Tuesday, March 05, 2019

ReviewTuesday: IMMORTAL HOUSE by Elizabeth Guizzetti

Immortal House by [Guizzetti, Elizabeth]

by Elizabeth Guizzetti
A vampire is looking for a safe place to rest his immortal head in Seattle. 
For years I have enjoyed reading about the Vampire worlds created by various superstitions and authors over the years. When I had the opportunity to read this tale for free in exchange for an honest review of the material, I jumped at the chance!

IMMORTAL HOUSE is a story that spans the scores of decades of the life and undeath of Laurence Roche. The lore that the author chose to follow was more along the lines of that portrayed in the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles with all the bloody tears and their creation. But that was a rather small aspect of what this book was all about. It's a split screen story, bouncing back and forth between what Laurence is going through now, house-hunting, and his history. 

I found the story light and fun to follow as well as the likable characters. It's quick to read and leaves you feeling satisfied with the ending. The story certainly completes itself within the pages, but gives the impression that the author could easily go back and write more chapters in this particular world of vampires should she decide to do so.    

I found this story very enjoyable and worthwhile to read for any vampire fan.

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