Saturday, December 20, 2014

NYC is desecnding into race war hell.

Two cops were just shot in Brooklyn, New York. It's said that it may have been in retaliation of the killing of Eric garner by a police offider. 

It started months ago with the choking death of Eric Garner by a member of the NYPD. Essentially, this guy was executed for selling untaxed cigarettes. Perhaps if the cops NOTIFIED him that despite the fact that they were summoned to the scene to break up a fight, they were instead arresting Garner for open warrants.

But no.

They insisted upon tackling the man without explaining why. Naturally he didn't give in because he didn't do anything wrong at that time and the cops refused to tell him their motivation.

Essentially, they executed him for selling cigarettes.

To fan the fires of this Police Brutality case, there has been no proper leadership. Mayor DeBlasio is completely ineffective and panders to the race baiters. Governor Cuomo won't get involved. President Obama and Eric Holder have done their parts to be ineffective at helping the situation, and only made the race tensions grow. 

The true racists, the followers of Al Sharpton turned this into a race war. I can understand their frustration with the system for finding that the cop was clear of any wrong doing in the situation, but it's an issue of police brutality that's systematically taught nationwide. 

The police are taught to presume that all citizens are guilty of something and to treat every situation with extreme prejudice and extreme force. That way, even if they don't go to jail for wrong-doing, it might just knock some sense into their heads. 

That's the problem at hand. 

However, some guy going and shooting two cops sitting in a patrol car in Brooklyn will only make matters worse. We can look forward to the possibility of more civil rights being taken away by the state in the interest of keeping people safe. There could be curfews. We might see a police state take effect. 

Two wrongs don't make a right. We're all going to end up losing as a result this mindless shooting today.