Thursday, May 08, 2014

Oblivious Signal - Official Video "Crash"

With a car burning behind her frontwoman Cristina T. Feliciano’s haunting voice tells the story of the moment that can never be taken back.

As fiery auto crashes go Oblivious Signal’s makes a statement that will be felt like a stab in the heart by the many who have lost anyone to drunk driving.

Pulling no emotional or videography punches the truth behind the song “Crash” is as obvious as it is too common.

Premiering at The Hard Rock Cafe to fans who came to see Oblivious Signal in The Hard Rock Rising competition finals, then in the more intimate setting of a hometown venue Archie’s West, attending fans got the first look at the new “Crash” video featuring actress Jenny Anselmo of Burn Notice, Glades and other popular shows.

The STFU radio host and music producer Feliciano wrote the lyrics based on her own experience in hopes it will make an impact on and save lives, while being the kind of hard rock song that isn’t sappy and appeals to Oblivious Signal’s own rock and metal preferences.

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