Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Review Tuesday: True Romance by Charli XCX

Yeah I know, this is quite a departure from what I've been reviewing lately. Stuff happens. Earlier this year that Iggy Azalea song came out and Mrs. Bax0jayz loved it. Then she realized that the part of the song that she actually liked wasn't Iggy Azalea, but sung by Charli XCX. She did something she rarely does and bought the CD.

by Charli XCX

I think some details need to be cleared up first. Charlotte Emma Aitchison (dob: August 2, 1992), aka Charli XCX, is an English singer and songwriter. She's NOT australian. That's Iggy Azalea. Not New Zealand, either. That's Lorde. Charli is English. 

Despite the fact that this woman is only 22 and we've only heard her name recently, she appears to have had a a musical career for a while now. Her first record was put out when  she was 14 and started performing at raves. In 2011 her first single STAY AWAY came out. She "broke out" in 2012 being the co-writer and being featured in that annoying song "I LOVE IT" by Icona Pop. Her luck continued with the way "FANCY" (with Iggy Azalea) was embraced by pop and hip-hop music fans. She also opened for Katy Perry on the European leg of her Prismatic World Tour.  

That's the history. Now the album... 

Track Listing
1. Nuclear Seasons
2. You (Ha Ha Ha)
3. Take My Hand
4. Stay Away
5. Set Me Free
6. Grins
7. So Far Away
8. Cloud Aura (ft. Brooke Candy)
9. What I Like
10. Black Roses
11. You're The One
12. How Can I
13. Lock You Up
From what I gather Charli wrote this album herself. The story is that this album is a history of her romantic life, whatever that means. All I know is that Stacey played this album about a million times and it wasn't offensive to me. 

Here you have thirteen tracks that are nicely polished. Good levels. The instruments have their proper place and her voice is good and strong. And quite lovely. The lyrics aren't completely dopey and insipid like you'd expect pop music to be. Her emotions are her message and she gets that point across.Most of the songs are very listenable as I only moderately dislike a couple of the tracks. And if you think she stole Gwen Stefani's act, can anyone really patent a voice? So I'd call it way better than most top 40 acts out there today.

A good pop record.

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