Friday, August 23, 2013

Retro post

From 2007:

New Flying Saucer pics


Click pics for larger versions

These are some new pics of my 1950's Style Flying Saucer kit. It's the recent Glencoe re-issue of the Lindberg kit from 1954. This model is also known as the FIRST science fiction model in plastic. Pretty cool. For the day and age, it goes together pretty well.

I thought some of the details were a little weak, so I sanded them off, and "heat and smash" cast a new canopy bubble. That means I took some clear sheet plastic, heated it up over a candle, then pounded it down over the original part. As a result, mine looks more sleek and to scale.

Since I love grey aliens, I did something not period accurate and deferred from painting the pilot as a greenie. So, a grey alien pilot, something never considered during the 50's, but kinda turned out grey anyway in the black and white films.

Photo cred to
 Gordon / G-Mobile.