Tuesday, May 07, 2013

ALIEN III (Script) by William Gibson

I had heard rumors of a very different script that was written for the third Alien movie. Something more like a Cold War in Space. So after a few moments on google I found it.
ALIEN III (Script) by  William Gibson
After the events of ALIENS, the Sulacco is boarded by both sides of the new Cold War, unwittingly unleashing a new spore and an even more virulent Xenomorph species.
Indeed, this is a COMPLETELY different Alien sequel than what we got. No one died in hyper-sleep. They were perfectly protected from what was going on inside their ship. It seems that the Queen wasn't the only alien stow-away. Facehuggers and alien warriors also managed to sneak in, only they were undetected and got to go along for the ride across space.

Unfortunately, the Sulacco ended up in space under the control of the Union of Progressive Peoples, the outer space equivalent of the terrible Communist machine from the Cold War days. They boarded the ship and mayhem ensued. The Commies nab Bishop and dash off the ship after being attacked by the bugs. They set the ship loose again headed back to, Anchorpoint, a friendly space station. There, a similar scenario played out.

Newt survived hypersleep and was shipped to relatives on Earth. Ripley survived, but was out of it. She was evacuated later on. The Reds returned Bishop, fully repaired, and he helped Hicks and a group from the space station to try to survive a new breed of aliens that infects their hosts THROUGH THE AIR. It's a terrifying new concept, coupled with the old tricks we have already seen.

I really wish this film was made. The Aliens burst out in different ways in this incarnation, and to see it on the big screen would've been a real horror show. Not to mention the way the Aliens ripped through both bases in astonishing speed at the same time to the same end.

I will not say much more, because I wouldn't want to spoil the story for you, but rest assured, I have barely scratched the surface. If you like the Alien movies, you might get a kick out of the movie the ALMOST HAPPENED.

You can find it here:


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