Friday, December 07, 2018

Friday, December 7, 2018

giblets \JIB-lits\, noun:
  • The heart, liver, gizzard, and the like, of a fowl, often cooked separately.
Giblets most likely derives from the Old French gibelet, "a stew made from wild game."
cute porn
  • Any film, video, or series of photos that exists solely to garner the ubiquitous "awww" from its viewers.
The movie /We Bought a Zoo/ is really nothing more than an exercise in cute porn filmmaking.

In what game was the term “grand slam” first used?
  • Whist, a forerunner of bridge, where it means winning all 13 card tricks in a hand. The term is also used in baseball, golf, tennis, and rugby.
  • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day: a day to commemorate when Japan launched an unprovoked cowardly sneak-attack on a sleeping American Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, drawing the US into WWII (1941)
  • Delaware: the First State ratified the US Constitution and was admitted to the Union (1787)
  • New York Philharmonic: America's oldest symphony orchestra debuted; they played Beethoven's Fifth Symphony (1842)
  • "The Blue Marble": famous photograph was taken by the crew of the Apollo 17 as NASA's last moon mission flew away from Cape Canaveral (1972)
  • Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini 1598
  • Willa Cather 1873
  • Eli Wallach 1915
  • Ted Knight 1923
  • Bent Frabric 1924
  • Bobby Osborne 1931
  • Ellen Burstyn 1932
  • Carole Simpson 1940
  • Harry Chapin 1942
  • Johnny Bench (MLB) 1947
  • Gary Morris 1948
  • Tom Waits 1949
  • Larry Bird (NBA) 1956
  • Priscilla Barnes 1956
  • Edd Hall 1958
  • Tim Butler (Psychedelic Furs) 1958
  • C. Thomas Howell 1966
  • Nicole Appleton (All Saints) 1975 
  • Orli Shoshan 1976 (Shaak Ti from the Star Wars prequels)
  • Sara Beth Bareilles 1979 - Singer
  • Jennifer Carpenter 1979
  • Emily Browning 1988