Monday, February 04, 2019

Monday, February 4, 2019

word-hoard \WURD-hawrd\, noun:
  • A person's vocabulary.
Word-hoard first occurred in modern English in the 1890s. It was a literal translation of the Old English word wordhord which meant "a store of words."
seems legit
  1. What one would say in a situation that arouses suspicions, but is ultimately determined to pose no threat.
  2. What one would say ironically in a situation that is obviously NOT legit, usually dealing with illicit activities such as drugs and pedophilia, or the purchase of knockoff merchandise.
1) This muscle cream isn't a brand I've ever heard of, but there's no ingredients label on it so it can't be steroids. Seems legit.

2a) This 15-year old Christina Hansen wants me to come visit her for a surprise... seems legit!
2b) This guy is asking for 15 bucks for this thousand dollar Gucci bag... seems legit!

Super Bowl Monday
  • The Monday after the Super Bowl where you are still hung-over and wondering what you actually did, who won, and why you had so much to drink. You often must go back to work, school, etc. which makes it that much worst. It's a specific Case of the Mondays.
Dude 1: Hey dude. I saw you making out with Jill in Lori's kitchen yesterday. Now that's what I call a Touchdown.
Dude 2: Oh, that's what I was doing durring the last quarter. Who ended up winning again?
Dude 1: The Colts man. You're havin' one bad Super Bowl Monday.
What elements are represented by the three numbers listed on a bag of fertilizer—for example, 10-20-10?
  • Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). The numbers indicate the percentage, by weight, of each of the ingredients, which are listed on the bag in alphabetical order.
Bale Out
  • When someone's stress level explodes to an epic proportion and a 5-minute f-bomb-laden tirade is unleashed on the unlucky soul who was in the wrong place at the wrong time -- much like Christian Bale on the T4 set.
Pam was trying to study for her midterms in the library but the kid across the table kept tapping his pencil to his ipod making her Bale out and get suspended from the library for a week.
  • electoral college: George Washington and John Adams were elected the first President and Vice President of the United States (1789)
  • Confederate States of America: a new union broke away from the United States; it was formed by southern slave states (1861)
  • Yalta Conference: the "Big Three" — Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin — met in the Crimea (1945)
  • Yugoslavia: was formally replaced by Serbia and Montenegro; the two declared independence three years later (2003)
  • Facebook: social networking site that redefined "friend" was founded by Mark Zuckerberg (2004)
  • Mark Hopkins 1802
  • Fernand Léger 1881
  • Jacques Prévert 1900
  • Charles Lindbergh 1902
  • MacKinlay Kantor 1904
  • Eddie Foy Jr. 1905
  • James Craig 1912
  • Byron Nelson 1912
  • Rosa Parks 1913
  • Dick Seaman 1913
  • William Talman 1915
  • Ida Lupino 1918
  • Norman Wisdom 1918
  • Betty Friedan 1921
  • William Phipps 1922
  • Conrad Bain 1923
  • Gary Conway 1936
  • John Schuck 1940
  • George A. Romero 1940
  • John Steel (The Animals) 1941
  • Cheryl Miller 1943
  • Florence LaRue (The Fifth Dimension) 1944
  • David Brenner 1945
  • Dan Quayle 1947
  • Alice Cooper 1948 
  • Michael Beck 1949
  • Pamela Franklin 1950
  • Lisa Eichhorn 1952
  • Lawrence Taylor 1959
  • Pamela Ferdin 1960
  • Tim Booth (James) 1960
  • Henry Bogdan (Helmet) 1961
  • Clint Black 1962
  • Dave Buchanan (Yankee Grey) 1966
  • Gabrielle Anwar 1970 (Burn Notice)
  • David Garza 1971
  • Michael Goorjian 1971
  • Natalie Imbruglia 1975
  • Rick Burch (Jimmy Eat World) 1975
  • Cam'ron 1976