Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Review Tuesday: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Finally got around to seeing this one:

Four stories of residents of BaSIN CITY who try to make a change in their lives. 
The sequel that no one expected, nor requested, came and went earlier this year. The original SIN CITY (2005) caught audiences by surprise with the blend of comic book violence and sexiness coupled with an all-star cast. Nine years later they pumped out A DAME TO KILL FOR. Even sexier, maybe more violent too, than the original. The cast, once again, all-stars. So what went wrong? Why did it tank?

I honestly can't remember the reviews when it came out. I do remember EVERYONE I know stating that they had no intention of seeing this flick. The usual response was, "The original was weird. Too weird. I don't feel like spending money for more of that." THAT is likely the reason the film failed. 
The movie is over an hour and a half. The lynch pin in the three tales told in the movie is the bar that Nancy (Jessica Alba) strips at and the resident tough guy, Marv (Mickey Rourke). For some reason I thought that Marv died in the first one, but apparently he didn't as he is truly the main character in this movie. Since this movie takes place years after the suicide of Hartigan (Bruce Willis) it's clearly a sequel. 

I could go into detail about the stories contained within this movie, but the write up and discussion would be voluminous. Instead I will direct my attention to the complaints and comments I've heard about the movie. 

The comic-book violence is TOO violent. If my memory serves me right, the first SIN CITY was pretty dark and violent. If you saw that, you knew what you were in for with this one.

Too much actual nudity. That was sorta interesting. I've read a lot of comics over the years and the artists were always very clever in hiding nudity in shadows, sheer fabric, etc. to avoid showing ACTUAL nipples. That's always baffled me since every woman in a comic has pencil eraser nips poking through ANYTHING she's wearing, even winter coats! But that's all part of the male fantasy that happens to be the world of comic books. So any boy can buy a comic book, only an adult can see a RATED-R movie. It was described to me as an uncomfortable amount of nude screen time for Ava, played by Eva Green, and I am skeptical that it was even her body (it looked to me like they digitally placed her head on another body). 

Does anyone really care about this "all-star" cast? Are they really stars at all? I'm sorry, I looked through the cast and was BLOWN AWAY by the names. This wasn't a list of fading stars, but a list of film LEGENDS. Ray Liotta? Rosario Dawson? Bruce Willis? Josh Brolin? Jessica Alba? Every face was familiar which only made the whole production more exciting to me. 

Who cares about Jessica Alba anymore? Jessica Alba's character Nancy has a role that touches almost all of the plot lines in the movie, plus she's the crucial player in the overall picture. She's the anti-hero who is out for revenge against the corrupt Senator Roark (Powers Boothe) who has had a hand in everything that has gone wrong in her life. I have always found Alba to be a very attractive woman, but her stripper training for this movie made her moves so wildly sexy, that it seemed shocking to see. So unlike her, but it did NOT seem like a body double for her, especially when they leaked the footage of her practicing her dance scene on the web a while back. 

With that I made up my own mind that the movie WAS entertaining and in the same spirit as the original without being a rehash of the same material. If you liked the first Sin City, you'll want to see some loose ends tied up in this one. 

Will they make a third installment? Who knows, but I hope we see a Dredd sequel before that. At least people are ASKING for that!