Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Review Tuesday: Tomb Raider [2018]

Lara Croft discovers the secret of her father's disappearance. 
This is a reboot, therefore has NOTHING to do with the previous Tomb Raider movies starring Angelina Jolie. Playing the lead role, in a vast contrast is Alicia Vikander who was known previously for her role in the sexy sci-fi flick, EX-MACHINA. 

Over the years the game TOMB RAIDER has evolved, if you can call it that. The animation has gotten better, and Lara has developed more average human proportions. So, as opposed to the broad-shouldered, thick-lipped, and huge-busted Lara from the early days, Lara is a more petite and average-looking character than she used to be. In a way, I feel like that concept might be at odds with the current atmosphere of social justice warriors, but who knows?

But I digress...

This movie starts off with Lara as a poor bicycle messenger hustling to survive who also happens to practice MMA. Isn't she supposed to be an heiress? you ask. Indeed. But she has forsaken the family fortune because she doesn't believe her father has died. Reluctantly, she accepts a clue at the execution of the will that sends her on an adventure to find her father.

The movie is very entertaining and clever with several unexpected twists and turns. The cast is great. I liked Alicia very much in lead role. The end was left wide open for a sequel, which I am curious whether or not will ever happen considering how poorly this film did in theaters. But if you were wondering, I would say it's worth viewing for some mindless action and adventure.

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