Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Review Tuesday: CHUCKY (The Series)

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The Series
Season One
After Jake picks up a Good Guy doll in a yard sale, violence erupts in Hackensack, NJ.
Some years back they rebooted CHILD'S PLAY. I thought we were finally done with that entire voodoo thing and they were finished flogging this dead horse. 
Apparently they were building to something with the last couple movies. Between the Curse of Chucky and The Cult of Chucky they opened a whole new method of creating bad guys. Chucky could just be implanted into ANY Good Guys Doll, and as many as he wants. So, after the events of those movies, ignoring the reboot, that we go directly into this series from USA and SYFY. 

Truth be told, the moment I saw that SYFY was involved I had really low expectations. Look how they ruined Jeepers Creepers! But I digress. The series premiered in October, 2021, I suppose for scary season. The show is full of unlikable characters. The writing is weak. The action is slow. The characters are pretty stupid, especially the police officers. The show is FULL of bad acting, and I am not sure if I blame the cast or the director for that. 

The biggest problem is that this is a horror series. As such, you are supposed to feel sympathy for the victims. However, most of the characters are all annoying and toxic and you really don't care if they day, or it's actually a relief that you don't have to endure their screen presence any longer. 

Season one consists of eight agonizing and mind-numbing episodes. I'll give them the improved special effects, but there was so much bad with the series that I just wanted to see it to the end and be done with it. The finale leaves a wide opening for a second season that I am not sure if I will bother watching if they get the greenlight to make. 

I would call this series bad to awful and a waste of time.
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