Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Review Tuesday: RED NOTICE

Red Notice (2021) - IMDb
Rival art thieves vie for the ultimate score. 
In the age of COVID, movies are made to be watched at home and not in theaters. This will likely impact the film model going forward, as studios have been working hard trying to figure out how to make money on movies when some localities are still getting in the way of progress. Streaming services have been way ahead of the curve on this, and here's a film from Netflix with some pretty big names in it.  

RED NOTICE: the highest level attached to a criminal by INTERPOL. Essentially, INTERPOL's most wanted. 

The movie starts off with Agent Hartley (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) and Inspector Das (Ritu Arya) are closing in on Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds) in an attempt to prevent him from stealing one of Cleopatra's eggs. This whole exchange sets the pace for the entire rest of the movie, as both Booth and The Bishop (Gal Gadot) are rival art thieves trying to collect the three eggs of Cleopatra for a HUGE payday. 

The movie is pure brainless action and fun. If you actually THINK about anything in this movie, it's likely to ruin the experience for you. The fun is really watching how Booth and Hartley are forced to join forces to beat The Bishop to the final egg. Of course, they really can't have too much screen time for The Bishop because Gal Gadot is ridiculously gorgeous and distracting in her scenes.

Is this a great film? No. Is it well made and entertaining to watch? It sure is. I would say it's probably the same dumb fun as those FnF movies if I could ever force myself to watch any of them. But, if you have nothing else to do and have Netflix and like action films with a dash of humor, you might get a kick out of this one.
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