Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review Tuesday: Seven Psychopaths

When I first heard about SEVEN PSYCOPATHS and that the cast included Christopher Walken and Olga Kurylenko, I knew I had to see it. It finally opened on October 12 and came in eighth place with under $3 million in ticket sales. I guess they wanted to get some bodies into the theaters and I got a "buy one ticket get one free" to see this flick on Saturday, 10/20. Despite the sale, the theater was still pretty empty!

SEVEN PSYCOPATHS is a layered movie...
  • A screenwriter, Marty (Colin Farrell) is suffering from alcoholism, writer's block, and a bad relationship.
  • Hans (Christopher Walken) is a schemer who returns dogs for reward money after his friend Billy kidnaps them.
  • Billy (Sam Rockwell) is trying to help Mary get out of his funk, while being the serial killer Jack of Diamonds, who targets the minions of the crime boss his girlfriend is also sleeping with.
  • Charlie (Woody Harrleson) is the psychopath crime boss trying to get his shih tzu back from Billy at all costs.
The movie is a series of events that cross paths and brings you to an ending nearly two hours later. At times the movie is slick, funny, philosophical, horrifying, twisted, beautiful, gory, smart, dopey, exciting, and dull. There were many great parts, like anytime that Christopher Walken is on screen, or when Sam Rockwell is going berserk for some reason or other. What totally sucks is that Olga Kurylenko actually has a fairly crucial role in the movie, but has hardly any screen time.

The movie is pretty inventive and very different from anything you've ever seen before. If you can be patient and can sit through the scenes of introspection, you'll be okay. However, some people in the theater with me were snoring pretty loud during those scenes, so that might be a warning.

Not a bad movie, but I can see why no one went to see it. They would prefer to see this as a rental. It'll be fine that way. Trust me.

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