Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Review Tuesday: The Walking Dead - Season 11

 TWD Season 11 Spoiler - Will This Character Die?
The Walking Dead
Season 11
After the story arc with the Whisperers, the survivors come across The Commonwealth in the final season. 
Due to COVID-19, the final season of The Walking Dead got delayed. In a way, it was accelerated at the same time. Rather than drag out the story into a 12th season, they decided to go with a 24 episode season 11 to tie things up. 

The Commonwealth is a pre-zombie style city. It has shops and all sorts of workers and positions like had been known in the old world. It seemed like a utopia at first glance, but the corruption was just below the surface. The survivors learned pretty quickly that the Governor, her son, and her right-hand man were all up to no good and the citizens of the Commonwealth were the victims. 

This season was long and drawn out and boring. They just dragged out the plot and kept flogging this dead horse for WAY more episodes than necessary. By the end, you just don't even care anymore. Some shows end and you feel sad because you are seeing some friends you see every week on the screen. This isn't one of those. You are just glad to see it go. At the end they unveil their various forthcoming Walking Dead shows and I just had NO INTEREST in investing anymore time to this. The comic books that this show was based on tended to drag things out a little, but the shows perfected wasting the time of the viewers. Even though I used to like many of the characters in this show, I didn't care that the show is over and I am glad that this is finally over. 
The Walking Dead Season 11 Review: TV's Longest-Running Zombie Show  Shambles to an End