Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Review Tuesday: TROPIC THUNDER (2008)

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When the cast of a Vietnam era film get caught up with modern day drug manufacturers in the jungles of Asia, they have to use their acting skills to pull off a rescue. 
Mrs Bax0jayz was ready for a Rated R comedy, and we used to go see all the Ben Stiller movies, so she agreed to this one. 
An all-star cast for a Hollywood mega blockbuster about a mission during the Vietnam War was being filmed. But all the huge egos on the set are causing everything to grind to a halt. The director has the bright idea to set up cameras in the jungles and drop the stars into the jungle and make them really feel the situation. OF course everything goes wrong and hilarity ensues.  
I had seen this movie a long time ago, but this was the first time for the wife. She said she found it okay, but it wasn't keeping her attention. On the other hand, I found this movie to be far ahead of its time. A comedy that would make SJW heads explode? This is the sort of creation that would end careers now because people don't understand satire and comedy anymore. Hell, you can't even have another opinion anymore without being called a fascist. 
My recommendation is to see this movie and ENJOY before it gets cancelled. I have a feeling that's coming up.