Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

loup-garou \loo-ga-ROO\, noun:
  • A werewolf; lycanthrope.
Loup-garou stems from the French word of the same spelling which also means werewolf. The word loup also means "wolf" in French. It entered English in the late 1500s.
This occurs when you complete an assignment, project, or other accomplishment and a co-worker, supervisor, executive or other employee either
  1. claims the credit for the work accomplished
  2. discredits the work accomplished for no apparent reason
  3. requests a lot of useless modifications or asks a lot of pointless questions to make the work seem inadequate
This situation is typically encountered when interacting with people who either do no or little work, have no accomplishments, and or are lacking in grey matter
Short: WJ
The boss just workjacked my entire presentation that I worked on for two weeks on how to improve customer satisfaction.
That dude just WJ'd your project...

  • Canadian Pacific Railway: transcontinental system was completed, linking Montreal with Port Moody, British Columbia (1885)
  • Bolshevik Revolution: Lenin's forces overthrew Kerensky's government (1917)
  • Blue law: overturned in Pennsylvania, permitting sports on Sunday (1933)
  • Galloping Gertie: suspension bridge over the Tacoma Narrows collapsed due to aeroelastic flutter, killing a cocker spaniel and becoming a textbook engineering disaster case (1940)
  • Richard Nixon: quit politics, saying "You won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore" (1962); he was elected US President on the same date (1972)
  • African-American civil rights movement: Carl B. Stokes became the first black mayor of a major US city, Cleveland (1967); Douglas Wilder became the first elected black governor of a US state, Virginia (1989)
  • Magic Johnson: LA Lakers basketball star announced he had AIDS and was retiring (1991)
  • Madame Curie 1867
  • Ed Dodd 1902
  • Dean Jagger 1903
  • Albert Camus 1913
  • Billy Graham 1918
  • Al Hirt 1922
  • Dame Joan Sutherland 1926
  • Barry Newman 1938
  • Dee (Delectus) Clark 1938
  • Johnny Rivers 1942
  • Joni Mitchell (Roberta Joan Anderson) 1943
  • Joe Niekro 1944
  • Nick Gilder 1951
  • Christopher Knight 1957
  • Christopher Pallies (King Kong Bundy) 1957
  • Keith Lockhart 1959
  • Todd McKee 1963
  • Dana Plato 1964
  • Cathleen Raymond (aka Gabrielle Scream, Kathleen, Noelle) 1971 t3h pr0n
  • Robin Rinck (NIN) 1971
  • Jason London 1972
  • Jeremy London 1972
  • Kim Yun-jin (Yunjin Kim) 1973 - Actress ("Lost")