jay Silvester 1937 - Discus athlete, first to throw over 60m
  • Barbara Babcock 1939 - Actress
  • Peter Revson 1939 - Auto racer
  • Howard Hesseman 1940 - Actor ("WKRP in Cincinnati")
  • Mary Frann (Mary Frances Luecke) 1943 - Actress ("Newhart")
  • Wil (Wilbur) Jones 1947 - Basketball player, coach
  • Eddie Gray 1948 - Musician (Tommy James & The Shondells)
  • Debra Monk 1949 - Actress
  • Steve Harley (Nice) 1951 - Musician (Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel)
  • Dwight Jones 1952 - Basketball player
  • Neal Schon 1954 - Musician (Journey)
  • Reinhard Fendrich 1955
  • Garry Christian 1955 - Musician (The Christians)
  • Johnny Van Zant 1957 - Country singer
  • Adrian Smith 1957 - Musician (Iron Maiden)
  • Paul Humphreys 1960 - Musician (OMD)
  • Grant Show 1962 - Actor ("Melrose Place", "Beverly Hills 90210")
  • Adam Baldwin 1962 - Actor ("Wyatt Earp", "Ordinary People")
  • Mike Cross 1965 - Musician (Sponge)
  • Chili 1971 - Singer (TLC)
  • Roderic Clark 1973
  • Tony Gonzalez 1976 - Football player
  • Chelsea Clinton 1980 - Daughter of U.S. President Clinton
  • Bobby Wilson 1981 - Musician (Mista)
  • Josh Groban 1981 - Singer
  • Liz Chavez 1985

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Turtle Thursday: Good Boy


"The hip hop hit-maker gives his official co-sign to the rising young singer in this pop art-inspired visual." - Fuse

Former The Voice France contestant Diana Espir premiered her music video for "Tomboy" feat. Nelly yesterday exclusively at Fuse. Produced by Uriel "Frenchie" Kabouch and directed by Jawney QVEST and Lanz Pierce, the video "expresses a positive message about the equal relationship between a girl and her guy friends, making a lighthearted statement about female empowerment." "Tomboy" is now available on iTunes.

"The aim was to make this video as raw and genuine as possible," Diana told Fuse in a recent interview. "We made sure we had drinks and a fun time together; Invited our friends to create this cool energy and be able to show it on camera." You can get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the making of the video here.

Diana grew up in Switzerland with her English father, Italian mother and two siblings. She started taking piano lessons as a 2-year-old and by age 7, was enrolled in dance classes. Diana started taking voice lessons at 12 after the passing of her beloved piano teacher. It was then that she and her family realized that her musical gifts extended past the piano. Diana's angelic voice immediately caught the attention of the music community, and so began her career; she started by writing and singing ballads. At 15, she made her debut with "Je dessine mon destin" ("I Design My Own Destiny"). "My music was geared towards a younger audience," says Diana, who, at the time, appropriately specialized in teen-oriented fare. "What I'm doing now takes my music to the next level." Today, while Diana's been busily recording her latest material in some of New York's famed studios with her producer Uriel "Frenchie" Kabouch, several projects she recently completed are on the horizon.

Stay up to date with Diana Espir by visiting
"Tomboy" Official Music Video:
"Tomboy" Official Behind-The-Scenes::
"Tomboy" featuring Nelly is now available on iTunes: