Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Review Tuesday: Predator Versus Judge Dredd Versus Aliens by John Wagner and Henry Flynt and Andy Diggle

When I heard that this was coming out, I was immediately excited. I had heard that Judge Dredd fought Aliens and the Predator, but not BOTH AT ONCE! I needed to read this as soon as it became available.

I was slightly disappointed to find out that this was not new material, but a compilation of the 2000AD / Dark Horse crossovers. Since I never read either, it was a good way to acquire the collection.

When a Predator comes to the Big Meg, only one law man can bring him to justice, JUDGE DREDD!
 A Pred came to hunt in Mega-City One and showed up during a gang war. He immediately sizes up the Judges as the top dogs of the city and makes it his business to take out as many as possible. He especially wants a piece of Dredd. 

The story moves fast and smooth. The art and story are very good. They also toss in a part time PSI-Judge who is descended from Dutch from the original movie. Lots of action. Lots of FUN!

When a loser decides to try using an ALIEN in the pit fights, he inadvertantly unleashes a bigger conspiracy that will have the Judges fighting for the survival of Mega-City.
In this story they make no reference to previous human contact with the ALIENS as I had hoped. With advanced technology they learn very quickly about how formidable these creatures can be. Once the ball gets rolling, and the bigger picture is shown, a massive free-for-all of violence for control of the city ensues.

As I read it I felt a little let down because I expected the Judges to have a tougher time with the ALIENS, but after a little thought, it's not unreasonable to expect the defense force of the city, which repelled invasions of the living dead, SovBlock, mutants, etc., I suppose a relatively small number of ALIENS should be too much of a stretch. 

Good artwork. Interesting story. Of course Dredd gets impregnated by an Incubus (as they call them in the book) and it's dramatic to see how he survives this one.

Both are well worth reading!

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