Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Part 2: Review Tuesday: ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story

A Star Wars Story
A group of rebels races against time to confirm the existence of, and find a vulnerability in, the latest weapon unleashed by the Galactic Empire. 
This stand-alone STAR WARS movie fills in one of the gaps between Episodes three and four. Essentially it bring to screen what was in the opening scroll of A NEW HOPE. 
It's mostly what was on the pages that I reviewed just below, so I don't need to discuss the plot much more. But now I finally have visuals. Faces and shapes and things to assign to the images created within my mind. The casting of the characters was pretty good. For the first time ever you feel like everyone comes from all over the galaxy. There were many different accents. Many different faces. A huge variety, as you would expect in a rag-tag assemblage of creatures to stand against a Galactic Empire. That includes all manner of aliens of various shapes and sizes. 

The special effects were on point, and seemingly a throw-back to the use of hand-made models, as in the original trilogy. 

Even though I was expecting to be prepared for the movie, having read the book in advance,  but the visuals exceeded all expectations. The situation was made even more dire. The importance of the mission even more imperative. The ending was even more devastating. 

An excellent addition to the Star Wars universe. A MUST-SEE for every fan.