Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Review Tuesday: Bonds Of Darkness (Of Courts and Desires) by Rachel Hailey

Bonds Of Darkness (Of Courts and Desires) by [Rachel Hailey]
Bonds Of Darkness
(Of Courts and Desires)
by Rachel Hailey 
In this third book of the series we learn more about the "witches" and their place in the world, while trying to prevent another catastrophe like that from the previous book. 
Paranormal erotica isn't one of my go-to types of books to read. However, Rachel Hailey is a talented writer with quite an imagination, and she's married to someone I know, so I have been reading her books. 
With each book Hailey focuses on one (or two) types of kyn and tells us all about their abilities and where they fall in the grand scheme of things. In this one we deal with the houses of the Dreamkyn and our main characters are Valen and Candace. Candace is a dreamkyn who only learned about her descent after a blood test later in life than it should've taken. It was late enough that she could've died without finding this out. This was a world-shattering discovery for her because she was brought up in a household that hated all things kyn related. But her parents died years earlier and she was left to fend for herself and was now learning about her new life, her REAL life in the court of the dreamers. However, when a bunch of rogues invade the library during her studies, Candace is suddenly pulled into a world of royalty, pettiness, violence, as well as pure love. 
The story is a roller coaster of action and events with enough of the erotica portion to to keep those fans perfectly happy. We are introduced to a bunch of new characters, and forces at work. The character development is top notch and you really feel like you are getting to know everyone better, even characters whom we have previously met like Shane, Ashe, and especially Daina. The main characters, Valen and Candace are both so likable you are really pulling for them. 
 I very much enjoyed this book and recommend to readers of fantasy and/or erotica. I DO suggest starting from the beginning and reading the books in order to fully grasp the concepts.
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