Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Review Tuesday: DEADPOOL

A mercenary gets a cure for his cancer at a terrible cost, so he goes after the man who disfigured him.
This movie came out during tax season and I wasn't able to see it. A rated R comedy / superhero movie? I had to see it! Believe it or not, it was one of the in-flight movies during my recent vacation, so I gave it a view. 

Weighing in over 1.75 hours, DEADPOOL gives us the origin story of how the mercenary named Wade became the nigh-invulnerable mutant that the movie is names after. It's some seriously graphic violence coupled with crude humor. The in-flight version had the sexy parts cut out, but I understand that there is a healthy dose of that in there too. They cleverly make MANY references to other related movies and subjects. The pace is good. Great special effects. It was just an all around fun movie. I think I need to get the Blu-Ray so I can watch it in all of its uncut glory!

A good time as long as you're not easily offended!

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