Thursday, May 25, 2023

Thursday, May 25, 2023

sojourn \SOH-juhrn; so-JURN\, intransitive verb:
1. To stay as a temporary resident; to dwell for a time.
  • 1. A temporary stay.
Sojourn comes from Old French sojorner, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin subdiurnare, from Latin sub-, "under, a little over" + Late Latin diurnus, "lasting for a day," from Latin dies, "day."
Thought wad
  • a sudden burst and outpouring of ideas, thoughts, creativeness, or conversation topics, often followed by a severe lack thereof.
"Why'd you dump him?"
"He was boring. He blew his whole thought wad on our first date, then had nothing."

  • Towel Day: (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) 
  • Constitutional Convention: convened in Philadelphia; George Washington presided (1787)
  • Monkey Trial: John T. Scopes was indicted in Tennessee for teaching Darwin's theory of evolution (1925)
  • Babe Ruth: hit his 714th home run, setting a record that held until 1974, when Hank Aaron broke it (1935)
  • track and field: at the Big Ten Track and Field Championships, Jesse Owens tied one world record and broke three others, all within 45 minutes (1935)
  • OAU: was founded at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with the goals of encouraging African unity, promoting development and fighting neocolonialism (1963)
    STAR WARS first opened on 32 screens across the USA. (1977)
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  • ALIEN, In Space No One can Hear You Scream, was released in 1979.

    Hands Across America: more than five million people joined hands in a line that stretched for 4,000 mi/6,400 km from New York City to Long Beach, CA; participants raised money for the fight against hunger and homelessness (1986)
  • Erik Weihenmayer: became the first blind man to climb Mt. Everest (2001)
  • Ralph W. Emerson 1803 - Essayist, philosopher, poet
  • Luther 'Bill' Robinson (Bill "Bojangles" Robinson) 1878 - Tap dancer, actor
  • Philip Murray 1886 - Steelworker, labor leader
  • Igor Sikorsky (Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky) 1889 - Pioneer in aviation with helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft
  • Ginny Simms 1916 - Singer
  • Claude Akins 1926 - Actor
  • Lindsey Nelson 1919 - Sportscaster
  • Hal David 1921 - Lyricist
  • John Weitz 1923 - Fashion and industrial designer
  • Jeanne Crain 1925 - Actress
  • Miles Davis 1926 - Trumpeter, bandleader, composer
  • Kitty Kallen 1926 - Singer
  • Norman Petty 1927 - Musician, songwriter, record producer
  • Robert Ludlum 1927 - Author (The Jason Bourne series of books)
  • Beverly Sills 1929 - Opera singer
  • K.C. Jones 1932 - Basketball player
  • Ron Nessen 1934 - White House Press Secretary for President Gerald Ford
  • Tom T. Hall 1936 - Country singer, songwriter
  • Donnie Elbert 1936 - Singer
  • Raymond Carver 1938 - Short story writer, poet
  • Dixie Carter 1939 - Actress ("Designing Women," "Desperate Housewives")
  • Ian McKellen 1939 - Actor
  • Jessi Colter 1943 - Country musician
  • Leslie Uggams 1943 - Actress, singer
  • John "Poli" Palmer 1943 - Musician (Family)
  • Frank Oz 1944 - Actor, puppeteer (many Muppets characters, Yoda's voice)
  • Karen Valentine 1947 - Actress ("Room 222")
  • Mitch Margo 1947 - Musician (Cross Country)
  • Clarence Burke Jr. 1949 - Musician (Five Stairsteps)
  • Patti D'Arbanville-Quinn 1951 - Actress, model
  • Connie Sellecca 1955 - Actress, model
  • John Grimaldi 1955 - Musician (Argent)
  • Sugar Minott 1956 - Reggae singer
  • Klaus Meine 1958 - Musician (Scorpions)
  • Paul Weller 1958 - Musician (The Jam, Style Council)
  • Mike Myers 1963 - Actor, comedian, screenwriter, cast member on "Saturday Night Live," ("Austin Powers" movies)
  • Anne Heche 1969 - Actress ("Volcano")
  • Jamie Kennedy 1970 - Actor, comedian, rapper
  • Justin Henry 1971 - Actor ("Kramer vs. Kramer" [1979])
  • Molly Sims 1973 - Actress
  • Miguel Tejada 1974 - Baseball player
  • Lauryn Hill 1975 - Musician (The Fugees)
  • Cillian Murphy 1976 - Actor
  • Brian Urlacher 1978 - Football player
  • Shawne Merriman 1984 - Football player
    Zazie Beetz 1991 - actress
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 All of Ian Mckellen's Movies, Ranked by Critics Worst to Best


MI6 said...

Mark Greaney’s The Gray Man is marvellous entertainment, superb disinformation for those looking for a job in the CIA, MI6 et al and as noted elsewhere in the London Times "you’ll forget it the moment you stop watching it". So why spend so much on such a fictional film just to make James Bond and Jason Bourne look like slow horses? Why include gratuitous gruesome nail-pulling torturous stuff if this is meant to be the best escapism money can buy?

There are many decent novels and films in the espionage genre that satisfy the demand for “fast and furious”. Surely the Russo bros must know that few viewers want non-stop “fast and furious” for two hours two minutes? Excellent examples of the skilful juxtaposition of “fast and furious” action packed scenes with more cerebral stuff feature in many of Len Deighton’s fictional works whether in writing or on screen with Caine or Cole as Harry Palmer or arguably even more strikingly in Bill Fairclough’s fact based spy novel Beyond Enkription in The Burlington Files series.

One classic espionage writer, namely John le Carré, was never noted for the “fast and furious”. If only John le Carré, Mark Greaney and the Russo Bros had collaborated one with another years ago! Mind you, apparently Fairclough approached le Carré on collaborative works and was turned down. As John le Carré allegedly commented “Why bother now?” A realistic response from an expert in spy fiction in his eighties! But was it true? To find out more, best read the news article dated 31 October 2022 in TheBurlingtonFiles site and read Beyond Enkription if interested in MI6 and Pemberton’s People.

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