Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Review Tuesday: HUSH [2016]

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A serial killer chooses the wrong woman to murder.
Mrs. Bax0jayz wanted to see another horror movie before going to sleep recently and this was her choice. She has chosen some surprisingly good movies that I have never heard of before so I gave this one the benefit of the doubt.

Maddie (Kate Siegal) is an author who happens to be both deaf and mute. She decided to retreat from the city and live quietly in the woods to write her second novel. All seemed fine until the man (John Gallagher Jr) showed up. Apparently this dude is some sort of a serial killer as his crossbow has notches cut into the stock. At least, that's my assumption. The rest of the movie is you yelling at the screen as the cast of characters do one dumb thing after another. 

I thought this was one of those Lifetime Channel movies. You know? The type that a woman is having a perfectly fine life until a man shows up the ruin it all for her. But the heroine is STRONG and perseveres and triumphs over men in the end. There. Now I saved you two hours of your life since you don't have to be bothered watching it. YOU ARE WELCOME. Kate Siegal is very attractive and nice to see on screen, but this movie is too formulaic. I'd say pass on it.