Thursday, November 07, 2013

Thursday, November 7, 2013

chattel \CHAT-l\, noun:
1. Law. a movable article of personal property.
2. any article of tangible property other than land, buildings, and other things annexed to land.
3. a slave.
Chattel came to English in the 1400s and shares a root with the word cattle.
concert boyfriend
  • A guy you meet at a concert or music festival that you dance (or whatever) with for one song or even the whole time you're there. Usually you pick a guy you've never seen and will probably never see again. Sometimes relationships or friendships can form. Sometimes this is more like a one night (concert) stand situation.
(At a concert)
Girl 1: Anyone see any potential concert boyfriends?
Girl 2: Right over there, I've never seen them around here lets go see if they want to be our boyfriends for tonight.
Girl 1: I like the brunette, maybe I'll even give him my number.
When it comes to fables, what is an epimyth?
  • The moral of a story.
  • Canadian Pacific Railway: transcontinental system was completed, linking Montreal with Port Moody, British Columbia (1885)
  • Bolshevik Revolution: Lenin's forces overthrew Kerensky's government (1917)
  • Blue law: overturned in Pennsylvania, permitting sports on Sunday (1933)
  • Galloping Gertie: suspension bridge over the Tacoma Narrows collapsed due to aeroelastic flutter, killing a cocker spaniel and becoming a textbook engineering disaster case (1940)
  • Richard Nixon: quit politics, saying "You won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore" (1962); he was elected US President on the same date (1972)
  • African-American civil rights movement: Carl B. Stokes became the first black mayor of a major US city, Cleveland (1967); Douglas Wilder became the first elected black governor of a US state, Virginia (1989)
  • Magic Johnson: LA Lakers basketball star announced he had AIDS and was retiring (1991)
  • Madame Curie 1867
  • Ed Dodd 1902
  • Dean Jagger 1903
  • Albert Camus 1913
  • Billy Graham 1918
  • Al Hirt 1922
  • Dame Joan Sutherland 1926
  • Barry Newman 1938
  • Dee (Delectus) Clark 1938
  • Johnny Rivers 1942
  • Joni Mitchell (Roberta Joan Anderson) 1943
  • Joe Niekro 1944
  • Nick Gilder 1951
  • Christopher Knight 1957
  • Christopher Pallies (King Kong Bundy) 1957
  • Keith Lockhart 1959
  • Todd McKee 1963
  • Dana Plato 1964
  • Cathleen Raymond (aka Gabrielle Scream, Kathleen, Noelle) 1971 t3h pr0n
  • Robin Rinck (NIN) 1971
  • Jason London 1972
  • Jeremy London 1972
  • Kim Yun-jin (Yunjin Kim) 1973 - Actress ("Lost")