Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Review Tuesday: MERCY CHRISTMAS (2017)

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When a man is invited to a coworker's family gathering for Christmas, it turns out to be a horror instead. 
I had a bunch of movies that I wanted to see but Mrs Bax0jayz selected this Christmas-Horror film instead. Okay. 

Michael Briskett (Steven Hubbell) is an office worker who was tasked with a huge project to get done over the Christmas Holiday. Cindy (Casey O'Keefe), a very attractive coworker, invited him to come and join her family for their celebration. 

That's when everything goes south. 

This movie was weird. It's violent. It's naive. It's encouraging on some levels. But most of all, it's FUBAR. I guess it's fun on some levels as a holiday horror flick. The bad guys are so weird and sadistic in this strangely "clean" slasher horror film. The film is definitely nicely polished. It looks like a made for TV movie with a decent budget, just with violence and gore. I would say it was better than expected. 

You can watch it for free on AMAZOM / Freevee HERE