Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Review Tuesday: A QUIET PLACE [2018]

A Quiet Place [Blu-ray]

A family tries to survive after monsters that track sound have devastated the world. 
With all the rave reviews, Mrs. Bax0jayz thought we should watch a critically acclaimed horror film for a change. Hailed as a genius for writing and directing this film, John Krasinski also stars with Emily Blunt as parents trying to survive, and keep their children safe in A QUIET PLACE. Previously Krasinski was best known for his comedic work in THE OFFICE. In this movie he grew a beard and shed his comedic side. There is nothing funny about this movie. It starts off with a brutal scene as it breaks the unwritten rules of horror when the youngest child is killed by the monsters. That scene immediately set the pace for suspense and thrills as the horror of the world unfolds. 

The cast was pretty good and the story is assembled well. It makes sense that a family that was already adapted to silence as the oldest daughter is deaf and can only communicate in American Sign Language would be able to exist in a world of forced silence or die. Of course the whole thing gets more annoying that, while everyone has to beware armored monsters that are blind, but are very sensitive to sound, the oldest daughter decided to go through her teenage rebellion phase. 

I would say this movie help my interest and I wasn't unhappy with the ending. Since the movie is more about the visuals than the sounds and dialog, you are thrust into their quiet world. That part wore me out a little. They do provide a little background that gives you the impression that world HAS been devastated, but it makes you wonder how a planet of billions could be wiped out by creatures that appear to be in smaller numbers and use no technology. The questions I would've liked answers to were what were the creatures and where did they come from? The wife was disappointed in the movie. She felt they they should have allowed another couple minutes for a "real ending." I'll call it okay. It's only a 90 minute investment in time.

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