Monday, October 15, 2018

Monday, October 15, 2018

agita \AJ-i-tuh\, noun:
  1. Agitation; anxiety.
  2. Heartburn; indigestion.
Agita was coined in America in the 1980s. It comes from the Italian word agitare meaning "to bother."
Bacon Wrap
A) Verb. To take something that is already in a positive state of being and then elevate it to an unprecedented level of excellence by modifying or adding to it.
B) Verb. A deal sweetener.
Andre really bacon wrapped the deal by offering to deliver that muthafucka to LaRon's aunntie's house where he stay at.
The pizza shop hottie really bacon wrapped my order, she hooked it up with a free calzone AND extra ranch sauce.
If the bouncer isn't taking your $20 and is asking for more money, bacon wrap the deal by whispering a haiku in his left ear.

  • Gregorian calendar: was adopted by Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain; the Julian calendar ended the previous day, October 4, and the intervening 10 days were deleted (1582)
  • Abraham Lincoln: was encouraged to grow a beard in a letter he received from 11-year-old Grace Bedell (1860)
  • The Great Dictator: Charlie Chaplin's scathing satirical film attack on Nazi Germany was released (1940)
  • I Love Lucy: one of television history's most popular sitcoms debuted (1951)
  • Department of Transportation: was signed into existence by LBJ (1966)
  • sound barrier: was broken on land for the first time, by RAF pilot Andy Green in Black Rock Desert in Nevada, 50 years and a day after it was broken in the air by Chuck Yeager (1997)
  • Virgil 70 B.C.
  • Friedrich Nietzsche 1844 - German philosopher
  • Mule (George) Haas 1903
  • John Kenneth Galbraith 1908
  • David Carroll 1913
  • Jan Miner 1917
  • Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. 1917
  • Robert Walker 1918
  • Mario Puzo 1920
  • Lee Iacocca 1924
  • Jean Peters 1926
  • Peter Haskell 1934
  • Linda Lavin 1937
  • Barry McGuire 1937
  • Marv Johnson 1938
  • Dick Lotz 1942
  • Penny Marshall 1942
  • Don Stevenson (Moby Grape) 1942
  • Jim Palmer 1945
  • Victor Banerjee 1946
  • Richard Carpenter (The Carpenters) 1946
  • Roscoe Tanner 1951
  • Tito Jackson (The Jackson 5) 1953
  • Jere Burns 1954
  • Tanya Roberts 1955
  • Sarah Ferguson 1959
  • Mark Reznicek (Toadies) 1962
  • Ginuwine 1970   


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