Friday, February 24, 2006

Greatest ass on the net

My wife told me one of her female coworkers sends her pics of t&a all day. When I asked her to forward them to me, my wife told me to go find my own. So I will share the finest hiney find on t3h int3rw3b: Keyra Agustina. I think every radio show, and probably even some TV shows, have all commented on this girl's posterior. has a large article about her:

She's shown up in Maxim, but no other printed publication. There's conflicting information surrounding who she really is and what's her real name. I'm a little surprised that a girl who is in school and already seems to have a hugely interested fan base hasn't tried to capitalize on the opportunity.
BTW: Her face is pretty too. I saw an article that someone speculated that she chose the name because she looks like Keira Knightley.

An official fansite:

I think she'd be in trouble if Stacey ever let me post pics of her rump. That's some great tail my wife has.


Gordon C. said...

I bet you some guys here wish they can go home ever night and find her around!