Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Review Tuesday: Horror Island: Where Nightmares Become Reality by Ben Hammott

Horror Island: Where Nightmares Become Reality by [Hammott, Ben]

Horror Island:
Where Nightmares Become Reality
by Ben Hammott
When horror author Zane Baloc inherits Horror Island from horror director Ezra Houghton, a horrific adventure commences. 
When I saw this seemingly cheesy title offered to up to be read for free in exchange for an honest review, I had to give it a shot. I mean, can a title get more campy than HORROR ISLAND: WHERE NIGHTMARES BECOME REALITY? I had to read this tale!

Imagine this, an eccentric director of horror films  by the name of Ezra Houghton decided to build a horror theme park that he would also use to film movies on a private island he acquired off the coast of Costa Rica. Unbeknownst to Ezra, a malevolent alien parasite had made the island it's home and was infecting the local wild life, and was evolving their forms into brutal killing machines. Apparently those evolutions were, at least, partially influenced by the horrific machinations that Ezra had built on the island. By the time Ezra presented the island on opening night an onslaught of vicious nightmares fell upon the unwitting visitors. Those who could, escaped with their lives and Ezra shut the place down until his death some 60 years later. At that point he willed the island to Zane Baloc, famed author or horror on the condition he writes a book based on his observations of the island. 

All that above were just the first couple pages, really. Then you have the adventure of the team that Baloc assembled to get the island powered up and able to sustain visitors again. It's a page turning thrill ride as the most unexpected things happen to the cast of characters at the hands of the some of the most describable creatures in modern horror. 

A fun horror story with plenty of gore for fans of such genres. I recommend it!

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