Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Review Tuesday: Stabbing Westward: Darkest Days 20th Anniversary Tour @ The Gramercy Theatre, New York

Stabbing Westward
Darkest Days 20th Anniversary Tour
The Gramercy Theatre, New York

A friend contacted me about this show. It's Stabbing Westward playing in NYC on a Saturday night with cheap tixx. Why not go?

The Amatory Murder
First act up was THE AMATORY MURDER. I wasn't familiar with this Brooklyn, NY based band, but what better way to learn than seeing them live? Since I am unfamiliar with their music, I can't post a set list. I can say they had good levels. Had a good sounds. The drummer played mostly using the traditional stick grip. They had fun on stage. The singer sounded a little rough, but for industrial music it goes with the territory. A good introduction. 

Next up was TheClayPeople. This was a bigger band and they had a huge stage presence.While I wasn't familiar with this upstate NY band, I immediately liked them. Their sound and energy made for a very fun set to watch.

Stabbing Westward
It's been 20 years since Darkest days was released? Damn. I feel old. Especially because I wasn't young 20 years ago either! They hit the stage before 9:30.

  1. Darkest Days 
  2. Everything I Touch
  3. Drugstore
  4. Save Yourself
  5. Haunting Me
  6. Torn Apart
  7. Sometimes It Hurts
  8. Drowning
  9. Desperate Now
  10. The Thing I Hate
  11. On Your Way Down
  12. Waking Up Beside You

  1. Nothing 
  2. So Far Away 
  3. Violent Mood Swings
  4. What Do I Have to Do?
  5. Shame
Three of the five guys on stage were original members which surprised me. It seems that whenever these anniversary tours come up it's just the singer and a whole band of youngsters around him. So, that made this show a little more special that 60% of the guys were still on speaking terms after a couple decades. 

Their sound was really good. Great mix. Perfect levels. Fun show!