Saturday, April 20, 2019

Saturday, April 20, 2019

4/20 - For all you pot heads!
machinate \MAK-uh-neyt\, verb:
  • to contrive or plot, especially artfully or with evil purpose: to machinate the overthrow of the government.
Machinate entered English from the Latin machina in the first half of the fifteenth century.
  • The process of (often aimlessly) browsing YouTube videos via the suggested/related videos that are provided on the YouTube sidebar or at the conclusion of a viewed YouTube clip. Refers to the concept of the "dream, within a dream, within a dream" from the movie Inception; except users are experiencing a video, within a video, within a video. Can often be a great way of finding obscure and random YouTube content that usually ends up being a world away from the initial search.
"Dude, I found this hilarious video of a kid falling off a see-saw"
"Yeah, how'd you get to that?"
"Tubeception, man: I started on a Slayer video, then just clicked away until I ended up at see-saw kid!"
"I was so bored at home, I ended up having a Tubeception session and realised how many damn cats are on here!"

marijuana minute
  • A seemingly long period of time. It occurs most often when under the influence of marijuana due to the altered state of mind. An actually short moment may seem to drag on forever. Similar to: New York Minute
Dude, that speech lasted a marijuana minute. -Charlie
I know, I kept wondering if it was going to ever end -Michael

How long have you been waiting to finally have sex with your girlfriend? Guy #1
I don't know man. It's been a marijuana minute. Guy #2

  1. very high-quality weed, generally with red hairs on it.
  2. pertaining to a long-lasting medical condition.
From smoking too much chronic, Joe ended up with a chronic case of the shaky-shivers. 

  • Fenway Park: Boston Red Sox played their first game in the new stadium (1912)
  • school busing: in Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, the Supreme Court held unanimously that it was legitimate to use busing as a tool for achieving racial desegregation in schools (1971)
  • Columbine High School massacre: two students at Columbine High School killed 12 classmates and a teacher in a shooting spree (1999)
  • Danica Patrick: became the first female winner in IndyCar history, winning the Indy Japan 300 (2008)
  • Phillip Pinel 1745
  • Napoleon III 1808 - Emperor of France
  • Daniel Chester French 1850 - Sculptor, created Minute Man statue in Concord, MA, Abraham Lincoln seated in the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC
  • Adolf Hitler 1889 - Artist, house painter, German leader during World War II
  • Joan Miro 1893 - Artist
  • Harold Lloyd 1893 - Comedian, actor ("For Heaven's Sake")
  • Norman Norell (Norman David Levinson) 1900 - Costume designer, fashion designer
  • Lionel Hampton 1908 - Singer, songwriter, jazz musician, bandleader
  • Tito (Ernest) Puente 1923 - Jazz musician, bandleader
  • Nina Foch (Nina Consuelo Maud Fock) 1924 - Actress ("Spartacus", "An American in Paris")
  • Leslie Philips 1924 - Actor ("Harry Potter" films)
  • Henri Renaud 1925 - Jazz musician, pianist, record producer
  • Elena Verdugo 1926 - Actress ("Little Giants", "Meet Millie")
  • Phil Hill 1927 - Auto racer
  • Bob (Robert Earl) Braun 1929 - Television host ("The Bob Braun Show"), actor ("Die Hard 2", "The Young and the Restless")
  • Beaver Harris (William Godwin Harris) 1936 - Musician
  • George Takei 1937 - Actor ("Star Trek", "Star Trek" movie series)
  • Johnny Tillotson 1939 - Singer
  • Ryan O'Neal 1941 - Actor ("Love Story", "Peyton Place")
  • Michael Brandon (Feldman) 1945 - Actor ("Red Alert", "Promises in the Dark")
  • Jimmy Winston (Langwith) 1945 - Musician (Moments, Small Faces)
  • Steve Spurrier 1945 - Football player
  • Tom (Thomas George) Hutton 1946 - Baseball player
  • Brian Lavender 1947 - Hockey player
  • David Leland 1947 - Actor ("Time Bandits"), director
  • Joe Bonner 1948 - Jazz pianist, composer
  • Craig Frost 1948 - Musician (Grand Funk Railroad)
  • Jessica Lange 1949 - Actress ("Tootsie", "Blue Sky")
  • Luther Vandross 1951 - Singer, songwriter
  • Denis Leary 1958 - Actor
  • Clint Howard 1959 - Actor ("Backdraft", "Cocoon")
  • Crispin Glover 1964 - Actor ("Dead Man", "Twister", "Back to the Future")
  • Mike Portnoy 1967 - Musician, drummer (Dream Theater)
  • Wade Hayes 1969
  • Carmen Electra 1972 - Actress ("Baywatch"), singer/dancer
  • Joey Lawrence 1976 - Actor ("Gimme a Break", "Blossom")