Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review Tuesday: Oblivion

I saw trailers for Oblivion a while ago and felt conflicted.
  • It looks like a cool sci-fi movie! PRO!
  • Tom Cruise. CON.
  • Cool special effects! PRO!
  • Tom Cruise. CON.
  • Cool crafts! PRO!
  • Tom Cruise. CON.
  • Morgan Freeman! PRO!
  • Tom Cruise. CON.
  • Olga Kurylenko! PRO!
Just about no con can over-ride that last PRO! So Last weekend I went to see it with some friends.
A drone tech in a post-apocalyptic world discovers the truth about himself and the remnants of the Earth after a NASA craft crashes.
That drone technician is Jack Harper, played by Tom Cruise. He's about 2 weeks away from loose ends being tied up on Earth, then he and his partner Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) can join the rest of the survivors on Titan, Saturn's moon. The only problem is that Jack is plagued with memories of a lost love, which turns out to be astronaut Julia Harper (Olga Kurylenko), Jack's wife. Once she shows up, everything that Jack knows is turned upside down.

The movie is at once both a simple story, but with a twist that you never saw coming. It's a very clever movie with pretty good writing. Everyone did the part well. However, I feel that Tom Cruise is getting too old for these love stories. He looks more like Olga's dad than hubby. Besides that, the story works. You feel bad for the survivors. The 2+ hours goes by fast. It's a fun sci-fi flick.

It was fun to see this on the big screen, and if you want to experience it that way, better get to it fast. Iron Man 3 comes out this weekend and is expected to destroy all.

More on IMDB:

Note... ever notice how CON is always something bad? I wish I figured that out YEARS ago...


Anonymous said...

Nice review Bobby. Nothing worth really venturing out for, but for the sci-fi fans out there; they’ll be happy with what they see for the most part.

Bobby "the Blue" said...

I don't feel like we get enough good old fashioned sci-fi anymore. Under normal circumstances I pass on anything starring Tom Cruise, but sci-fi got me in the seat.