Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Box Office: 01/19/2015

Top Box Office
  1. American Sniper (2014) $90.21M
  2. The Wedding Ringer (2015) $21.00M
  3. Paddington (2014) $19.29M
  4. Taken 3 (2014) $14.05M
  5. Selma (2014) $8.30M
Looks like movie-goers wanted to see some American BAD-ASS and went to see AMERICAN SNIPER. I'm debating whether or not to see that one, as I hate Bradley Coopers ferret face, but he's an okay guy in interviews and plays a great role in this movie. Plus that colossal asshole Michael Moore declared that snipers are cowards. Since Moore doesn't approve of the movie, it seems more attractive to me.