Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

musette [myoo-zet], noun: 
  1. a small leather or canvas bag with a shoulder strap, used for carrying personal belongings, food, etc.,while hiking, marching, or the like. Also called musette bag. 
  2. a French bagpipe of the 17th and early 18th centuries, with several chambers and drones, and with the wind supplied by a bellows rather than a blowpipe. 
ORIGIN: There are still some American men who served in the army (if not another branch) during World War II and know what a musette or musette bag is. Musette in the sense “small, lightweight backpack” is an Americanism that first appears in the early 1920s. The word musette comes from French musette “bagpipe” because the shape of the backpack is similar to the sack or bag of the bagpipe. Musette in the sense of bagpipe entered English at the end of the 14th century.  

Schrödinger's Text 
  • The philosophical thought exercise used by men and women, waiting for a text that states "If you turn your phone off the text is both received and not received until you turn it back on and see". This thought exercise is exceptionally useful when you are waiting and obsessing over a text. 
Person 1 "hey aren't you waiting on a text? Why is your phone off" 
Person 2 "schrödinger's text. If I have my phone off I don't know if that hot girl in chem class replied to my dinner invite and as a result I can't worry about not getting a reply." 
Person 1 " wow just grow a pair" 

  • Pikes Peak: explorer Zebulon Pike first spotted the 14,000-foot (4,267 m.) Colorado mountain that eventually bore his name (1806)
  • March to the Sea: Union commander Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman began his attack "into the very bowels of the Confederacy" during the American Civil War (1864)
  • Brazil: became a republic when its emperor, Pedro II, was deposed (1889)
  • Wendy's: the first branch of the fast food chain was opened by Dave Thomas in Columbus, Ohio (1969)
  • Moratorium to end the war in Vietnam: up to an estimated half-million protesters marched peacefully on Washington, DC (1969)
  • William Pitt the Elder 1708 - Known as the Great Commoner, 1st Earl of Chatham
  • Gerhart Hauptmann 1862
  • Georgia O'Keeffe 1887
  • Joseph Wapner 1919
  • Ed Asner 1929
  • Whitman Mayo 1930
  • Petula Clark 1932
  • Jack Burns 1933
  • Joanna Barnes 1934
  • Barry McGuire 1937
  • Sam Waterston 1940
  • Daniel Barenboim 1942 - Israeli pianist and conductor
  • Frida Lyngstad (ABBA) 1945
  • Mitch Easter 1954
  • Beverly D'Angelo 1954
  • Kevin Eubanks 1957
  • E-40 1967
  • ODB (Wu Tang Clan) 1968
  • Jack Ingram 1970
  • Chad Robert Kroeger 1974 - Singer/Guitarist (Nickelback)

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